Case Study on Implementing Six Sigma

By November 14, 2018 Management

1. What will be the benefits costs and risks of the six sigma program, and how will they be tracked and reported?

The many benefits of Six Sigma include the improvement of operating procedures and faster response times, high-quality products, services and better monitoring of performance. Each employee is trained which will cost the company. The risk of implementing six sigma is employees not transitioning well and adapting to it, they will be met with dear and skepticism. Some of the issues and complaints include. Not being able to afford it, too complicated, not working well for certain processes like service and transition processes. Not having faith in it. Administrators and management will keep track of how it’s implemented and making sure benefits, costs and risks are being met which will then be reported to the top management and board afterward.

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2. How should the various functional areas in the organization be included in the Six Sigma initiative and what role should senior and middle management play in this change initiative?

Six Sigma could be implemented in all the departments and work areas in the organization. Departments are able to identify a problem or their goals that is being affected by an existing process. Middle managers could be the team leader who monitors the process change and make sure goals are being met. And senior managers will determine whether Six Sigma has been implemented properly. Middle managers become accountable for how well Six Sigma is implemented by the department while senior management will provide the support and control of the change process.

3. What role should Six sigma play in corporate strategy?

Six Sigma helps with corporate strategies by helping leaders identify their goals for the company and makes the strategy much clearer. It helps them determine their goals and objectives in the future and helps the leaders make measurements beforehand to make sure it’s met down the line. It lessens any risk with any new corporate strategies.


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