Sicko Reflection

November 2, 2017 Medical

The meaning “healthcare” in different parts of the world is viewed and sought out differently. Most humans want to have a healthy living and always try to eat right, exercise the body and mind, and most importantly protect their body. In class we watched most of a film named “Sicko” by Michael Moore, a documentary comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations, while sharing HMO (health maintenance organization) horror stories.

Three major nations that were in the film are France, Canada and United Kingdom. The United States is the only country where its citizens have to buy or be given health insurance to see any medical practitioner. After taking the time to reflect on Michael Moore’s “Sicko” I believe strongly in healthcare being universal and free, I only hope this could happen in the USA one day. In the United Kingdom their healthcare system is called NHS. The National Health Service is free and is paid for by the public.

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One major part I remember was Michael Moore walking around a hospital because he heard of there being a cashier, after finding it and inquiring about what transactions take place there he found that no money was taken there but only given out. Citizens that cannot afford the travel expenses or other health related services are given money! The Life expectancy rate for males in the UK is 77. 2 and 81. 6 for females. In France healthcare is also free.

To grasp how the French system works, think about Medicare for the elderly in the United States, then expand that to cover the whole nation. French medicine is based on a widely held value that the healthy should pay for care of the sick. Everyone has access to the same basic coverage through national insurance funds, which every employer and employee pay money to. The government also picks up the tab for the unemployed or anyone else who cannot gain coverage. My favorite part of the French healthcare system is a company called SOS.

They are doctors that make house calls 24/7, this has been available for a long time and was started because plumbing was available around the clock; why not a doctor? The average life expectancy for a French male is 77. 1 for males and 84. 1 for women. Canadians also have a FREE healthcare system it is called Medicare. Mr. Moore visits some family and also goes to a few hospitals. In Canada there is no copayment when you go to any healthcare center, doctor, or hospital. Average Canadians life expectancy is 78. 3 for males and 82. 9 for females.

The Life expectancy for an American male is 75. 6 and 80. 0 for a female. In a recent World Health Organization healthcare ranking France placed 10th followed by Canada in 11th, United Kingdom in 22nd and the United States of America placed 38th behind Cuba and above Portugal! With some great examples to go by how come the US government cannot find a way to make a free public healthcare system work? Instead the false US leader Barry Soetoro aka Barack Oboma is working on his plan to mandate every American to have Health insurance, this means if u can’t pay for it you will just owe it.

His goal is to keep feeding “big banks/big corporations” with the moneys of every United States citizen and keep you in debt. The US government demands and expects “personal responsibility” on the part of all “the free people” while it engages in corruption, starts wars under false pretense and kills millions of people, and enslaves future generations to “bankster” debt. It makes me sad to see this great country at such a low point. I believe that the Constitution should be interpreted according to its original meaning and that a proper balance needs to be restored between the different branches of government.

The only way that would happen, well face it wouldn’t happen. This country will be the start to the NWO (new world order). But before all that happens we will first need to unite with Canada and Mexico and form the North American Union. I see this happening within the next 10 years. Maybe then we can all look forward to a better free healthcare system. Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko” was very revealing to me and has made me feel strongly about healthcare being universal and free, I only hope this could happen in the USA and all parts of the world one day.


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