SITUATION: Competitive Forces

April 27, 2019 April 30th, 2019 Business

Today, our competitors are in four other groups in class. We have no ideas and information about their strengths and weaknesses. Our major competitors in the future will likely be the groups that come up with the best business plan, strategies and initiative in utilize their skills to make their group on top.
The examples of competitors:
1) Giant Manufacturing
2) Specialized Bicycle Components
3) Electra Bicycle
4) Schwinn Bicycle Company

EXPECTATION: Known for unsurpassed quality and passion
1) Quality bikes tailored to customer’s needs
2) Support of independent bike shops
3) Bikes available in various price ranges
4) Lifetime care for the bike and the rider
5) Special programs tailored to customer’s desires

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Trek Bikes is a company made up of people who are committed to changing lives through cycling that seek to improve the riding experience worldwide through innovative products, dynamic partnerships, bicycle friendly development, and exceptional dealer and customer care. Trek’s Advanced Component Group (ACG) is dedicated to the pursuit of design and technology transfer. From the trace of the track outside the factory trek to the wind tunnel in San Diego, ACG is out there to test and develop new products. This team create and enhance OCLV carbon frame that makes a stronger and lighter in order to maintain high performance and handling conflict. Alpha Aluminum, classic frame material has been formed into the shape of a tube hydro sophisticated with optimum grain profiles for maximum strength and minimum weight. Proof of concept invented a superior form has been realized with the Trek Madone Trek Road Bike – a mix of really smooth maximum structural efficiency, optimum comforts and complete ride experience. Compared with it everything is history. In addition, the tracks are dedicated to the better good as evidenced by their partnership with organizations such as Bikes Belong and Bicycle Around the Community. Excitement of them for the bike industry cannot be seen as Trek actively promoting new regulations such as the laws of the CPSC.


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