Siemens Bribery Scandal Case Study Essay

September 21, 2017 General Studies

1. Corruptness was profoundly embedded in Siemen’s concern civilization. They rationalized this corruptness by saying that it was non illegal to originate payoffs to authorities functionaries. This was true. nevertheless non any longer. the jurisprudence changed in 1999 prohibiting such Acts of the Apostless of corruptness. 2. If a director at Siemens would hold stood up and took a base against corruptness. I think that he/she would hold most likely been fired for being insubordinate. The higher executives that were advancing such graft would hold wanted these directors to travel along with what they were making.

The director could hold besides been demoted perchance. or merely field and simple reamed out by the higher executives. 3. Siemens exhausted excess money to procure future concern investings. This in. in bend. means that other companies. even 1s that might hold an advantage. lose concern chances. The full construct of such corruptness wholly disregards competition. because it merely removes it. unless other companies besides engage in graft. 4. Some economic experts argue that making such patterns such as graft is the monetary value that must be paid to execute a greater good.

They support this claim by saying that it can advance efficiency and growing in states that have permeant and cumbrous ordinances. and may besides heighten public assistance in states that have preexisting political constructions that distort the workings of the market mechanism. On the other manus other economic experts argue that the graft could cut down the returns on concern investings and take to low economic growing. 5. I think that there are two ways to nearing this.

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The first is more of an obvious response. and that is to instantly take action to forestall farther corruptness to to obey all Torahs forbiding such Acts of the Apostless. even if that means to pay mulcts to decide past corruptness. The 2nd attack. more realistic. is that I would take into consideration all of the effects that would happen if immediate action was taken topographic point. Having the emphasis of 1000s of people’s occupations at interest. And a loss of thousands/millions of dollars in concern.

The fact of affair is this. if I were a director in the Siemens state of affairs I would hold already been good cognizant of all of the corruptness. and hence a booster of it every bit good. which so means that I would maintain making concern as is. However this does non intend that I support corruptness by any agencies. but there are given fortunes in the state of affairs. and I think that what I stated antecedently is a just opinion.


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