Small Team and Group Communication

November 6, 2018 Communication

The team that I want to talk about is called the Outreach Team. This team was designed to handle the migration of customer from one platform to another. This group started off with five members. The behaviors exhibited went from through various stages as the projects for the team were implemented. During the first stage of the process the team exhibited the behaviors of being excited and ready to complete any task was given, and we felt more like we were able to contribute to the construction of the team.

The second stage we began to see how daunting the task ahead would be and the mural of the team began to diminish. During the third stage of development I saw the team exhibit the behavior of jealousy and selfishness. The fourth stage our team was flat out disgusted and showed a lack of interest. During the fifth stage we are more grounded and showing the behavior of striving to be successful no matter what it takes. The project that we were placed as a team to do was not fully thought out the process was more of a trial by error which was never explain to the team.

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We were made to be the face of the migration and we didn’t even know it. The company that I work for was acquired by another company and my division overnight had become another company. The company I worked for was #1 in the industry in the US and the company that we were brought was #1 in the industry on the international side of thing. With the two companies coming together they would dominate the industry. But, it showed to be difficult then they imagined. My team is in the middle of the two sides and we were placed to help clients migrate from one platform to the other.

A lot of things that took place in the company that we were brought out by were not done properly and we were not compliant with the FCRA s and Federal government, this created a lot of issues for my team. We had legal, system and technical issues as well. During this process I decided to take a leadership role and try to make a bad situation into a good outcome. In the middle of all the issues we had they decided to start promoting employee and I was at the top of the list. My actions were not based on receiving a promotion but merely to keep my team motivated and positive. My team did not take the news too well.

I went from being a very knowledgeable and helpful coworker to being hated on by my team. Rumors was started and no one wanted to take anything I sad into consideration. It was the worst few weeks I have ever had a work. The interview process for the employees selected went on for weeks. During this time I remained calm and after the decision was made I was able bring things back under control and was able remain positive. I did not act in retaliation against my team. I showed understanding and willingness to opening up the floor for suggestion and comments on any issues that they had before we continued on as a team.

The “Mind Tools” (1996-2014) website Lewin’s Leadership Styles Psychologist Kurt Lewin developed his leadership styles framework in the 1930s, and it provided the foundation of many of the approaches that followed afterwards. He argued that there are three major leadership styles: Autocratic, Democratic, and Laissez-faire. He stated using your own, personal approach, depending on your own preferences, your people’s needs, and the situation you’re in likely will be a blend of the combination of all three leadership styles will allow you can become a more effective leader.

By using the Democratic approach to leadership I was able to convey to the team that we could not get through this process successfully without being a team. The lack of a designated leader caused unnecessary problems. I think that if my role was more defined by my manager I would not have been disrespected by my team. During the last stage of this process which we are still in right now we have realized that in order for us to be effective we would have to set some rules established and goals set. We were consumed with too many projects at one time.

We had point out and see each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and in doing so we could better divide the work and be more effective while saving time and energy. Communication contributed to cohesiveness of my team because it allowed us to eliminate issues by having a transparent atmosphere. Diversity of my team affected the ability to communicate because of missed signals and not being aware of our differences. My team took my leaderships approach as being superior to them when that was far from the truth. We as a team had to embrace diversity.

Clark (2010), Diversity is about empowering people. It makes an organization effective by capitalizing on all of the strengths of each employee. It is not EEO or Affirmative Action. These are laws and policies. While on the other hand, diversity is understanding, valuing, and using the differences in every person. ” (para. Leadership Styles). By bringing the issues to light as quickly we are able to eliminate a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. By embracing our differences we are able to have a transparent environment and create and develop great teams.


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