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April 6, 2019 Education

Sirjana PaudelSSA101
Prof. Alcira forero-Pena
Migration is the ongoing phenomena from the ancient period. People migrate from one place to another in search for better life. Everyone wishes to live happily with a freedom where they get equal opportunities for their future life, family and for better career. “Cuenca to Queens” by Ann Miles tells about how Quitasaca family that migrates from Cuenca, Ecuador to Queens, New York. This is the story of Vicente who left from Cuenca in 1995 to live and work in New York City. He believed that migrating to the United States would change their family status and they could live happily for rest of their life. From my personal experience, migrating from one country to another country has both positive and negative sides. The trend of migration is forgetting their own history and the future of the belonging homeland uncertain.

Family is always most important part of our life. Much like other immigrants, Lucho and Rosa committed to spend their life together with better life for themselves and for their children. Their migration is from rural to urban in search of better job and better facilities. They faced many difficulties during that period. They expected to get a permanent job and also had hope that children would get a good education and they could live happily. Rosa talked about “the manifestations of wealth that are so valued in the urban setting may in fact come at cost that is far too high.” Many people migrate to make more money but sometimes they are unsuccessful to achieve their goal. Rosa tells the story about two sisters who are different in their character. One sister married with simple man and the other one looks for a man who is wealthy and powerful. This story shows the negative effect of greediness in people’s life. She wanted to be rich and well settled. She couldn’t be happy because the wealthy man revealed to be the devil and finally she realized that looking for such man is dangerous. From this Rosa wants to explain about a people’s nature so that her children can be aware in future. Money and luxury are not everything. We have to find happiness in small things. Sometime greediness can ruin the life of people.
Rosa knew that money is going to ruin her son. She was worried about him, but Vicente had always tried to explain that he is the same person as before going to New York. He always had a strong feeling of responsibilities towards his family. In interview with Ann in 1999, Vicente said, “if you do good things now, later on you will harvest good fruits” and therefore “I try to helpful to everyone. I think about my family, my brothers and my sisters.” (170). He always thought of his family while he was working in the United States. Sometimes the situation gets so bad we forget people who are really close to us. In fact, his coworkers became his family which forced him to leave Ecuador behind.
Furthermore, many people are undocumented in the United States who came from many different countries. People believe that the U.S. has more freedom which can make life easier to survive. When I read chapter six “The Children” I remember myself. When I was a small child, I always dreamt about big cities. When my parents used to move in different cities for job, I used to get angry and I didn’t want to spend my life with my parents. I had my own life, but Cecilia has been more responsible and understanding child. She understood how hard it is for her parents. For example, many of our parents still think if we live in New York or any other cities which are well developed and facilitated we can get best education and jobs.
Like others, my mom came to the united states because she believed it was the land of opportunity, success and freedom. I was only 12 years old when my mom left me. Even though Nepal is small and developing country we had very luxurious life. It was not my choice to come in the united states and get a tittle ‘immigrant’, It was a dream of my mom who always thought of providing better education and better life for her child. When I finished my high school my dad, me and my brother decided to come to the united states. Life has always been my journey, so I thought this is also be a happy journey, but it was not easy. What I mean to say is being an immigrant and settling down in another country is very difficult than we ever thought. When I saw my mom struggle, I remember all those argues with her for gadgets and new dresses which made my eyes with tears. Main thing is the language problem when we move to different country. The culture and tradition also play a vital role to establish a good environment.
In addition, migration can be valuable experience that is made in interest of maintaining the better life but most cases moving to another country has impacts for the origin country. Moving towards the different country can be hopeless, failure and challenging. People have an “American dream” which compel them to be in the united states. Money is everything for every actions and activities. The fact is the American dollar has such a value, for some reason compel one to forget their country and settle in the united states.

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In conclusion, where ever we go, it is important to remember our self-identity. We have many situations in our life which can be challenging but we need to be more focused on what we are doing. Migrating from one place to another for better version of our life is not bad. Migration can be beneficial for most people of the developing countries. It can increase income, it can be a path for new skills, improve social status, and improve quality of life. To reduce the migration, there should be continuous institutional and governmental support.


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