Similarities and differences of the World Bank and IMF

The World Bank retains financess or capitals from investings are done by in different operations by subsequent investing in the cosmopolitan capital market.

This causes the fluctuations in the investing and curtail on loaning actions.

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Donor states replenish the financess every three old ages.

The refillings are trusting loan refund fearful.

It will spontaneous the Bank hereafter loaning capacity will be influence when face the above standards.

Facts about World Bank

There are two sorts of loans that provided by World Bank which are investing and development policy. Investing loans are those that are provided to help economic and societal development whereas development policy loans are proposed as speedy finance to uphold institutional reforms to decrease 3rd universe debt.

The Bank gives analysis services for economic and societal infrastructural betterments.The Bank as good inspires invention and cooperation between local stakeholders to make:

Debt alleviation in the really destitute states

Development of clean H2O supply and environment

Aid of immunisation plans in epidemics.

Establish “ green ‘s enterprises ”

Chapter 4 IMF and World Bank

Similarities of IMF and World Bank

Apparently, the IMF and World Bank exhibit many common features while they are executing their undertakings. First of wholly, the IMF and World Bank are controlled by the member state ‘s authoritiess. In world, the members of both establishments are all the states on Earth.

Besides, both IMF and World Bank concern their member states based on the economic issues. They besides put more attempt on enlarging the economic systems. In the both establishments, their staff members attend the conferences and speak the similar complex linguistic communication of the development professions. Not merely those activities, they reports in the media that involve negotiate and mystify plans of the accommodation of the economic with other authorities ‘s finance ‘s curates Both the IMF and World Bank grasp one-year meetings.

Other than the similarities above, both IMF and World Bank have head office in Washington, D.C. ( Driscoll, D.D. , n.d. ) , where the things that they do and their differences are pronounced everyplace. Both establishments are located in the same edifice for many old ages. In today ‘s universe, they are situated on opposite sides of a street. That street is really near the White House ( Driscoll, D.D. , n.d. ) . Besides, the same library and other installations are shared by them. They besides trade economic informations often. There are sometimes they go toing the seminars and holding day-to-day insouciant meetings. Sometimes, they are besides directing out joint missions to other member states.

Furthermore, they work together in close cooperation since 1970s. World Bank ‘s activities reflect the consciousness that the velocity of societal and economic development get faster merely when there are good fiscal and economic policies. The IMF has besides realized that fiscal and economic policies that are in hapless status have caused long-run non efficient of utilizing of resources that oppose abolishment through short-run change of the policies of fiscal.

World Bank has done little good to construct up a long-run irrigation undertaking to help if at that place does non hold engagement from the foreign investors or purchasers to do concern with the state as the place of payment ‘s balance of the states is non good. Compare with the IMF, the IMF besides does little good to put up a good exchange rate for the currency of specific state, except for the production will be sufficient to keep the overall term of exchange rate. The chief point that can work out with the jobs is the reformation of economic sectors. Therefore, the potency of undertakings may be recognized throughout the whole economic status. Besides, the effectivity of the person undertaking besides can be enhanced by the stableness of the economic system.

World Bank ‘s map is to impart to specific undertakings that trades with the building of the substructures in the states. During the recession occurs during 1980s, the World Bank extended the scope of the operations of loaning to take history of sector-and structural-adjustment loans. These actions help developing states who had the jobs of payment instability that harmed the growing of the states to set their economic policies and constructions. This is to reorganise the economic system of a underdeveloped state to hold the sustained economic growing. Lend support plans is planned to anticipate and avoid economic crises through the reformation of economic state of affairs and investing precedences alterations. World Bank encourages the growing of the economic in profoundly indebted states. In add-on, IMF besides provides a bigger sum of fiscal support and the period of its fiscal aid would be available had been lengthened. However, balance of payments job arise because there was a impermanent illiquidity and unequal fiscal and budgetary policies. Not merely that, the jobs arise due to the challenge in the construction of the economic systems of the members ‘ states, reform stretching over many old ages and suggests doing a closer cooperation with the World Bank.

IMF and World Bank are trust to each other ‘s expertness. Their particular relationship has been speed up by the debt crisis and the in ability for developing states to refund the loans. To do certain that the economic growing can merely be sustained by holding the debt crisis, the resources should be used expeditiously and efficaciously in stable pecuniary and fiscal environment.

Both IMF and World Bank cooperate with the officers who are working in the common states state on a regular basis and often. The staffs of the World Bank position that the procedure of development is slow and they have a deep apprehension of the economic and structural conditions of a specific state. Besides, the IMF staff contributes its ain position to prolong its flow of payments and pull from investing finance. Both establishments encourage loaners to fall in with them in co-financing program and reassign financess from the states that have surplus balance to the states that have shortage balance.

Both IMF and World Bank need to alter their economic conditions to develop other ways of helping their rank. The World Bank has expanded its aid to a broader facet of economic reform. At the same clip, the IMF has concerned the economic systems conditions of its members ‘ states by seting their balance of payment in the structural reform. As a consequence, the IMF and World Bank need to collaborate in a close relationship to keep the state ‘s economic fortunes.

Differences of IMF and World Bank

Although both IMF and World Bank have shared some common features, nevertheless, they remain distinguishable. The most obvious differentiation is that World Bank is a development establishment while IMF is a concerted establishment ( Driscoll, D.D. , n.d. ) . The undertaking that IMF needs to make is to supervise the procedure of payments and grosss among its members ‘ states. Not merely that, each of them has their ain intent, distinguishable construction, rank, determination devising, undertakings, beginnings of support, receivers of support, IMF and World Bank ‘s operation.[ 1 ]


The constitution of IMF contributes to different intents. In covering with the unsolved fiscal jobs, unpredictable alterations in the trading of national currencies ‘ value in which it can be exchanged for foreign currencies. Besides, IMF besides acts as a voluntary and concerted establishment. It attracts its rank states by giving up some of the controls towards them. It does non make injury activities towards the rank states and keep the economic public assistance of its member states. The IMF establishment has set up the regulation which is in the Articles of Agreement signed by all members ; do up a codification of behavior. The defender of the codification of behavior is the IMF. The member states are allowed to interchange their currency to foreign currencies without limitation. IMF should be informed of alterations in pecuniary and fiscal policies which will convey deductions to the economic systems of its members ‘ states. Stated in the codification of behavior, they can modify the policies based on the advice of the IMF. If its members ‘ states are shortage in the financess, they can borrow money from IMF. Besides, it receives studies on member ‘s economic policies and chances. IMF discusses on it so that other members will react it in a right manner and understand of the manner to have their domestic policies. Furthermore, IMF is required to keep the orderly pecuniary system that will prolong economic growing throughout the universe.

World Bank besides has different intents and duties. The international community assigned World Bank as IBRD[ 2 ]( Driscoll, D.D. , n.d. ) . Its primary function and duty is for financing economic development. Besides, the World Bank ‘s first loan is for the Western Europe to reconstitute the economic systems after the war. After these states recover to their normal operations, the World Bank changed its attending to the poorer state which is developing states. Furthermore, the World Bank wants to assist the developing states to heighten the advancement of the societal and economic fortunes. It can assist to travel up the productiveness of the developing states. This can guarantee that their people may populate a better life.

Size and Structure

The IMF is little and has no affiliates or subordinates. It has merely approximately 2,300 staff members ( Driscoll, D.D. , n.d. ) . Most of them work at central offices in Washington, D.C. There are three little offices in Paris, Geneva, and United Nations in New York. The staff members who work for economic experts and fiscal facets are professional staff members.

However, the World Bank is larger than the IMF and its construction is more complex. It has over 7,000 staff members which are three times larger than IMF. Not merely that, it besides maintains about 40 offices throughout the universe. Most of its staffs work at central offices which is located at Washington, D.C. There are different expertnesss of staffs in the World Bank such as economic experts, applied scientists, urban contrivers, attorneies, every bit good as experts in telecommunications, transit, and instruction. The World Bank has two organisations which are IBRD and International Development Association ( IDA )[ 3 ]. World Bank transportations fund from excess unit in developing states to the private endeavors.


Presently, IMF has about 182 members throughout the universe. The Board of Governors is the highest authorization ( IMF and the World Bank, n.d. ) .Each state has two representatives which are a Governor and an Alternate Governor. They meet one time a twelvemonth and ballots are carried out through mail. There is 24 member Board of Executive Directors monitors the daily operations of the IMF. Japan, USA, France, United Kingdom, and Germany are the first five states that contribute to the IMF. Each of them appoint one Executive Director, nevertheless, the staying 19 are elected for several states.

However, in the World Bank, there are 187 member states. If the state is the member ‘s state of the IMF, so it merely can be considered the rank of the World Bank. However, if it is non a member ‘s state of the IMF, so it can non be the member of the World Bank. Same as the IMF, the World Bank besides has Board of Governors. Each state will elect a representative. They meet one time a twelvemonth. The daily operations are managed by a board of 24 Executive Directors. The overall rank construction of World Bank is much like that of the IMF.

Decision Making Power

In the IMF, if the member state wants to do determination, it needs to establish on its quota. If it has higher quota, so it can hold higher determination doing power. The sum of quota mentioned here is determined by the militias, balance of payments and national income of the members ‘ state. In add-on, it besides decides the part of the state to the IMF. The decision-making power of the first five states that contribute to the IMF and Saudi Arabia is approximately 40 % . However, there is less than 5 % of the determination doing power of the full continent of Africa ( IMF and the World Bank, n.d. ) .

In the operations of World Bank, the Governors are deputing the determination doing power to the Executive Directors. The determinations are usually made by consensus instead than formal ballot by the Directors. Therefore, the World Bank policy is considered and decided by the Directors. Besides, the Directors besides approve the recognition and loan proposals. They need to demo all the studies to the Governors during the one-year meetings.


The IMF performs the undertaking by requirement of short term loans which are reliant on the structural accommodation plans ( SAPs ) . This undertaking is used for rectifying a shortage, extinguishing or easing net export controls and foreign exchange investing, decreasing development in domestic money supply, pulverizing monetary value controls, deprecating the currency, privatising the houses which are publically owned, increasing revenue enhancements, cut downing authorities disbursement, and get rid ofing subsidies.

While executing the undertakings, the World Bank works closely with the IMF. It makes long term loans and repayable within 15 old ages. They are puting the undertakings which has feasible rate of return. World Bank has used structural accommodation loaning to supervise the economic construction and if there are alterations, they can follow up easy. The World Bank ‘s program is to cut down lacks that have the accumulating of the specific state appraisals and the schemes which make sure that the support and complement of the World Bank ‘s undertakings and plans of the state.

Beginning of Funding

The IMF is non a bank and it does non move as intermediate between investors and receivers. However, it has at its disposal resources which come from quota subscriptions, paid by IMF ‘s member states. They contribute certain sum of money based on their economic sizes and strengths. The members of the IMF can portion the same resources when they are in demand, this can demo that IMF acts as a recognition brotherhood. Even though under high restraining conditions the IMF borrows from official entities, it relies on its quota subscriptions to transport out its operations. Every five old ages, the IMF will reexamine the sum of the resources.

World Bank has different beginnings from the IMF. The World Bank is an investing bank, acts as intermediate between investors and receivers. The IBRD issues the bonds which have the greatest rate to persons and private establishments through market adoption to get the excess financess. The financess are used to impart to the fiscal development. The IDA is supported by understanding from subscriber states. The major borrower in the capital market is the World Bank. It is besides the biggest nonresident borrower to all states that sold issues. It sells bonds and notes to authoritiess and populaces to raise financess. So, it can borrow money to other states. The money that gets after the adoption is lent to developing states at low-cost involvement rates to assist them to finance their undertakings and plans.

Recipients of Funding

All affluent and hapless member states can hold the chance to inquire fiscal assistance from the IMF. The stable and arranged international pecuniary system is maintained and sustained by the IMF to let all participants in that system to carry through their fiscal duties to other participants. When the IMF ‘s member states experience a deficit of foreign exchange, they can entree temporarily to the pool of currencies of IMF to account for the balance of payments job, nevertheless, it is non related to the size of the economic system or per capita GNP degree. Throughout many old ages, about all IMF ‘s members ‘ states that are from the smallest to the largest industrial states have portions the same resources to the IMF. They accepted the fiscal supports to billow them over the difficult and hard periods. The money that Lent by the IMF must be repaid between three to five old ages. Interest rates are below than market rates. The members ‘ states have been able to repair the economic policies by utilizing the resources from the IMF. They besides want to re-establish growing without making the activities that damaging to other members ‘ economic systems.

In contrast, World Bank would non impart the money to neither affluent states nor private persons. It merely lends to the developing states and helps the authoritiess to keep their economic systems. The worse the economic system of the state is, the easier for the World Bank to impart the money to those states. The per capita Gross national product of developing states exceeds $ 1,305 may borrow from the IBRD ( Driscoll, D. D. , n.d. ) . The involvement rates of these loans are higher than the market rate and the state must make the refund between 12 to 15 old ages. Not merely that, merely hapless developing states ‘ authoritiess can borrow the loans that provided by the IDA. Those developing states must hold per capita GNP less than $ 1,305 and one-year per capita incomes below $ 865 ( Driscoll, D. D. , n.d. ) . IDA loans are involvement free and its adulthood day of the months is 35 or 40 old ages.

World Bank Operations

The World Bank persuades hapless developing states to better their economic systems by giving them with fiscal and proficient aid for undertakings and policies. From the World Bank point of position, the development is viewed as incorporate attempts and it is a long-run development. The IBRD loans and IDA credits use the common rules in measuring the dependability of undertakings ; nevertheless, both establishments are utilizing non same fiscal footings. The World Bank make the judgement of either one of the establishments receive the undertaking based on the state ‘s economic status but non on the features of the undertaking.

During the initial phases of its being, World Bank provided the fiscal aid on the transportation undertakings and electricity undertakings. However, in order to cut down hazard, the activities that carried out by the World Bank have been diversified. This is because the World Bank has done many activities and gets many experiences. Besides it besides wanted to obtain new sentiments into the procedure of development.

The World Bank puts more attempt on the undertaking that can profit to the poorest people in developing states. This is being promoted by giving the chances for the occupants in the development states to borrow financess to transport out the development in the rural and urban countries and agribusiness activities. Besides, it besides allows these people to pull off little types of undertakings. It helps the hapless to be more effectual and to derive entree to the necessities which comprise of the building of substructure, assist the household to be after on the wellness attention, nutriment, instruction of their kids. Besides, it besides gives more attending on the building farm-to-market roads and provides lighting and power to the small towns. Industrial undertakings create occupation chances in little endeavors. In add-on, the World Bank supports development of oil, gas, coal, fuel wood, and biomass.



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