Social Satire in The Mandrake Root Essay

July 20, 2017 History

Comedy is non ever made for simple amusement. but can besides be used to show societal unfavorable judgment. Social sarcasm does merely that. it disguises a societal review with wit. irony. and humor. Machiavelli uses societal sarcasm as a signifier of high comedy in The Mandrake Root. The thought that all worlds are self-interested and the corruptness of the Catholic Church are two outstanding issues Machiavelli sheds visible radiation on. The Mandrake Root is a high comedy because it uses sarcasm for societal rating.

Every character wants and desires something or person by the terminal of the drama. It starts with a love narrative. Callimaco lusts over beautiful Lucrezia. Merely job is that Lucrezia is married and the scheming begins. Ligurio. a former matrimony agent. is hired by Callimaco to come up with a program to acquire Lucrezia. Nica is Lucrezia’s hubby and they have been seeking for a babe male child with no success. Callimaco and Ligurio come up with a program to flim-flam Nica into allowing another adult male slumber with his married woman. Callimaco pretends to be a physician and Tells Nica if Lucrezia drinks a potion that she will be able to go pregnant with a male child.

Callimaco besides states that the first individual to a slumber with a adult female who has consumed this potion will decease the really following twenty-four hours. Nica agrees to this program and now merely has to convert his married woman to hold to the program. With the aid of their priest. Timoteo. they are able to convert Lucrezia it is the right thing to make. Timoteo is granted money for his favour of “forgiving” Lucrezia of any future wickednesss. Lucrezia follows through with the potion. Callimaco in camouflage is chosen to be the chump that “dies” for sex with Lucrezia. and Nica now believe he will hold his first-born boy. The drama is a tangled web of prevarications that begin with the root of opportunisms in each character.

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Machiavelli wants to do a point that non merely some human existences but all worlds have self-interest as motive to their actions. He uses such extremes as killing a lover to paying off a priest to exemplify the manner humans stop at nil to acquire what they want. Each charter has their ain motivations that guide them throughout the drama. Lurceriza is the lone 1 who appears a victim until the really terminal. Lucrezia gets a gustatory sensation of what a younger lover is like and decides to go on their matter behind her hubbies back. non so guiltless anymore. Even though Machiavelli is maintaining the audience laughing. he is besides demoing a chilling truth. Worlds are really self interested by our really nature. Even if person were to make a generous act it is to do themselves experience good by assisting others. Any action you look at evokes a feeling from the beginning ; it is impossible to hold an absolute selfless act because satisfaction still comes to that individual.

Satire helps Machiavelli uncover his ideas of human nature without piquing anyone. Comedy is frequently amusing because it is true. The audience laughs because they see an over the top narrative on how to acquire laid. and how it is really similar to how every adult male plots in his caput to acquire a adult female in bed. It is relatable and amusing without traversing the line. Audiences went to dramas to hold merriment and unwind. they don’t want to hear a societal review. Machiavelli draws an audience in with comedy while still being able to voice his ain sentiment. The Mandrake root is able to demo every character is self interested it is merely a affair of who can outwit their opposition. Life. love. and happiness becomes a game worlds play with their ain involvement at bosom. Satire is used for more than covering up Machiavelli’s ideas on human nature.

During the clip Machiavelli wrote his drama the church was all power. The church was filled with corruptness and dirt. Death was the proper penalty for blasphemy or for anyone who disagreed with the church. Machiavelli used his amusing drama to demo how many saw priests but would ne’er voice their option in public. The Mandrake Root gives us the charter of Timoteo. a corrupt priest. to jab merriment at the Catholic Church. Priests are to hold good ethical motives. stand for the sentiment of Jesus. and unrecorded in Christ’s footfalls. Timoteo is embodies none of those qualities. He takes payoffs from Callimaco to state Nica this potion will work and a payoff from Nica to convert Lucrezia that a adult male deceasing from kiping with her will be forgiven by God. Timoteo works every bit many charters as he can to his fiscal benefit.

Even his charter in the drama is overweight. which can be symbolic of gluttony. To be fat in Machiavelli’s clip meant you were good feed which could merely come from money. Priest like Timoteo truly did be. even the Catholic Pope was taking money. holding love personal businesss. and telling work forces to be killed. If Machiavelli were say. “ Priest are corrupt. non to be trusted. and scam everyone” he would hold been killed. Alternatively he hides it behind a drama of societal sarcasm. In modern times we might non see the review of the church as being groundbreaking but for Machiavelli’s clip it was.

It is difficult pill to get down that worlds at their nucleus are shellfish existences. History is able to demo worlds are avaricious. gluttonous. and manipulative. From wars to charities each one has forces behind them desiring to make better for themselves. It does non count if you are a inmate or a adult male of God. our ain desires can non get away us. At the terminal of The Mandrake Root everyone is seen as happy and express joying. The priest gets his money. Callimaco gets the miss. Ligurio gets his money. Nica thinks he will be acquiring a boy. and Lucrezia didn’t even cognize she wanted a male kept woman but now she does and has one. The stoping Teachs a lesson that if you are cagey and fallacious your wants and desires can come true. Sarcasm was used in The Mandrake Root to measure the societal facet of their clip. Social sarcasm is still used today for that really purpose. Comedians can be seen taking Machiavelli’s footfalls in reviewing modern issues of war. faith. and political relations utilizing sarcasm in the signifier of high comedy.


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