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August 15, 2017 Medical

Everyday events and the effects can impact our day-to-day lives. The significance and timing of an event can hold a permanent feeling on 1s hereafter. Looking introspectively at your yesteryear can assist make a map for how you approach your life and the stairss you have taken that moved you in a certain way. Sometimes the way you are given has many difficult minutes. but what you do with those minutes help determine who you are. When I was 11 old ages old my best friend Katie lost her conflict with a rare signifier of malignant neoplastic disease. Neuroblastoma. To be so immature and see your best friend battle with malignant neoplastic disease was something that changed me everlastingly.

Her illness went on for two old ages and during that clip I was her friend and playfellow and exhausted countless hours at the children’s infirmary. My visits had such an impact on Katie. Her female parent would ever thank me for sing Katie and state me how her temper was brighter when I was at that place. Covering with Katie’s unwellness at such a immature age made me view life as fragile and had me believing more profoundly about what is of import. what I care about. and what sort of individual I want to be.

As I got older I wanted to do a difference. so I developed a plan to “give back” in award of Katie. I researched assorted infirmaries and organisations to make up one’s mind how best to back up earnestly sick kids. Through the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford and my High School. I started a nine called Teens for Ronald McDonald House. The nine raised money and put on events at the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto. The events were designed to let adolescents to prosecute in mundane teenage activities. Typical events included: Stanford football games. Spa Days. Movies and Games Days.

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Giving back and watching the adolescents and their households loosen up and be stress free from their medical challenges was really honoring. It was of import to me to guarantee the nine continued after I left high school and I am pleased to state the nine lives on. Just a few old ages subsequently I was diagnosed with a bosom status called Supraventricular Tachycardia ( SVT ) . This status caused my bosom to race up to 200 beats per minute at any given clip and was aggravated by physical activity.

I was merely 14 when I was diagnosed. At the clip. I did non understand the badness of my job. Bing an active adolescent and involved in competitory athleticss made it highly hard. After two bosom surgeries. during my high school old ages. I am now cured. Having Katie base on balls off was a important loss and less than three old ages subsequently covering with my bosom status verified a “wake up call” for me that I am non unseeable. and that life is a gift.

After Katie’s passing and my two bosom surgeries. I decided to be the best I can be for others and myself through back uping assorted philanthropic gifts. The Ronald McDonald nine was one avenue to give back but I besides was really active in National Charity League and spent over 250 hours during my high school old ages assisting at Habitat for Humanity. Senior Outreach and Children’s Hospital. I am everlastingly changed with how I view my life and how I can do a difference for others. I believe these two major experiences influenced how I approach life and have everlastingly changed my hereafter.

If I had non met Katie or had my bosom status my position on the luxury of life would be narrow. These outside events. non in my control. helped me recognize the possible I have as a individual to give my clip and energy to back up others and how to see the joy of functioning. When I look back I am proud with what I have done with the negative events thrown my manner. I had no control over Katie’s malignant neoplastic disease or my bosom status. but I did hold control over how I reacted. In the long tally my support of assorted philanthropic gifts has allowed me to do a difference and has shaped the individual I am today.

With these experiences. I have become a richer single and a more complete individual. The stairss I took to give back non merely helped others but my service work besides assisted me and gave me a larger position on life. Not merely was my philanthropy work worthwhile for myself and others. it besides strengthened my application to colleges every bit good as seeking scholarships and occupation places. If these old events had non happened in my teenage old ages. who knows what choices I would hold made and where I would be today.

My biological history helped determine the individual I am today. Reviewing. C. Wright Mills theory of sociological imaginativeness allowed me to look introspectively into my past to understand what sociological factors have influenced my life. The truth is we ne’er know what the hereafter holds and how much clip we have. Katie was my best friend and an unbelievable individual. She was full of life and I aspire to populate my life to back up others. My mantra for life is. “I am happy to be here” and I try to volunteer my best everyday for others and myself. Life genuinely is a gift!


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