Significance of ERP in the banking sector

Banking industry has progressed greatly and still turning exponentially covering full scope of minutess and merchandises under widespread umbrella. When all such activities are carried out by a bank, it is known as Core banking.

Other chief grounds apart from fiscal drivers, for choosing for nucleus banking system are Globalization, dining IT industry and consolidation of industries. Today banking sector is experiencing limited of their present systems due to consolidation of industries and uninterrupted increasing demand from clients every bit good as informations direction force per unit area. Therefore most of the Bankss are concentrating on growing instead than cost decrease.

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Benefits and Prospects of ERP for Banking Industry

Banking Sector has immense potency for applications of ERP due to its huge informations oriented nature. ERP offers extended integrating among assorted faculties. It integrates information, users and assorted procedures for better productiveness.

It helps in determination devising which includes determination for strategic, tactical and operational planning and uses assorted engineerings which help in salvaging clip, cut downing cost, and effectual communicating.

It provides solution for assorted things which include hard currency accounting, payment processing, security of hard currency and hard currency direction. ERP systems besides help in analyzing fiscal status of an endeavor, account direction and readying of fiscal studies and statements.

All the back office systems and fiscal system can be integrated utilizing ERP systems. Helps in effectual hard currency flow by simplifying processing of surpassing and incoming payments.

It besides offers installation for sharing assorted procedures of Bankss with clients, sellers and spouses. Reporting, planning and analysis of bank assets are combined in one procedure, and everything is available on individual platform.

Provides tools which monitor every dealing in existent clip and other of import scope of services.

An ERP system is besides responsible for beef uping the logistical capableness which includes handling of non-banking goods and services and managing of bank notes.


Banking sector is confronting tougher competition and demands rapid alteration. Furthermore regulative and legal demands want information to be accurate and most of import of all, it should be seasonably. Transparency is besides a common demand. Successful Bankss are more flexible and effectual in this facet. They have boosted the profitableness of their Bankss and controlled their costs even in such environment. In order to accomplish the ends Bankss should measure an IT investing so that they can supply fast return and besides cut down the heavy operating costs.

At present Bankss have following demands:

IT structures should be flexible and allow speedy accommodations in the concern processs.

Efficient concern processs and IT structures that are relatively less complex

Employees should be in a place to entree tools, solutions and personalized informations at any clip and from anyplace

Core engineering should non be harmed while incorporating new procedures and maps. Integration should be easy and simple.

In order to run into all the demands and increase the transparence degree, ERP should increase the efficiency and moreover it should better the Integrations between the bing engineering and assorted concern procedures. ERP solutions should besides supply a unafraid entree and decidedly it should be readily available to all the people from organisations and besides to the spouse, client and the seller.

ERP 5 Core Banking System Platform ( Appendix fig 1 )

Cash Management

Teller Operations

Position Management

Technical architecture

Open beginning package


IDBI Bank was established in 1964 by the Government of India. IDBI became commercial bank in 2004 with a web of more than 700 subdivisions and about 1200 ATM ‘s


After the drastic alteration in top direction in January 2001, the bank felt a demand to better the engineering platform so that bank can transform itself in order to carry through the challenges in the hereafter. Inadequate web forced IDBI to follow a engineering platform which enabled IDBI to pass on with its clients with the aid of many bringing channels. Scalability & A ; Complete integrated solution was the demand of the hr. IDBI ab initio used centrally system from Kindle but it was turn outing to be inefficient to run into new aims, so it was changed.

Pre-requisite of IDBI- Agility of the Business and Time to market

IDBI required a system that would supply bank the flexibleness apart from speedy and easy solution to establish assorted merchandises easy. They required the solution that gave them a clip to market and which can supply faster nucleus banking solution. Key driver for the bank was to accomplish concern legerity which was engineering driven.

Choosing a Vendor-Solution Overview ( Deployment Architecture- Appendix fig 2 )

Finacle by Infosys was eventually deployed after a elaborate development of different solutions. It was deployed for corporate and retail banking, e-business and consumer operations.

Another of import point in IDBI ‘s successful execution was the clip taken for execution. It was done across full bank in a record clip of five and half months.

This gave IDBI critical clip to market advantage which they severely needed and moreover they were in a place to turn over out merchandises at a much faster rate than earlier. Like for e.g. “ Welcome Kit ” was introduced-concept consisting of the deliverables that clients by and large expect on twenty-four hours 1 which includes check book and phone banking and e-banking inside informations. This reduced the clip taken to open an history which ab initio took at least 6-7 yearss.

Advantages of Finacle ( Functional Architecture- Appendix fig. 3 )

Main discriminator was latest engineering. Assorted types including straight through processing, 24*7 banking, E-Xtensibility tool kit were deployed by Finacle. With the aid of Finacle which proved to be a right pick IDBI brought down their End of Day treating clip by more than 79 % .

After Implementation of Finacle

Capabilty of managing 3 lakhs minutess in a twenty-four hours from 8 lakhs client histories

IDBI became 3rd largest in footings of distribution of subdivision webs.

Retail banking sector of IDBI has grown to many creases after deployment of Finacle. It besides helped in turn overing out of new merchandises and services rapidly. New merchandises include the debit cards, gift cards and household histories.

Finacle offers clients a incorporate position of their relationship with bank which helps in accomplishing client satisfaction.

Helped in procedure centralization.

Challenges faced by the Vendor

To get by up with the dynamic and ever-changing concern procedures and consumer demands

To be in-line with the regulative guidelines

To help the banking service with regular up step.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Integration of ERP Modules of different sellers or versions and E-Business Applications.

IDBI decided for restructuring in 2008 for assorted concern units which were client focussed. Restructuring was done to streamline the concern procedures and better the quality of client service. Robust system was required so that all the directors can easy supervise net incomes from each subdivision and besides from each of its merchandises which will assist in increasing the profitableness of the house and besides to keep the growing.

Problems before ERP

IDBI was non in a status to measure profitableness of each section of concern at different degree like client and subdivision degree.

It was of import for IDBI ‘s future growing to measure the public presentation of their concern units & A ; merchandises which was non possible.

IDBI Bank goes with Oracle Apps

Implementation Process was fundamentally carried out in 2 stages: –

Performance Management System was deployed in 2008 which included faculties of Oracle like

Transportation Pricing

Profitableness Manager

Financial Services & A ; Profitability Analytics

All these systems helped the bank to better analyze the public presentation of single concern unit and take necessary action if in instance it was non accomplishing the coveted net incomes.

Prophet Consulting was engaged in 2009 to deploy

Oracle Risk Manager

Oracle Hyperion Planning

Integrated Approach Delivers Greater Control

Oracle Transfer Pricing

NII part can be measured from assets & A ; liabilities with the aid of prophet transportation pricing. It besides allowed the staff to dissect NII parts & A ; assets and liabilities.

Oracle Profitability Manager

For allotment of costs which is related to Bankss line of concern and other subdivisions, Oracle profitableness director was used.

Consequence: –

Since the informations is coming from the individual beginning, Earning studies which used to take two to three yearss, can now be produced within one or two hours.

Oracle Financial Services and Oracle Profitability Analytics ( Appendix figure 4 )

Information sing profitableness was delivered over cyberspace utilizing Oracle Financial Services Profitability Analytics. Now staff was in a place to analyze different tendencies, discrepancies and the rankings across lines of concern and merchandises.

With the aid of the system there was a better entree to of import information which allowed Senior directors and other determination shapers to accurately mensurate the public presentation of their portfolios and besides their duty countries on a uninterrupted footing

It helped in bettering determination devising quality which finally increased the overall net incomes of the bank

Capability to Evaluate Performance of Employees

Performance appraisals can besides be done on single members of staff by the Oracle solution. Furthermore it can be done at the group degree besides which enables IDBI to develop an appropriate wages system. It besides helps in measuring the parts which are made at different degrees.

Automated Liquidity and Rate Risk Measurements

Oracle Risk Manager

To measure the liquidness and involvement rate hazards which are calculated on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing, IDBI Bank used Oracle Risk Manager. It helped IDBI to choose the best topographic point to apportion their financess. It besides helped assorted analysts and other bank directors to mensurate the consequence of involvement and besides the impact on NII or economic value.

Consequence: –

Advance analysis of assets and liabilities

Helped in bring forthing cardinal info such as the avg.cost and fiscal return across assorted merchandises, which finally helped in doing better determinations.

With the aid of Oracle Risk Manager, IDBI became the 1st PSU bank which generated studies on plus liability direction on day-to-day footing.

Streamlined Budgeting and Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning ( Appendix- Figure 6,7,8 )

To make budgets and for turn overing prognosiss Oracle Hyperion Planning was used, which were fundamentally linked to the net income and loss theoretical accounts and with the balance sheet every bit good. Gross saless marks can be fixed for single subdivision and for single merchandise. Directors can so mensurate subdivision public presentations after analyzing discrepancies across every country.

Consequence: –

To measure all countries, there was a common linguistic communication

Business marks were set with the aid of same prosodies which was used to mensurate public presentation and budget can be planned consequently.

Resources were better allocated in line with their aims since directors were in a place to easy find what precisely is go oning at peculiar subdivision.

Why Oracle?

Functionality provided by Oracle ‘s solution and Oracle ‘s old experience in using ERP in other top Bankss.

Solutions offered by Oracle ‘s different faculties were appropriate from their concern point of position

Expertness of the execution squad of Oracle, old experience, Flexibility of the Oracle system, Cost allotment rules of the bank convinced IDBI that based on their cognition and accomplishments they should prosecute Oracle once more.

Major Accomplishments of Prophet

Due to dedicated resources and efficient coordination among the execution squad of Oracle, the aggressive undertaking deadlines were met and execution was successfully completed.

Past Experience besides helped Oracle squad in execution due to which proving, integrating and informations extraction went good.


Over the old ages, Implementation of ERP has helped banking sector in a immense manner. Integration of information has helped Bankss to analyse fiscal status, account direction and besides helped in readying of fiscal studies and statements. It has besides provided solution for many things including hard currency direction, hard currency security, hard currency accounting and payment processing.

The demand of the hr is to execute nucleus banking activities and increase the quality of client service by incorporating its assorted constituents and avoid information redundancy.

Industries look for ERP solution that can supply a common engineering platform with capablenesss of analysing concern informations. They expect to run into the planetary concern demands, with at the same time adhering to the state specific necessities.

Therefore there is a important betterment in IDBI after new solutions and restructuring. The bank can now manage about 3lakhs minutess. It besides helped IDBI to establish assorted new merchandises and services. Rate of client satisfaction besides increased. There was a singular alteration in the gross and the overall net income of the organisation.


Figure 1 ERP 5 Core banking system platform

Figure 2 Deployment Architecture

Figure 3 Functional Architecture

Figure 4 Profitableness Analytics uses an OBIEE semantic theoretical account

Figure 5 Oracle Enterprise PMS helps in turn overing prognosis

Figure 6 Oracle Enterprise PMS

Figure 7 Oracle Hyperion Planning helps in making budget



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