Should The Government Interfere In The Economy Economics Essay


The word “ authorities ” , is defined as an organisation or a political organic structure that exercises political authorization, controls and administers public policy. They are besides responsible for commanding the actions of the authorities organic structure and the full state itself.

“ Economy ” , the word means a systemic attack of right and effectual use of available resources ( taking into consideration of economic scarceness ) in bring forthing and distributing of goods and services in a peculiar geographic part.

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This study will foreground on both the positive and negative facet of authorities intervention in the economic system of an single state.

It is a known fact that the success of a states ‘ Government organic structure is closely related to the success of its ‘ economic system. However, we can non pretermit the fact that authorities intervention does non merely profit a certain economic system, it besides does more amendss than good.

Researches show that the state ‘s economic success seemsA operates best when authorities does non acquire involved in concerns and persons to win or neglect. The success or failure is simply on their ain virtues in unfastened, competitory markets.

General Overview of Government intervention in the economic system

The inquiry arises, “ why does authorities intervene with an economic system? ” The chief and the most common ground harmonizing to the authorities would be to “ stabilise the economic system ” .

The function of the authorities in the state ‘s economic system is chiefly focused on three magnitude ; these are viz. allocation, redistribution and stabilisation.

It is believed that there are two types of authorities intercession, intending the extent of authorities engagement in the economic system. Namely they are Capitalist policies and Socialist policies. In capitalist economy there must be a small or no intercession of authorities in the economic system of the state, and on the other manus in socialism believes in complete authorities intercession.

Some believe that the authorities is responsible in protecting the public good by systematic ordinance of the private sector, while it is besides believed that for a certain economic system to last there should be some authorities intervention to guarantee economic ends are achieved, freedom and individuality remains bing.

Should the authorities interfere in the economic system? ( Justification )

The following most common inquiry that arises is “ Does authorities intercession or intervention causes more harm than good or vice- versa? ”

As mentioned earlier, the reply is subjected depending on different instances and states. However most bookmans believe that in order for an economic system to win it should be let free. Economies of states are treated as concern. Similar to a concern economic system of a state is supposed to do money. Like concern in order to last long term, bring forthing income becomes mandatory one manner or the other. If the economic system fails to carry through its demands and wants, it finally fails. Likewise economic system standing entirely without intervention from the authorities makes them more pressured in working towards their aims.

Government intervention finally becomes as an obstruction in an economic system which is seeking to make its aim of bring forthing gross. Therefore the bookmans believe that the best solution is to supply a “ free Market ” .

A free market is defined as an economic system which is free from economic intercession, authorities ordinances with an exclusion of belongings rights and ownership and contracts. It is the exact contradict of a “ Controlled Market ” , where the authorities is responsible in modulating the use of all the resources in the economic system.

Below briefly explains grounds why authorities should non step in the economic system:

1. Corporate Tax

In the globalized universe of today, the most current on-going issue is taxing. Scholars believe that revenue enhancements should be abolished, since it is the chief ground for the unsuccessfulness of and economic system. In corporate concern revenue enhancements is a large issue since they are taxed in all facets. The authorities thinks the corporate concerns do non pay plenty for the hapless people of the state. Businesss are taxed otherwise, viz. Federal revenue enhancements, Property revenue enhancements, Gross saless and Payroll revenue enhancements etc. They are taxed on revenue enhancements.

Taxing seems to be a good and a superb thought in acquiring or squashing out money from large corporations, by making an obstruction for them from turning more powerful and large. However, besides the fact revenue enhancements generate money from corporation to the economic system, but on the other manus the corporations besides benefit more by making a more effectual and obvious barrier between the rivals.

For case, large multi-national companies will be able to afford these revenue enhancements and remain every bit competitory as they were in the market ; nevertheless the little corporations are unable to make so. This creates a major spread between the rivals and enables them to take the market. This besides becomes a barrier for new emerging corporations to come in the market. In other words, revenue enhancements help the large corporations in protecting themselves in the market by cut downing the fight, thereby the monopolising the market.

Taxes non merely cut down fight, it besides leads to escapes in the economic system. This enables international organisation to set up their house, since they are able to afford the revenue enhancements.

There are other legion ways the authorities harms the economic system besides the Corporate revenue enhancement. As mentioned earlier the authorities is responsible in doing regulations, ordinances and policies of a state. But enforcing of these barriers in the economic system creates more complications in concern in carry oning their concern, therefore doing it more clip consuming and to an extent unproductive.

2. Minimal Wage

Minimal rewards largely affects the little concern, particularly due to the rising prices caused by it. Businesss are looking for ways to cut down cost, and one of the ways is minimising the rewards or salary. Skilled people have the high inclination of acquiring occupations with minimal rewards while the unskilled people remain idle. Therefore this is besides making unemployment in the economic system.

3. Insurance

As we all know, that insurance policies are a new ongoing tendency in the planetary market. Larger corporations benefit from this, since they are able to afford to supply insurance for their staff, meanwhile the little concern are at harmed. Like corporate revenue enhancements, little corporations or concern are unable to pay insurance for their staff, hence once more making a market advantage for the big corporations.

4. Subsidies and “ redistribution ”

The free market thought proposed supra is most helpful in economic growing. It to the full utilizes the demand and supply in the economic market. Free market procedure enables the full use of the capital in the most productive manner.

Subsidizing make stamp down the competition but it besides cause the capital to flux in incorrect way, taking to malinvestment. The same job is besides caused by the Redistribution on the authorities side.

5. Contracting to corps

Contracting with the corps can do assorted jobs in economic, such as malinvestment, misallocation and misdirection of all economic resources. Since all of them will be exploited by foreign corps, and multi-national corps will do scarceness of resources will be left for the local economic system.

The fact remains that franchising and foreign corps do make more occupation chances, but on contrary it besides creates monopolies and development.

6. Particular privileges

Particular privileges in corps average development and unneeded use economic benefits. Distribution of particular privileges to corporation and to the other countries of production is the cause of monopolies and corruptness.

7. Resource Privileges

This is something which is similar to particular privileges, where the economic systems resources are exploited. Example: The authorities gives the permission to mine a certain country or cultivate harvest or chop a certain country. This does non intend the corp are having the land, but they are utilizing the land on rent footing. This method cut down the opportunities for locals to utilize land for their ain economic benefits.


This study chiefly highlighted the results of authorities intervention in footings of corps and concern. This intervention can make economic benefit, but on the other manus it besides causes carelessness in countries like public assistance, legal monopolies and so on. The study highlights one chief ground why authorities should non interfere in the economic system, which is to cut down the corruptness by get rid ofing the taxing policy. However, this is non the lone ground behind the expostulation.

As mentioned earlier bookmans have agreed that the economic system of a state will merely be successful, if authorities does non step in the best involvement of economic system, which is gross coevals. In general they can execute good, without of the authorities endorsing them up. Therefore, I conclude that there ‘s more injury done than good by authorities interfering the economic system.



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