Socio-AutoBiography Essay

July 22, 2017 Sociology

The older and more grounded I become in the in-between age stage of my life. the more cognizant I am of the individual I have become and how the picks made both myself and my household have formed what is known as “My Life” . My household traditions. upbringing and values have influenced my biological. cultural positions and values leting me to explicate a life. rules. and a household similar in some facets to my household. who raised me. while other facets are astoundingly different. With my life and calling ends really different from that of my parents’ lives and their outlooks these influences by category. civilization. and ethical instructions are instrumental in determining my positions. perceptual experiences and how they played a portion in my current household life. ( TCO 3. 4 ) Looking back at my childhood. I feel as if I was populating life while being contained within a bubble. I was born in Maryland merely outside of the metropolis of Baltimore in the suburbs.

I had three older brothers who finally absorbed the bulk of my mother’s clip and a work alcoholic father. caught up in a capitalistic industrial occupation playing the huntsman gatherer axial rotation. who saw us for what amounted to be proceedingss a twenty-four hours. ne’er go toing any of my maps. As seen in the structural-functional theory as it relates to gender. my female parent conformed to societies patriarchy positions because during the 1970ss sexism dictated a woman’s topographic point within society. We all attended private schooling at the local Roman Catholic Church while being force-fed the same ideals and traditions that where instilled and passed down through the old coevalss. I grew up in what is considered in-between to take down category society and had a really narrow and sheltered position or the universe outside or the favoritism others endured. My household. spiritual and educational values were dictated through menaces for nonconformity in my household to include occasional physical penalty that would be considered aberrant behaviour by today’s criterions. potentially ensuing in condemnable charges.

To farther monopolise more of my mothers’ clip. she felt it necessary to play her maternal axial rotation and had a 5th kid nine old ages subsequently. ( TCO 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 ) Turning older through my stripling and adolescent old ages and seeking to get away the shadows of three older brothers and a younger sister. I forged the incorrect way academically. while looking for credence from equals which normally resulted with hanging with the incorrect crowd. I fortuitously developed good work ethic and wonts because my male parent insisted we all work during the summer months to minimise the possibility of. childs being childs. and me acquiring into problem. Upon graduating high school. by the tegument of my dentitions. I entered the Air Force. The Air Force hierarchy and construction reinforced and further instilled society’s positions of conformance through regulations and ordinances. Protocols such as. the “Military Chain of Command” . allowed me to maturate and alter my really sheltered positions of society changing my position of society both national and globally. ( TCO 3. 4. 5. 6 )

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My new travels. enterprises and brushs. throughout the universe. during my military old ages opened my eyes to the gender. spiritual and racial favoritism people encounter. These positions and brushs I experienced farther engrained in me that if I wanted more out of life for myself. or for that affair my household subsequently in life. I would hold to hold my ain concern. In making this it. would afford me the ability to thrive in a capitalistic society and let me chances known to people populating in the upper-middle to upper category. After get downing my ain concern in the late 90’s. and after several old ages of reverses. tests. and trials. I feel I have achieved success. I have still remained a blue-collar worker and I believe I have achieved success from dedication. blood. perspiration. and cryings. non to advert infinite hours of difficult work but ne’er at the cost of my household. as in the instance of my childhood upbringing. ( TCO 1. 4. 6 )

I presently have a married woman of over 20 old ages who chose the gender function of her ain female parent and of my female parent in working from the place. raising our kids. This was the right pick for our household because we wanted more for our kids and felt that person else raising our kids wasn’t the best option for them. . Even with all the feministic contention in the 21st century my married woman chose the more broad attack. While raising our three male childs and me training or go toing all featuring activities I escaped the positions and actions my male parent instilled in me. I was able to play the hunter/gather function in supplying for my household. while playing a really of import and critical function in determining and cultivating our kids to be able to manage what challenges and opportunities the universe has to offer them. ( TCO 7. 8 ) Finally. after 20 some old ages of concern and reenlisting in the Air Force. I am fortunate plenty to hold the chance to foster my instruction. something that wasn’t an of import precedence in old old ages.

Since shiping on this new escapade and chance to foster my calling it has allowed me to spread out my educational cognition and cognize how. It opened my eyes to the many absorbing civilizations and diversified ways in which people live. position and care for their civilization and societal norms. Unfortunately. with the good there is ever bad and I have a new regard for persons and their challenges when covering with race. colour and credo issues. These life experiences and perceptual experiences have dictated and even altered their social and cultural beliefs making a universe really different from what I have perceived. The proverb that “with age comes wisdom” . I feel is really of import along with my household and life experiences in making the person I am today. This Sociology class has allotted me the chance to reflect on how truly influential these facets were in determining the individual I am and are continually reenforcing my positions with each twenty-four hours that I grow. ( TCO 3. 4 )


Macionis. John J. ( 2011 ) Society: the rudimentss Upper Saddle River. New jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.


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