Similarities between Victor and “the monster”

01 Clerval give Frankenstein a letter from Frankenstein’s sister Elizabeth 02 Ernest is Frankenstein’s little brother

03 Justine’s mother does not love Justine, only take care to her other three kids, Frankenstein’s family think Justine is poor, take Justine to home. But, after five years later, Justine’s brothers and sister are dead, Justine’s mother think it is a punishment for she did not care about Justine. (The conscience of the women was troubled; she began to think that deaths of her favorites was a judgment from heaven to chastise her partiality)

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04 “One of my frist duties my recovery was to introduce Clerval to the several professors of the university. In doing this, I underwent a kind of rough usage, ill befitting the wounds that my mind had sustained”

05 Henry likes literature. Farsi, Arabic, and Sanskrit.

06 He is holding the selfish pursuit of his soul, until Henry’s kind and sincere warm his soul, broaden his horizons.Now he is be as happy as a few years ago, when he loving and being loved, carefree all day.

07 His litter brother William is dead.

08 He was conveyed home, and the anguish that was visible in my countenance betrayed the secret to Elizabeth. She was very earnest to see the corpse. At first I attempted to prevent her, but she persisted,and entering the room where it lay, hastily examined the neck of the victim, and clasping her hands, exclaimed, “Oh. God! I have, murdered my darling child!”

09 Because when William is dead, the expensive necklace that is on the William’s neck is gone. And the necklace that is given by Elizabeth. Elizabeth thinks because the murderer want to the necklace, so kill William, wich mean is she causes William to be killed.

10 When after six years later of a night. Because it is too later, the door of city is close. He lives in a town that is only one half mile to Geneva.

11 He saw the Monster who is created by himself. He believes the Monster killed his brother.

12 He wants to tell people the murder is the monster, but he also knows people would not to believe him.

13 At five clock. His other brother Ernest told him

14 No. Only Frankenstein and Elizabeth believe it.
15 Justine admits she killed William. Because she wants to be remitted. She told Frankenstein and Elizabeth do not need to worry too much for her, she does not fear dead, and she is very happy foe have somebody still believe her.???



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