Silence For Desire Of Freedom English Literature Essay

We are populating in a universe where offers us adequate communicating with others, and we are frequently strongly required to show ourselves. In modern society, it is thought as a stupid thing non to show their sentiment. So, people are seeking to asseverate their right and their ain voices. The most of books on the manner of life in the shops systematically encourage people to voice their thoughts and desires, and they regard it as assurance and originality for art of life. Creativity is the most of import thing because of these yearss universe ‘s tendency, so the society wants people to demo their interior to detect something can be valuable resources for creativenesss: and that additions a batch of net incomes to society. This tendency perfectly has been stronger with the development of IT merchandises. In a fast-changing universe, people should acquire a batch of new information non to acquire left behind. Peoples communicate each other to update their information by a smart phone and laptop which is high advanced engineering.

Like this, our coevalss normally think that it is an attractive and smart manner of life to demo their interior and communicate with others in a extremely advanced scientism and capitalist economy society. Besides, the strong ever narrate their history, and accordingly the weak are alienated from the history because they have no power to voice their chances. Therefore, silence has been normally regarded as “ the weak ” because people thought silence has no power. However, there is silence of power. There is excessively much voices and dispensable information to pull off decently in these yearss so silence has a power to show one ‘s voice and communicate to. Not all of people who hold their words in this society are the stupid, but most of people overlook this facet. In this paper there are three literary plants whose these characters ‘ silence externally seems like holding the significance of privacy but we can discourse this silence in deepness to happen out different significance, something weeping. : : “ & lt ; The Scarlet missive & gt ; ( 1850 ) , Nathaniel Hawthorne ” , “ & lt ; Disgrace & gt ; ( 1999 ) , J.M. Coetzee ” , “ & lt ; Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption & gt ; ( 1994 ) , Stephen King ” Silence has no existent voice, no reply to inquiry, and merely a sort of secret. It is considered as a inactive one, but truly that ‘s all? This paper tries to happen out the each significance of five characters silence, besides, an ultimate intent of their silence what to mean. Furthermore, it surveies the inquiry of what sort of literary effects we can acquire as if characters are non shouting out but hide their interior.

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1.2 Silence of adult females

Particularly, in the long history, adult females ‘s silence had been enforced hard. So people thought that adult females ‘s silence has no power. Compared to this traditional image of adult females ‘s silence, Hester and Lucy ‘s silence show an image of an independent adult female. Because of non long history of adult females ‘s independency, Hester and Lucy could be an early independent adult female. However they are non combatants hiting a gun like a adult male but merely strong adult females. They do n’t necessitate to be a adult male to acquire what they want. They are tongueless, and mutely acquire to the station. Of class, it could be a job to standardise which are work forces ‘s and adult females ‘s in modern society. But we needfully have an thought of inclination or bias on adult females ‘s one and work forces ‘s. The of import key-point we should concentrate on is that their manner includes opposition and desire.

We are still familiar with the image of traditional adult females. And, they were frequently belonged to household or a adult male and non existed as an independent individual. Historically, they were non a chief character or a Godhead of their life and society. So, they had been enforced to give themselves. Womans would hold sacrificed their desire and logic because work forces suppress the freedom of adult females ‘s right to talk. That is, traditionally, muffling adult females mean “ the forfeit ” . Compared to the modern society, silence was non used as a sort of communicating accomplishments but was merely a certain oral cavity. Besides it is non like a Asiatic states where thinks silence as a modestness. Silence could n’t be an active behaviour but inactive 1. And, It could n’t be opposition against what they thought but obeisance to the strong.

Such a silence as a inactive significance, adult females should hold adapted to unfair state of affairs which was derived right and net income from them. Womans, in a chance of macho, were delicate, physically and psychologically weak, immature, and unintellectual like a babe so they were thought to necessitate a protection. In add-on, the long-run paradigm of adult females defeated was pervaded all over the universe non merely West besides Asia. Since silence of adult females had kept really long clip, this paradigm could n’t alter easy. Sometimes in modern society, despite of adult females ‘s unbelievable independency and accomplishment, some adult females could n’t flexibly accommodate to the alteration and went rearward to deny. Consequently, Silence of adult females is non a symbol of independent, rational, and active individual but a obeisance and forfeit.

2. The assorted sorts of “ silence ” in the Hagiographas, and the significance of each 1s.

2.1 Scarlet missive

2.1.1 Hester Prynn

Hester prynn is a adult female who belongs to the Puritan society in New England. In Puritan society where respects faith as an jurisprudence which both has equal rigorous power, criminal conversation of adult females is awful wickedness and offense because non merely an object of a moral animadversion but besides a noncompliance to Lord ‘s word. So, Hester have to be punished and divided from moral people. Hester should populate in a suppressive society based on Lord ‘s word, subjects, moralss, common sense, and work forces, so she ne’er exist in an independent and independent manner. Her freedom of pick such as love, drama, dream, and thought was deprived by society. But she break the subjects for her freedom and passion. She was honest to her feelings, love to Dimmsdale. She obey non the regulation of exterior but the voice of her interior. She obey to her desire and love. And, in a full narrative, When Hester obeys her head, and so she feels felicity. Discipline ca n’t command her, but her true head regulations her. Anyway, Adultery is a offense and wickedness, so she feels needfully shame and humiliation. And truly near to her, perfectly herself, there is a grade of vermilion missive on her chest. She besides has another symbol of shame, Pearl, her lovely kid whose male parent is Dimmesdale. Nowadays, her criminal conversation can be easy justificated as a love affair among the immature because believing manner of people has changed. She merely did what she wants to make and in that relationship she was an grownup sufficiency. She made her pick which gives her a rigorous penalty.

Silence of Hester has the significance of “ embracement ” and “ assurance ” . “ It is excessively profoundly branded, Ye can non take it off, And would that I might digest his torment, every bit good as mine. “ ( & lt ; The Scarlet missive & gt ; ( 1850 ) , Nathaniel Hawthorne,68 ) While Dimmsdale agonizes his fatal wickedness, she ne’er forgive her love from bosom due to subjects. She has bravery to love and show. Hester ne’er escape from the state of affairs and merely be quiet non doing any weeping foul because she respects her love. ) “ Hester Prynn imbibed this spirit. She assumed a freedom of speculationaˆ¦ ” , ( Hawthorne,164 ) and “ The universe ‘s jurisprudence was no jurisprudence for her head. It was an an age in which the human mind freshly emancipated, had taken a more active and a wider scope than for many centuries before. “ ( Hawthorne,164 ) “ If she be all tenderness, she will decease. “ ( 163 )

2.1.2. Dimmsdale

Hester did n’t advert name of Pearl ‘s male parent, and besides evildoer. Hester had ne’er tried to drag Dimmsdale down from his high phase. She managed all shame, and merely look after him to protect and promote populating the life. She said nil. Everyone in the small town wanted to cognize her spouse, but she ne’er open her oral cavity in the small town. She has kept Dimmsdale ‘s secret. Her silence did n’t come from the enforcement and menace but from love and regard. Some insists that Hester should state the truth and penalize him together: Hester have to open her oral cavity.

However, she did n’t necessitate to penalize him, because she loved him. She was confident to her love. She did n’t believe her love as a wickedness or offense in the wood so she do n’t believe to penalize Dimmsdale. Her love is so power to tread by the subjects what human create. This confident attitude gave her power on relationship between Hester and Dimmsdale. It ‘s non about love affair, but about individual to individual. Beside of him, she was respected to and covetous of Dimmsdale. She try to wake him up from despairing state of affairs like gallantry. Her silence means that “ Confidence ” and “ Love ” . She did n’t look like a traditional adult females. Her spirit is much stronger and healthful than Dimmsdale.

Dimmsdale and Hester portion the same secret which is suffer them greatly, superficially same, but in deepness there is difference in significance: one is dignified and another is destructive. ) “ No, Hester, no! … There is no substance in it! It is cold and dead, and can make nil for me! Of repentance I have had adequate! Of repentance there has been none! … Happy are you Hester, that wear the scarlett missive openly upon your bosom! Mine burns in secret! “ , ( Hawthorne,192 ) In rule, if citizen who involved in Puritan society commit a wickedness, so they should acknowledge it and implore meekly for forgiveness. However, Dimmsdale kept being soundless to get away from this fatal wickedness whis is against to God and his scruples. He has no bravery to digest the shame and shame, and, to explicate his love is non a impure one and disciplines has a tonss of problems. “ Think for me Hester! Thou are strong. Rosolve for me! ” ( Hawthorne,196 )

The last scene he wants to uncover his wickedness in forepart of the citizens, and this is last opportunity to him. He died by himself after that confession. He may desire to be free from his sense of guilty before deceasing. This voices ca n’t be valuable because he ca n’t pass on with others and alteration nil after his confession. There remains merely Hester and Pearl.

2.3 shame

2.3.1 Lucy

Lucy was white adult female who has lived in Cape town, the Repulic of South Africa. Amongthose age, the black in the state was governed ruthlessly by the white, besides after independency, the fury and lower status of the black has non disappeared for a long clip. So, the two people hate each other.

Lucy lived in the farm that is endangering and the white unfavourable and in the fencing of her male parent ‘s protection. She was with David who continuously try to protect Lucy from the Black community whom get truly angry and is aggressive, besides, unsafe and scandalous state of affairs. As a adult female, Lucy could n’t judge and take what she truly want because the baleful Black and a protective male parent. Trying doo maintain a secret about her shame, It is obvious that she got injury and she has a shame ( because of other people ‘s thought. Unfortunately, she rape passively, Social people looks unresponsible, non concerned, unknow, irresponsible. In our common sense we should open her oral cavity and she should be punish Petrus for her wellness. Her shame was passively given to her and kick a waddjtq.Despite of all independeaca.

If Lucy tried to conceal her secret, it was evidently injured her a batch. And, the experience of colza is, considered her societal position and societal convention, a sort of shame. Unfortunately, Although colza was non her pick by herself, merely enduring by another unknown power, alone societal eyes are irresponsible and ruthless. Sing about this conditions, commonsensically, she should penalize Petrus denoting his offense. Her shame came to her all of a sudden and it was given. Inspite of she wanted to acquire back her independency and freedom as a adult female through the last pick. Lucy ‘s shame and shame was non something she wants. She could move in a normal manner people normally think. But, her silence is valuable in the boundary of background of societal history and her male parent.

She was populating with the black after the independency. She was the white adult female. She has non been low in societal place, but due to historical background she was the weak in the society. Above of all, she could be threatened due to her sex since the political and societal choler fury of the black is up to the highest point. They are suffered so long clip that they have a double lower status and sense of licking. The white adult female is the 1 they ca n’t have because of their disparity in societal position. Since their independency, this traditional paradigm would non be reformed easy. Finally, as the significance of this highly alteration, the white adult female is considered as a trophy for the victor, the black. That period, It is genuinely unnatural thing the love affair relationship between the white adult female and the black adult male. It is much more natural to believe societal significance that the black adult male “ acquire ” the white adult female, non love. This chance, Petrus has an chesty attitude overall the work. The representative of the black adult male, Petrus, acquire the freedom and independency over the govern of the white, so he wants to acquire some award. And he choose Lucy as a award. Overall the authorship, Petrus ‘s behaviour and references ne’er describe the affectionate attention and passionate love. He though Luch as a delightful quarry or the great trophy.

He was anticipating Ettinger to take them to the constabulary station. But, it turns out, Lucy has told him to drive to the infirmary. “ For my interest or for yours? ” he asks her. “ For yours. ” “ Wo n’t the constabulary want to see me excessively? ” “ There is nil you can state them that I can, ” she repliesaˆ¦she is all strength, all sense of purpose, whereas the shaking seems to hold spread to his whole bodyaˆ¦ ( & lt ; Disgrace & gt ; ( 1999 ) , J.M. Coetzee,100p )

This period and infinite ne’er let the welcome and felicity to Lucy. She ca n’t be assorted with the black. Lucy ca n’t be welcomed and she was merely alien they ca n’t understand as a societal context representative. Lucy ‘s male parent, David is already good known about this societal context plenty. He truly wants to protect her from the danger Luch ca n’t command because she is a adult female, so he desire Lucy to go forth the state and travel back to the White. Of class, he recommended to her. He wants to corroborate her safety. David is the White, a adult male, and intelligent as a professor at the university. Consequently his societal position is high. The alteration to the egalitarianism from the position system besides change the ambiance of societal temper besides but it ‘s excessively stiff to people accept at one time. David felt despairing about the fact that his girl was raped by the black, that he ca n’t protect her from that danger, that he ca n’t penalize Petrus who did the crome, and that his girl has the babe of the black. To him, this state of affairs is candidly scandalous, fatal, and hopeless.

2.3.2 David

However, Attitude toward shame of David is twofold. “ Similarly in Disgrace, the bounds of David Lurie ‘s ethical waking up are interrogated by Lucy ‘s silence on her traumatic experience of colza. “ ( aˆ?J.M.Coetzee and the question of ethical concern for the other

, Sin-Nami,2007 ) He had a physical relationship with his pupil, Melany, the black adult female, at university. At that societal context, their relationship was no seem natural love affair one. The combination of the white esteemed old adult male and the black pupil was understood by bias. The white colour, a adult male, a professor: Vested rights in the society infringe upon the societal weak. His behaviour is non against the jurisprudence so he does n’t have a condemnable punishment. But, he was criticized by citizens in moral chance. David was confident to his love affair. He loves Melany candidly and unfeignedly non merely for playing physical relationship. He went to see the drama which Melany has a function. He forgives Melany ‘s every ill-mannered behaviour. Besides it is ne’er one-sided enforcement. Melany besides come to see David by herself for acquiring some encouragement and protection. She does n’t defy on his sexual require. Just Melany doubt the truth on their relationship. She inquiries about his private life on adult female. Particularly, she does n’t go to to the category and does n’t manus in her midterm paper. Merely every bit good she takes advantage on their relationship more. Like this, their relationship is non a violent one between two. At least, it is non general force people normally think, such as sexual or physical. Therefore, he do n’t necessitate to pardon in forepart of the media because they want him to apologise.

That ‘s the ground of his silence. Honestly, he feels emotion of Eros to her, but he ne’er seek to take advantage of his authorization and position for his enjoyment which media and school adult female association wants him to acknowledge. He thought it is better to go forth university. He has a clear belief and sort individual. He did n’t run off from his state of affairs but merely maintain the truth, secret merely in his bosom and the God. His silence is the medium of showing his assurance and artlessness. The individual who has this sort of personality ca n’t admit Lucy ‘s determination and beliefs. Lucy ‘s silence makes him to ramp and experience despairing. He has the idea of Lucy is a lame being in the black universe as a adult male, besides, the male parent. So he feels to protect her sex which is in the danger.

aˆ¦she says, ‘I ‘m walking over to Ettinger ‘s. I wo n’t be long. ” She pauses. “ David, when people ask, would you mind maintaining to your ain narrative, to what happened to you? ” He does non understand. “ you tell what happened to you, I tell what happened to me, ” she repeats. “ You ‘re doing a error, ” he says in a voice that is fast falling to a croak. “ No, I ‘m non, ” she says. “ My kid, my kid! ” he says, keeping out his weaponries to her. When she does non come, he puts aside his cover, stands up, and takes her in his weaponries. In his embracing she is stiff as a pole, giving nil. ( & lt ; Disgrace & gt ; ( 1999 ) , J.M. Coetzee,100p )

What we need to see specially is the difference of relationship visual aspect between parent and kid in the significance and the deepness. In East, states, kid should non to hide something to parents and obey to parents wholly. This is traditional idea from Yu-kyo. Financially, independency of kid is quiet late, and they feel like truly shut so portion of myself. In West, compared to the East, they have an single civilization. It ‘s non selfish one. Parents normally play a function of defender so giving love and chiding besides. But they respect their kid ‘s sentiment and privateness more than the East. The period of independency is much earlier besides. The west thinks the independency of kid is the most of import undertakings of their bearing.

“ aˆ¦Because I could n’t confront one of your eruptions. David, I ca n’t run my life harmonizing to whether or non you like what I do. Not any more. You behave as if everything I do is portion of the narrative of your life. You are chief character, I am a minor character who does n’t do an visual aspect until halfway through. Well, contrary to what you think, people are non divided into major and minor. I am non minor. I have a life of my ain, merely as of import to me as yours in to you, and in my life I am the 1 who makes the determination, ” ( & lt ; Disgrace & gt ; ( 1999 ) , J.M. Coetzee,198p )

Lucy ‘s silence has a significance of “ independency ” . She was suppressed by the oculus of the adult male who thought her as a lame being need protection and ca n’t populate entirely or their ain ownership. She has a limited pick on where she unrecorded because of physical danger. She was non a immature miss. She was described in the authorship as a adult female who has a good judgement and assurance such as Hester. David want to uncover her secret on Petrus and acquire him condemnable penalty. However she ne’er tell about her colza to constabulary and she hide her gestation to David. Her silence means her pick. Although she can pull off the state of affairs on gestation, but she has another pick. She merely wants to remain in the farm, and admit the propose of Petrus. She wants freedom for pick on her life. She wants to pull off her life by herself. She want to acquire free from his male parent ‘s protection and Petrus ‘ sexual eyes. She decline the life made by adult male and effected by adult male.

“ I ‘m regretful I asked, ” he says. “ what are our programs for today? ” “ Our programs? To travel back to the farm and clean up. ” aˆ¦ . “ Be reasonable, Lucy. Thingss have changed. We ca n’t merely pick up where we left off. ” “ Why non? “ aˆ¦ ” aˆ¦Because it ‘s non safe. ” “ It was ne’er safe, and it ‘s non an thought, good or bad. I ‘m non traveling back for the interest of an thought. I ‘m merely traveling back. ” Siting up in her borrowed dark frock, she confronts him, cervix stiff, eyes glistening. Not her male parent ‘s small miss, non any longer. ( & lt ; Disgrace & gt ; ( 1999 ) , J.M. Coetzee,105p )

The silence of Lucy on her gestation and the colza is the strong will to be responsible to protect her sex by herself merely: Independence from adult male who try to invariably protect her but bound her, and deny of the adult males who take advantage of adult female for his selfish desire. As she takes advantage of Petrus as the same manner he did, she ne’er think matrimony as a promise of love but a societal contract to populate on the farm. Finally she can populate on the farm where she wants.

2.4 The Shawshank Redemption

2.4.1 Andy Dufresne

Andy Dufresne has kept a secret for a long clip. Actually he was a great citizen who worked diligently and had a high societal and rational degree. When he entered into the prison, he experience every force in physical and psychological manner. But what makes Andy truly suffered is non a force and insularity. The fatal 1 is the loss of freedom. It was required to acquire allowance to fulfill one ‘s physiological impulse. There is difficult topographic point to maintain a hope to acquire freedom under the force of prison officer. What he can make merely in the prison was take a breathing, eating distributed to one, and reflect on one ‘s offense to reformation. And that eformation was proved by the obeydence to the prison officers, non by a sincere head or self-reflection. Prison officer did slaying and whipping to do captives follow the regulation. Prison officers ne’er offer a direction or instruction, but manage the prison as a animal rise. There is really lmited freedom to take and bask something because captives are non a adult male being who has the freedom.

Andy ‘s silence is the program to interrupt the prison. He looks like to obey the regulation and forgive the freedom as a adult male. Every people thinks Andy is an celebrated individual. In the state of affairs of no freedom, he has no word about unreasonable manner of reformation. Andy ‘s silence needs a batch of forbearance. His silence was enforced but he change the manner of thought. He takes the advantage of the silence. Now he has a freedom to delve the wall and to woolgather about acquiring the existent freedom by himself. After his thought alteration, he looks much better than earlier. He was excessively smart and passionate to stamp down by person. His personality makes him to utilize every state of affairs helpfully. Actually Andy was a theoretical account of a adult male who ca n’t populate without the freedom. His silence was enforced but it ‘s the active effort of his dream to acquire freedom. After he run off from the prison, he besides report the job of prison where he stayed. He got a money from the history of prison officer for his labour. Consequently, Andy ‘s silence is the sort of mask to conceal his desire to be free. The all adult male should hold freedom to populate like a adult male.

He was a adult male who actualize non merely acquiring his freedom but opposition and penalty to unreasonable 1. He was non like other captives who had spent about of their clip in the prison so burying to utilize the freedom. He can want it and realize it. He was more afraid of the loss of freedom of full life than the failure of his program.

3. literary consequence of Silence as a communicating medium

Sing about the context, except Andy, other four people can show their sentiment more normal and modern manner. They can shout out for their freedom and persuade others and penalize, resist. However they are non doing the voices straight but silence. In literary Hagiographas, this silence can acquire a literary consequence to maximise. Silence can give a reader more ferocious feeling because it ‘s against the desire. When they recognize the characters desire, so they wish their desire satisfied. But silence is non a normal manner to fulfill person. It looks like merely moving passively. So readers feel strong desire for characters in more active manner.

And, It is non hard to uncover the secret and show all of my feelings. But, Keeping a silence should necessitate forbearance digesting the enticement. It is besides really lonely thing to cognize the truth merely. These troubles give more strength than to derive straight. The
eaders who unconsciouslessly acknowledge this fact can hold more cloe and strong feeling to characters, accordingly fall into the composing more they can.

4. The cardinal desire of personas silence in the Hagiographas

“ Enlightenment is adult male ‘s outgrowth from his self-imposed immatureness. Immaturity is the inability to utilize one ‘s understanding without counsel from another. This immatureness is self-imposed when its cause lies non in deficiency of apprehension, but in deficiency of resoluteness and bravery to utilize it without counsel from another. Sapere Aude! [ daring to cognize ] “ Have bravery to utilize your ain apprehension! ” — that is the slogan of enlightenment. ” -aˆZAn Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment? ( 1784, Imaanuel Kant ) aˆ?

Each character ‘s silence has the cardinal desire to freedom. They have the different personality but they have the same portion in their character. Hester has the assurance to her love forbidden in Puritan society. “ So speaking, she undid the clasp that fastened the scarlett missive, and taking it from her bosom, threw it to a distanceaˆ¦.O keen alleviation! She had non known the weight, until she felt the freedom! “ ( Hawthorne,202 ) This means that she thought her bosom and true head are much more valuable than subjects. Dimmsedale want to acquire free from torment. Lucy want to independent from adult male ‘s protection and ownership. At last, Andy ‘s silence is the wholly for freedom itself what most valuable thing adult male can possess. Like this every character ‘s silence is a certain grade of for the freedom for their being and their bosom.

Get downing with Kant, 18century, the West thought about the enlightenment for their felicity. Peoples want to acquire freedom of cognition for their addition in production. Social position system disappeared when the West thought about equality and freedom. Every people can hold sensible manner of thought, so they can cognize it. Before this enlightenment, merely few people can read the books for thought. So about of people were governed by a few priest.

This is the ground that why freedom is so of import in our life. In this survey, there are 5 characters who are fighting for freedom. And there are a sort of wall, such as bias, moral, and subjects. They try to interrupt the wall and hear the voice of their inside bosom. That ‘s the long clip forbearance for Sweets, the freedom.

5. Decision

We are speaking about silence by the medium for communicating. Traditionally, silence is one of the most valuable virtuousnesss in East. This age and modern society, there are excessively much remarks or sentiments to derive some involvements merely for themselves. Besides, sometimes, these loud voices are about chitchat or ailments about the society. When we want to acquire something, loud voice has more power to accomplish the purpose. Silence could be the manner of active communicating.

The each manner of communicating in those Hagiographas, silence, has the different significance. First, Hester Prynn is confident to her love. She obey to the jurisprudence and subjects of Puritan society, but her silence of the name of male parent agencies that she genuinely obey to her inside voice. She loves Dimmsdale and she thought it ‘s non about her morality. Their love is non a wickedness compared to the Rogers ‘s 1. Furtermore, She insists that the societal system need to be reform for adult females. Her silence about Dimmesdale ‘s wickedness is that she ne’er thinks Dimmsdale is non a evildoer and their love is guiltless and pure head non merely disgusted physical desire. She already get freedom from subjects and there is a understanding on Dimmsdale who ca n’t cover with the load of wickedness. Compared to the traditional adult females ‘s love, in this relationship, Hester is much more strong than a adult male. So she can make up one’s mind and take their relationship. Dimmsdale ‘s silence is more inactive than Hester ‘s. He considered about his societal position and subjects so much and the God. But, he does n’t hold bravery to state the truth. He ca n’t digest the load of wickedness, and is truly afraid of people how look him. He has the existent vermilion missive on his bosom. His silence is for flight from the state of affairs and no bravery. In the last scene, he decided to the decease for freedom.

Following, Lucy is the white adult female who is threatened her sex by work forces. The work forces ‘s manner of believing about her has a sort of force. Those suppress Lucy ‘s freedom to populate the life. So, Lucy has restricted to her ideas. There is no freedom to take the land for her abode, and no freedom for her spouse. Everybody is worried about her and seek to protect her. But the of import thing is she is non a kid any longer. Sometimes it ‘s true that person need protection from the offense, but Lucy want to command it by herself for demoing the desire of her independency. She is afraid of the suppression more than the Black in that societal context. Her silence about her sexual thing means her desire to be a adult female who has the independency and capacity non a miss. David, her male parent, is confident individual to his bosom and love affair. He gives up the place of the professor and select to go forth the school. His silence on relationship with Melany is that he does n’t desire to state ‘not true narrative ‘ . He do n’t necessitate to apologise because he does n’t seek to take advantage on her. Like Hester, but more openly, he admit his bosom ‘s voice than societal one.

Andy is prisoner in the ruthless prison. All the environment suppress Andy ‘s freedom neccesarily. However, truth is he had no offense to come to prison. He is excessively and passionate individual to populate in the prison. He keeps his secret on the program of the flight from the prison. Andy ‘s long silence means the desire of freedom itself. His pick of silence is truly unsafe thing but he trie to acquire freedom exchange with the decease.



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