Society Is Dead: We Have Retreated Into the Iworld

October 17, 2017 Music

Cynthia Hughes English 102 11:00-12:20 “ Society is Dead: We Have Retreated into the iworld The article by Andrew Sullivan, Society Is Dead: We Have Retreated into the Iworld, explains how people have begin to live their own life trapped in this bubble called Iworld. The bubble happens to be formed and created through the distraction of technology from an ipod. Sullivan use evidence and several examples to support claims he has experienced. The first hands on experience was when he visit New York city people walking around as if they were robots.

The idea of them having vacant looks and not aware of there surroundings shows that they are blind to society. The main argument of the article is that New York City has became a life of silence that is much quieter. “ They walk down the street in their own MP3 cocoon, bumping into others; deaf to small social cues, shutting out anyone not in their bubble (Sullivan 279)”. He argues that ipods has made society unware to things around them. For example, he states “ when others say excuse me there’s no response” they are just tuned out (Sullivan 279).

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It has came to a point that people are listening to these ipods that they have are becoming so popular to a point there happens to be 22 million Ipod owners and apple is working it’s way to become a mass market. Which means that everyone is starting to buy them and listening to them majority of their time when commuting from one place to another. So this goes to show how music has changed. In the past, New York music was displayed in living rooms or even concert halls. Music was also through birdsong , weather; accents or even through the laughter of others.

They shared experiences that allowed them to be able to come together and have fun. However, music today is used through technology with little white cords hanging from people ears that’s causing individuals to not be focus. The point’s Sullivan making is that New York City has changed and formed into something else differently. Sullivan focuses on the that that ipods has became a major issue. It is starting to bring down the interactions in society that allows everyone to have conversations in today’s life. Ipods has impacted and affected individual in the way of there life and the way they are living now today as one.

I agree with all statements that Sullivan has announced in this article. It’s true that many people are not paying attention when they have ipod placed in there ears. I also noticed I could be sitting next to a person and he/she may have on head phones. It seems as if the music is on it’s highest volume because the whole bus can here it. When having head phones it’s causing you to be at risk of getting robbed or getting hit by a car. Yes, there was different ways to listen to music back than but, now technology has tooken over to a point many individuals spend there whole day organizing or making it more enjoyable for themselves.


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