Shouldnt Use Red Color Text Information Technology Essay

The client who comes to remain the hotel can utilize free cyberspace entree. To utilize free cyberspace entree, they need security key or watchword of internet entree. So the client can bespeak the cyberspace watchword to counter. He or she can utilize the room phone to bespeak watchword or web key. Then the counter of staff will give the client the watchword of internet entree. The client inserts the watchword in the web key and so he/she can utilize internet entree. The Wi-Fi entree is no demand to give any IP reference and it has a default IP given by waiter. So the client who connect with Wi-Fi entree has a default IP reference.

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When the room day of the month is expired, the receptionist demand to detect client the room day of the month is expired. If non the client semen to look into out his/her room before expired day of the month, the client laptop will stay the Wi-Fi watchword. To forestall this, there must hold an decision maker must to alter the watchword of Wi-Fi entree for this room which the client semen to look into out. If non the watchword will be taken with client and if he/she is the scope of Wi-Fi entree, he/she can utilize internet entree. So the decision maker have to alter the watchword of Wi-Fi entree when the client cheque out his/her room.

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For publishing service in the hotel, the client want to publish his/her paperss, we manage the system to let the client easy to publish himself/herself. The free printing service is merely allowed maximal 20 pages can publish free. And if the client want to publish more pages of paper, he/she must pay the cost of the pages that is more than 20 maximal. In publishing service, we set default IP reference for each room. So we know which room prints how many documents and we know if he/she print more than 20 pages or non.

Wireless web set up

To put up a Wi-Fi web, foremost connect radio router to modem which stay connected straight with cyberspace. Then plug the UTP overseas telegram into the port that named WAN, WLAN or Internet at the dorsum of the router. After finished plugging, WAN, WLAN or Internet visible radiation will illume up that shows it has connected to the modem successfully. And so open a browser and type your router IP reference to configure router, the IP reference will demo in your router manual. Then you will see the log in screen of router. After that type the default watchword of router that include in router manual and so you will see the set up page. In the set up page, you can besides alter the router default watchword to your ain watchword to do secure. In wireless scene, give SSID name that can see in position available web and in dynamic IP reference, give the host name and the default MAC reference is set to the WAN ‘s physical interface on the Barricade. In inactive IP reference, your Service Provider has assigned a fixed IP reference ; enter the assigned IP reference, subnet mask and the gateway reference provided and besides assign DNS reference and secondary DNS reference. In LAN set up, give the waiter IP and besides include start IP and stop IP. In radio set up, choose WPA-2 manner because it prevents uninvited invitees from linking to your radio web. And besides make security key or watchword for the people use Wi-Fi cyberspace entree must type the watchword to come in. Save and issue to the router set up. Then wireless web set up is completed.

User manual for utilizing internet entree

Open my computing machine and take my web topographic points in the left side check.

Then in web topographic point, you will see wireless web connexion if you do n’t see, take position web connexion in the left side.

Enable your radio web connexion and right-click on radio web connexions and take “ Properties ” .

In networking check, take “ Internet protocol version ( TCP/IPv4 ) ” and so snap on belongingss button

Then choose “ Obtain an IP reference automatically ” and “ Obtain DNS waiter reference automatically ” and so snap on chink on all right button.

Travel to wireless web check and chink on advanced button.

Choose “ Any available web ( entree point preferred ) ” and snap on close button.

Then take “ View radio webs ” button.

Then you will see a box, take the hotel of router web and chink on connect button.

Then type the watchword of radio web entree which you get from response of staff and confirm the watchword once more.

Then you can utilize wireless cyberspace entree. Thankss for utilizing our radio connexion.


You can non download excessively many files at the same clip

You can merely download with velocity 1Mb/s

Your computing machine must hold an antivirus package and it must be up to day of the month to avoid from viruses come ining your computing machine

Ensure you have a firewall plan installed and running. This will protect your informations.

Sometimes many users use internet connexion at the same clip, so the connexion will be slow. Please be patient.



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