smoke signals

January 15, 2017 General Studies

The definition of a father is, a man who begets or raises or nurtures a child. In the 1998 film “Smoke Signals” written by Sherman Alexie, Arnold Joseph, the father of Victor Joseph, did all three of these things but in the wrong way. He begets Victor in the way every father begets a child. He raised Victor but not right and he nurtured him with his fist. After Arnold Joseph left his wife and son, his son felt only hatred toward him. When Victor visited the place where Arnold was living and began to learn about his father he began to find a place in his heart and a respect for him. When Victor came home he put everything behind and found a new love for his father, but the journey for that newfound love wasn’t a short one. .

Arnold Joseph was a nice guy when he wasn’t drunk, but a lot like other Indians that wasn’t very often. Arnold Joseph suffered from alcoholism and couldn’t stop his drinking habit. His drinking often affected his family life. Sometimes the only one aware of the difference was young Victor Joseph, because often times his mother was drunk to. Victor Joseph was a good kid and respected his parents except when they were drunk. In one scene in the movie Victor’s mother is gazing out the window with her blood shot eyes, watching Victor throw and break beer bottles on at his dads yellow pick-up truck. At that point I believe Victor’s mother realized that they”re addiction to alcohol was affecting they”re son. That moment in the movie encouraged her to stop drinking and to convince her husband, Arnold, to stop also. However it didn’t go over well with him and he left with nothing but his truck and one last hug from Victor. I think that in the scene where Arnold left, Victor was more upset at his mom than his father, but I think as days went by, then weeks, then months, then years with out Arnold returning he grew to feel that his dad didn’t love him and he hated him for that.

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