Socio cultural factors affecting the bike industry

August 17, 2017 Cultural

The motorcycle industry is focused to convey alterations in consumer displacements and tendency. The events like the Tour de-France and triathlons played and will play a cardinal function. Both originating and descrying tendencies early is really indispensable to Shimano.

The society is now more cognizant and concerned about the Green issues. The factors like recycling, regeneration, cut downing the C footmarks and utilizing renewable energy beginnings are included in The Going Green issue. So there is a possibility that people more concern about the nature may desire to purchase motorcycles. This group of people may look in front to purchase bike made out of renewable or recycled stuff and motorcycles that can be recycled. Shimano may hold an advantage as they produce the motorcycles from the stuffs like aluminium and Ti, which can be easy recycled, compared to the stuff like C fibre. There might be increase in gross revenues for Shimano merchandises if they promote about their engagement in utilizing reclaimable stuff, which shows their concern for the nature in their communicating program.

Compared to the earlier decennary of the last century, lesser people have kids and hence there is more of ageing population. As and when the current coevals gets older, they would look more for comfy motorcycles and this should be the country to see and Shimano should develop more merchandises for this market.

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There is a turning market for intercrossed motorcycles as there will be people who would desire to utilize the same motorcycle for both recreational and work purpose. The suited stuff for such motorcycles is carbon fibre and Shimano uses aluminium and Ti. If Shimano could supercharge more on the proficient research and come up with lighter aluminium and Ti constituents with developed shock-absorbing capableness can do these motorcycles more lasting.

There is a turning concern about wellness and fleshiness is a major job. Cycling is a good signifier of exercising and better than running and swimming. Shimano can utilize this factor of ‘Health ‘ and capitalise on it. They can besides seek looking into how they can do constituents for heavy riders.

Shimano can besides see the issue about turning traffic and could promote people to utilize rhythms to transpose, particularly in Europe, which is Shimano ‘s biggest market.


In the current environmental state of affairs there has been legion legislative alterations refering the C emanations on the environment. This might hold an impact of the use of autos and there will be a concentration on going more with the greener manners. This will extensively give a opportunity to Shimano to turn its markets.

There is a visibleness of discontinuing in-group pricing but it is non really clear if it is for any legal or regulative ground. Whatever the ground may be, it would non be possible for Shimano to utilize sole pricing policy to increase gross revenues on their sorted constituents. The lone option that Shimano can utilize is offering bulk gross revenues price reductions.


There is ever fluctuation in the monetary values of natural stuff like metal, C, Ti, gum elastic, aluminium and steel and therefore Shimano can seek buying these stuffs from recycled beginnings, as they their monetary values are more dependable compared to the monetary values of the natural stuffs. This would be good for the environment and besides aid in Shimano ‘s corporate societal duty.

The fluctuation in the monetary values of the gas and crude oil merchandises affects the motorcycle industry. As besides seeable in the instance survey, in 1980, the gross revenues of motorcycles were shot up. Such fluctuation could assist Shimano in increasing their markets if they have publicizing or promotional runs when the gas monetary values lift up.

Shimano can besides hold a close oculus on the fiscal tendencies. During the times of fiscal crises as people might cut down use of their autos and this is the clip Shimano can bank on.

The major menace to Shimano could be China, with its betterment in the quality and its developing economic system.


Shimano has to maintain on keeping its quality and increase its production degrees, as China will be a major menace in future with its quality production and emerging economic system.

The world-wide understanding and Torahs on cut downing harmful emanation, in meeting of G8 acme, might hike the greener manners of conveyance.


As seeable in the instance survey, the major facet of competition is the proficient promotion. A lifting submarket could be electronic motorcycles. If they are decently introduced, so the companies might hold to travel through alterations in assembly and production.

As a portion of invention, they can besides look in to perforating in the distant markets for the under developed and developed states where people still use custodies and rope to pull H2O from the Wellss. Making a bundled constituent where people might revolve the pedals which will draw the vas filled with H2O from the well. There is no ground why this is non possible ; the lone thing they require is a individual bundled constituent and the lone mechanism used my legs will be replaced by custodies.



The activity of merchandise proliferation by Shimano has kept their rivals below them. SRAM is a major menace to Shimano as it is coming up with its ain route motorcycle constituent and can provide to the industries faster. As the lead clip is more for Shimano and this is their failing and SRAM can posses a great trade of competition due to its velocity. SRAM being the chief rival, other constituent industries may possess menace to Shimano as their mills are set up in China. China being in BRIC is dining economic system wise and besides merchandise quality wise.

Shimano can besides look at Campy ‘s slow market following tendency and see this as an chance to bank on the lone advantage of Scampi, that is the C constituent.

The slow lead-time can besides be seen as an chance and the clients could be could be offered with JIT constituent ordination.


The purchasing behaviour of the frame industries and the terminal users affects the constituent industries and keeps them in a hard place. There is a seeable menace to Shimano ‘s income as the retail merchants are acute on take downing the cost of goods. This job should be given a high precedence as this has deductions with respects to Shimano ‘s investing in R & A ; D, which is really expensive. An chance here could be, by developing a relation with both the parties.

Selling scheme

The most powerful component that Shimano has was its proficient ability and it competed on it until 2006 without any selling scheme. As the staff at Shimano read that was stated by Porter ( 1996 ) , that Nipponese companies normally do non hold any selling schemes and Shimano could be one of them. This made Shimano spend clip with the retail merchants and understand the tendencies and behaviour in the market. Further Shimano besides learned that, they do non present any value to the client, which is truly of import, apart from the quality. With the lifting Menace from SRAM, Shimano should concentrate more on making a trade name trueness and its trade name name amongst its both direct and indirect clients.

Amongst its current clients, Shimano is known as quality merchandise instead than a quality trade name. So this should do them concentrate more on the clients. This is where they can use marketing orientation. If this tendency continues, so Shimano might free on its clients shortly as Thomas and Brain ( 2008 ) say that a trade name should clinch a crowd. Shimano might merely free out on its market-share and will hold a menace about its endurance if they do n’t truly acquire involved in marketing orientation.


Shimano is inward looking where it should be outward looking and possibly this ability makes them less originative and more production focused and besides the fact that they have non truly come up with an invention late. Shimano could be passing more than what is required as it is more merchandises orientated and does non truly look more into client satisfaction. The lead-time of the company is more i.e. 120 yearss is possibly because of excessively many merchandises. This might be an issue ; Shimano would wish to look at, as they must be passing on unwanted merchandises. As the lead-time is their failing, they can simplify their merchandise scope that could give them more clip to bring forth, cutting down on the lead times.

Precedences for Shimano

Looking at Shimano and their concern trait through BCG matrix it is seeable that Shimano generates it gross merely through the full-blown market so this makes their merchandise life rhythm shorter.

Having such a good research and development squad and looking at the adulthood of the bike industry, Shimano can spread out outside this industry to heighten alternate gross beginnings.

Selected Strategic option

After puting the precedences for Shimano and carefully looking at them, through Ansoff’ss Growth matrix there are quiet a few strategic options available for Shimano. As mentioned above in the macro socio-cultural issues, Shimano should seek doing lighter aluminium and Ti constituents or it should acquire into doing carbon-based constituents. This measure would give them an chance to take over Campy ‘s clients, as the lone medium for Campy over Shimano is the carbon-based constituent. Shimano can besides seek to concentrate more on the intercrossed bikes, which will assist them equilibrate their merchandise profile. With clip, Shimano should seek acquiring into the electronic motorcycle industry, as this could be the lone betterment in the motorcycles sector and besides in doing bundled constituents for pulling H2O from the well, as mentioned in the macro issues. Acting before clip and prediction will give an upper manus to Shimano. If they fail to see such new chances, they will free their new clients every bit good as their place if their rivals act before them.

In order to increase the velocity of their lead-time of their constituents, the chief precedence for Shimano is reorganisation its merchandise scope. The mills of SRAM are based in Taiwan and China and their quality of the merchandises are every bit good as Shimano or possibly really near to that of Shimano. There is a good possibility that SRAM can hold an border over Shimano Oklahoman or subsequently, if Shimano does non vie merely on the footing of its quality of the merchandises. De Wit and Meyer ( 2005 ) province that, “ competitory advantage is more at hazard when based on merely a restricted figure of diverse elements. ” Reorganizing the merchandise scope will non merely increase the velocity of their lead-time but besides help Shimano salvage a batch of their production costs.

Shimano should concentrate towards activities that will do the clients loyal to the trade name and besides offer them price reductions as mentioned in the instance survey. It is besides of import to cognize the terminal users and non merely the direct clients. This will assist Shimano construct a good relation with the terminal users as seeking to understand the altering societal consumer tendency will set Shimano in a better place.

Shimano can besides seek to concentrate on events that will seek altering the manner clients look at it, alternatively making more involvement from the clients.

Rejected Strategic options

The option of puting up production in China could hold been considered, but will hold to be rejected, as there is a hazard of them fiddling their quality of the merchandises, which is the chief beginning for the competition for Shimano. Ofcourse SRAM has a production unit in China, but the quality may be near to that of Shimano, but non every bit good as them.

Like few of the market participants Shimano can besides acquire into the construct shops or get down doing frame themselves. But this might be a bad thought, as this will halter their relation with the direct clients. Shimano should merely seek to concentrate on edifice good relationship with their clients and giving them a good value.

Shimano can see taking over Campy, as they can non disregard the menace signifier Italian based and seek to acquire in touch with Campy ‘s clients. But this would increase the spread of the distance in the civilization and might convey force per unit area on their finance. No uncertainty acquiring into doing carbon-based constituents will give Shimano an easy entree to Campy ‘s market.

Positioning School

The legion facets that have to be considered for the placement scheme are the merchandise category and the user, rival, application monetary value and quality harmonizing to Asker and Gary Shansby ( 1982 ) . There is alone method of positioning service trade names which is offered by Shostack ( 1987 ) in his research, where he states that by returning services to their single procedure province can assist companies command their offerings place. Harmonizing to Blankson and Kalafatis ( 2006 ) it wont be possible for a service director to take any appropriate placement determination if he has non done any analysis on the positioning scheme of the company. It is really indispensable to see the company through the eyes of the audiences they are aiming and this would merely be possible through selling communicating.

About all the writers are convinced with the fact that if the placement has to be of existent value, a proper client research should be performed.

Strategic Theme relevancy for positioning school

Positioning school relevancy dressed ores on researching the competitory environment around the concern and what is the place that the concern should look at to accomplish. Harmonizing to French ( 2009 ) the positioning school was influenced by the planning school, which was motivated by the economic experts. Applying Porter ‘s five forces will assist Shimano to larn about the bid and the power of the rivals and providers and it besides gives them a position to look at the menaces from the new participants come ining in the market. With this cognition they know how to last in the industry in the long tally by cognizing and acquiring updated with the market trends. The porter ‘s five forces will assist Shimano to recognize where they are positioned compared to their challengers.

The fact about different markets is that it is invariably traveling and therefore the schemes applied by Shimano should be more vigorous. The drawback of positioning school and its theoretical accounts is that it believes that the markets are stationary and therefore it might non give a clear way to the direction of Shimano.

Resource based position

It is really important to analyze the strengths and failings of the company and besides to acknowledge the outside chances, menaces and hazards to accomplish the competitory advantage over other participants in the industry harmonizing to Barney ( 1991 ) . He has besides consistently explained about the competitory advantage by dividing the SWOT analysis into a resource based theoretical account and an environmental theoretical account. He besides explains how a company can acknowledge the resources it has to keep the competitory advantage.

On the other manus the resource-based position is criticized by Priem and Butler ( 1991 ) , as they say that this theoretical account does non truly add up to the bing cognition when focused on the individual concern. They besides say that they can non see how RBV contributes towards the company to accomplish competitory advantage, as it is non really clear and distinguished to demo any way or any practical survey to the directors. In order to understand what possible RBV has it should be incorporated with an environmental demand theoretical account.

About integrating RBV, Juga ( 1999 ) , negotiations about how it could be done with positional positions because he thinks that it can non be done without syncing it with the positional position.

Strategic Theme Relevance for RBV.

Shimano can non last in a competitory environment or derive competitory border over other companies in the same industry if it does non hold any constructive and inimitable resources. When the company sees through RBV theoretical account, it will be able to understand what the company can take and carry through better than their challengers and merely so they enter into the market by cognizing what resources they have. This will acquire Shimano in a better place to pull off what they are offering. This method allows the company to concentrate more on heightening what it can supply instead than seeking to alter to be in the competitory market. The most hard portion here would be seeking to detect the resources within the company that might be exceeding and good to accomplish competitory advantage because the directors might neglect to distinguish between resources and potency of the company. The 2nd ground being that the resources may change in every organisation and every market. So even if there is a research conducted to happen the right value, there can non be a proper decision, as it might necessitate to size up each organisation in each market.

RBV will assist the determination shapers at Shimano to understand which market they should come in by acknowledging the resources they have.

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