Smart 16BCE0431 Saransh Mittal 16BCE0642 Neelesh Gupta

Smart ID card
Presented by:
Ayush Khaneja 16BCE0431
Saransh Mittal 16BCE0642
Neelesh Gupta 16BCE0137
Aastitva Jain 16BCE0841
Lakshay Malhotra 16BCE2273

Problem Statement
– One of the most commonly used benefits or facilities provided
provided by VIT is the shuttle cab system and the laundry
laundry system
– An average student or faculty travels 1 -2 times every day while
day while moving from one location to another,
– The problem here is 2 fold:
? — Lack of change amongst the travellers, which leads to
to wastage of time
— Untapped potential of the ID card
– And for the laundry system students prefer outside laundry
stores or hostel laundry which leads to wastage of VIT facility
or putting extra effort.

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Samrt ID card’s solution
– We believe that the solution to this is for students to use their
ID cards as a mode of payment.
– Smart ID card (SIC) provides a scanner that scans the barcode
on the back of the ID card and adds the amount to be paid to
the overall fees,
– This means students simply scan their ID cards for shuttle rides
or washing machine and pay it along with the fees
– Students can also keep track of their payments on the Vtop
portal and report errors or misplaced ID cards.

Business Model
Key partners:
? Payment processors
? Investors/venture capitalists
Key Activities:
? Hardware development and maintenance
? Marketing and ads

Key Resources we will be requiring :
? VIT Network
? Skilled partners
? Contact chains
Value Proposition:
? Convenient day to day payments
? low effort benefits
? Time saving method

Customer Relationship:
– Direct contact with university and
organizations through
Processes like meetings, mails, schedules
– Customer Acquisition
— Involves product propagation done
through advertisements, pitches, digital
media etc.

Cost Structure:
– Hardware costs
– Legal fees
– Maintenance costs
— Cloud computing server
— Database Storage
– Partners payroll
Revenue Streams:
– Selling and Maintenance of ID card scanners
Hardware costs
Legal fees
Maintenance cost
Partners payroll

Timeline of the SIC :
? Week 1
? Understanding the problems, implications and needs of the
solution/idea to be implemented into market .
? Week 2 -3
? Working on the technical aspects of the product, coding, circuiting,
testing .
? Week 4
? Building the business model, planning the sales and marketing .
? Week 5
? Working in the production and hardware completion stage .
? Week 5 -6
? Pitching the product and executing product advertisements and
propagations .
? Week 7
? Bringing the product into the market and maintaining it .

Sales and marketing
– VIT University is the current market for SIC
– VIT is gradually growing every year with the increase in
number of students and faculty, hence demand is also growing
– Orders and targets set by VIT for units required are completed
by SIC
– Moreover maintenance of the SIC hardware is a vital part of SIC
revenue model.
– Marketing therefore is tapping into the growing VIT’s size
combined with the current shift to a cash less economy.

Future prospects
SIC’s future:
– 6 months from product launch, Growing out of the 1
into other branches of VIT in different states tapping into
potential customers
– 2 years from product launch, expanding into other universities
in the states
– Making of more compact and more modular hardware device
that is easy to fit in any service used with SIC system
– Expanding into other markets

Individual Contribution:
Lakshay Malhotra 16BCE2273
– Creating the PPT,
– Created the business model, sales and marketing strategy
– Future prospects
Ayush Khaneja 16BCE0431
– Hardware connections
– Hardware Maintenance
Saransh Mittal 16BCE0642
– Coding
– Software development
– Interface and scanner functioning
Aastitva Jain 16BCE0841
– Research and solution development
– Company timeline management and Problem solution match
Neelesh Gupta 16BCE0137
– Back end development and coding
– Authentication managemen t



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