Social Network Movie Review Essay

September 16, 2017 History

1. Explain why Erica Albright. Mark’s girlfriend. did interrupt up with him?

Erica Albright broke up with Mark Zuckerberg merely because in a little. bantam thing. Besides. Erica doesn’t want Mark to undervalue her. By allowing him present Erica to his new friends when he gets a new nine on Harvard to allow him be popular.

2. How did Mark betray Eduardo?

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As shown in the movie what happens is that Mark dilutes Eduardo’s stock in Facebook. Zuckerberg. Parker. Saverin. and Moskovitz all had important sections of Facebook stock along with investor Peter Thiel. Increasingly dissatisfied with Eduardo. Mark decides to force him out of the company. To make so he does a major stock issue. increasing the entire figure of portions of Facebook stock available. While he. Moskovitz. and Thiel all get more portions of stock. Eduardo retains the same figure of portions he originally had.

Since there are more overall portions this means that Eduardo controls far less of the company than he did originally. Eduardo’s portion of the company went from 33 % . 2nd merely to Mark’s 51 % . down to an undistinguished 0. 03 % . efficaciously taking him as a power within the company. This angered Eduardo and he sued Mark. settling for an unrevealed sum of money out of tribunal and holding his name restored as co-founder of the site.

3. Did Mark truly do all the things Eduardo implied he did in the confrontation?

This is ne’er explicitly stated. But in a manner. the point of the movie is non to explicate these things straight. This is shown in the concluding scene where Marilyn. the junior attorney on Mark’s squad explains to him how easy it would be for her to win the instances against him. she mentions how she doesn’t have to turn out anything. merely inquire the right inquiries that people will organize the replies to in their ain heads irrespective of what he says. This is really much the fast one the movie uses excessively when it’s doing more serious deductions about the actions of the characters. Did Mark steal Facebook? Did Mark seek to rip off Eduardo out of Facebook? Did Mark leak the narrative about the poulet ; did he name the bulls on Sean’s party? Is he an a**hole? The movie ne’er outright says any of it. merely acquire you inquiring.

4. What happen to Sean Parker?

After his cocaine stunt ( and his attempted use of Mark into believing he was guiltless and Eduardo was the perpetrator ) . Sean was fired from facebook although. as Mark says. he still owns seven per centum of the company. In world. Parker claims that Eduardo’s plundering was non his mistake or making and the two reportedly have remained friends even to this twenty-four hours. Parker is still really much involved in facebook even take parting in conferences and meeting with Mark Zuckerberg on a regular basis although he no longer holds any existent power in the companies’ determination devising. He has invested in several other on-line ventures since being let travel from facebook and presently holds an one-year net worth of $ 2. 1 billion.

5. What are some of the personal and legal complications. Mark encountered as working on his thought on facebook?

Some of the legal and personal complications Mark encountered were about smoke of cocaine. imbibing excessively much intoxicant and his friends bewraying and registering him instances.

6. Explain the case filed by the Winklevoss twins and the other one filed by Eduardo.

The case filed by the Winklevoss twins was about the act of larceny ; transcript of thought of Mark Zuckerberg to his societal networking site facebook. The case filed by Eduardo Saverin to Mark Zuckerberg was the act of non following the dialogue of them holding Eduardo being the Co-founder. FEO of facebook and holding a 5 % portion on the site.

7. What is the bundle Mark receives instantly after Eduardo confronts him?

The bundle contains the naming cards of Mark Zuckerberg that read “ I am CEO b*itch. ” It is Sean’s gag about Mark seting that on a concern card to that he is the foreman.

8. How much sex. force and profanity are in this film? Explain.

Sex & A ; Nudity

This movie contains a batch of parties. many of them affecting sexual state of affairss. Womans are seen in Bikini. dance and tittuping on phases and playing strip fire hook. Two adult females are seen snoging each other passionately.

It goes farther when Eduardo and his girlfriend make their manner into a bathroom stall. caressing and fumbling each other passionately. They undo each others apparels. and the miss unbuckles his belt. and begins to do her manner down ( unwritten sex implied ) . In the stall following door. it is to a great extent implied that Mark and the miss that he’s with do the same thing. harmonizing to the sounds.

At yet another party. a miss lies down in an upstairs sleeping room. and allows work forces to snort cocaine off her bare trunk ( she is have oning a bandeau ) . She is shown smiling. and the work forces are seen about to snort ( but it is non shown ) .

In the cold. pupils come ining the school are asked inquiries about its history. and must take vesture if they answer a inquiry incorrect. One male pupil is seen in his underclothes.

Sean portions extramarital dealingss. and at one point. slumbers with a miss in her flat. She is seen have oning underwear that partly demo her rear. and he is seen shirtless. She is seen partly acquiring into a shower subsequently.


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