Sleepy Hollow Book vs Movie

December 14, 2017 General Studies

“The dominant spirit, however, that haunts this enchanted region, and seems to be commander-in-chief of all the powers of the air, is the apparition of a figure on horseback without a head. ” Although the movie Sleepy Hollow is based upon the book The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, there are also distinctions which allow each to tell their own tale. Washington Irving’s short story inspired Tim Burton’s film but did not limit it. The foundations of the two are much the same but their story lines unfold diversely.

Some of the similarities include the setting, characters, and plot points. Two of the many contradicting ideas are the character of Ichabod Crane and the conclusions. The similarities and differences of both accounts can be stated plainly below. The book and movie have several similar core ideas. Initially, the settings are evidently alike. Both take place in the city of Sleepy Hollow. Also the written story describes a quiet town of tranquil which is directly represented in the film. For the most part the same characters are present in both versions.

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Ichabod Crane is the main character in the two stories. A minor yet descriptive character existent in the book and movie is Ichabod’s horse Gunpowder. The film’s portrayal of Gunpowder matches the written account. Identical plot points are shown in both narratives. The love interest between Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel appears in the two. Another example in both is the horror legend of the Headless Horseman. There are many comparisons between The Legend of Sleepy Hollow the book and Sleepy Hollow the movie.

Though Ichabod Crane is the most important person throughout the short story and film, there seem to be numerous differences between the two interpretations of the character. An obvious contrasting point is Ichabod’s career. In the book he is the town’s schoolteacher. The movie’s Ichabod is a detective that travels to Sleepy Hollow in hope to solve the Headless Horseman mystery. Ichabod’s level of respect differentiates in the stories as well. Being the schoolteacher the town values him as a brilliant being while the movie’s citizens are not confident in him as much.

Ichabod’s personality does not quite relate precisely from the book to the movie. He is a self-assured smart man in the story that always knows what he is doing. Unlike his written character, Burton’s Ichabod faints frequently and never seems to know what he is doing. Ichabod Crane is two different people in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Sleepy Hollow. The conclusions of the book and movie greatly differ from one another. In the end there seem to be one major relevant point. The short story’s main closing idea is Katrina did not choose Ichabod.

Whereas the film’s final note is the Headless Horseman is gone and no longer out to kill. Ichabod and Katrina’s fate together are not the same in the book and movie. They do not end up together in the book but they do in the movie. Ichabod’s future also contrasts. There are rumors on what happened to him in the story, but mainly he simply disappears after facing the Headless Horseman. Shown in the film, Ichabod survives his meeting with the evil specter and together he and Katrina move to New York. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow the book and Sleepy Hollow the movie’s closure are immensely differentiated.

Supposing that the book The Legend of Sleepy Hollow influenced the movie Sleepy Hollow, both compare and contrast clearly. They have similar core ideas but different versions of the plot and initiatives that go with that. Irving’s myth is a romance while Burton’s motion picture is a horror story. This explains why each creates their separate adaptations of the same legend. It is effortless to witness the comparisons and contrasts between The Legend of Sleepy Hollow the book and Sleepy Hollow the movie.


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