Similaries of Ancient Worlds – China India Egypt Mesopotamia Essay

October 22, 2017 Engineering

There are many major civilisations in the universe today. The first four major civilisations all formed in river vales. These civilisations are Egypt on the Nile River. China on the Huang He River. India on the Indus River. and Mesopotamia on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. River vales were a necessity in Early civilisations. The Nile. a river that runs through Egypt played an of import function in the creative activity of the civilisation. The river was used for irrigation of their harvests. The river made a good dirt with a batch of silt.

United arab republic was called the breadbasket because it produced an unbelievable sum of grain and harvests. The people of Egypt besides new demand His codification consisted of 282 subdivisions covering with most facets of day-to-day life. for illustration. “Eye for an Eye” and a “Tooth for a Tooth. For illustration the river provided an irrigation system for the harvests along the Fertile Crescent. the negative impact was that the people of Mesopotamia didn’t know when the rivers would deluge. so the inundation ruined their harvests and places.

They made a calendar of 12 months. and they were advanced in mortuary scientific discipline or mummification. ly when it would deluge. therefore the people were prepared for the unsafe inundations. They needed a legal system and besides needed a military. The Tigris and Euphrates. two rivers that ran along the Mesopotamia civilisation gave positive and negative impacts on the civilisation. Architects were needed to construct memorials and husbandmans to bring forth nutrient. ” Another of import characteristic that led to the development of these early civilisation was they needed to form people. they made a authorities with authorities functionaries and a system of composing that helped maintain records and Scribes to compose them.

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In decision the early civilisations had an advanced signifier of human civilization. had some signifier of authorship and were skilled in scientific discipline and engineering. Mesopotamia was largely made up of city–states that were normally governed by representatives such as a council of Lords and an assembly of citizens. Many civilisations if non all of them were polytheistic. or believe in more than one God. Their male monarch was non merely a military functionary but a high priest every bit good. They had many accomplishments. A system of composing “hieroglyphics” ; pyramids and memorials made for Pharaoh. A major accomplishment in Mesopotamia was Hammurabi’s jurisprudence codification.


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