Sociological Thinkers Towards A Better Understanding Sociology Essay

By July 26, 2017 Sociology

Socrates and Claude Henri de Rouvroy, besides referred as Henri de Saint Simon are two great sociological minds, who have provided a better apprehension of society in general. Both minds have taken ‘society ‘ as the chief class of their work. Their doctrines have ever inspired and influenced politicians, directors, business communities, human resource directors, and instructors. Despite there are disagreements between their sentiments, their ultimate end is the same: Mend THE WORLD! ! ! For this to take topographic point it should chiefly get down within the person, so it goes on to society because we people make a society, so to an full state and eventually worldwide. It is like a barbarous concatenation which goes on and on.

Contribution of Socrates to apprehension of station modern society in relation to self development and friendly relationship.

Socrates, ”an graven image, a maestro figure ” as his pupil Plato called him, believed the best manner for people to populate was to concentrate on self development instead than the chase of stuff wealth. He put great accent on the impression of friendly relationship and a sense of community by explicating why many people group together to provide for ego development and develop friendly relationship. One illustration is the SCAS Academy, a Non Governmental Organisation ( NGO ) situated in the South of Mauritius which aims at the complete development of adult male. To be more precise, SCAS Academy promotes emotional, psychological, societal, cultural, and self instruction of a kid. In fact the acronym of the word SCAS is in itself redolent whereby SCAS stands for Social Cultural Arts and Self Academy. The aim of this NGO is to offer to the new coevals a alone chance to convey to light those concealed package of endowments which the Divine has gifted to the kid. Parents excessively acclaimed the blest influence that SCAS Academy had on their kids. In such a manner Socrates ‘ impression of friendly relationship and ego development is evident here.

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Another illustration once more in the Mauritanian context, is the SGAS which mean Satyam Gyanam Anandam Society. SGAS is a benevolent and charitable non-governmental organisation ( NGO ) taking at bettering the quality of the life manner of human existences to enable them live in harmoniousness with themselves.A Their chief purpose is to propagate ego development. The SGAS under the backing and adept counsel of an ‘illumined ‘ Meditation Master – Swami Paramananda adopts cosmopolitan, scientific and profound attacks to help adult male in exceeding his baser inherent aptitudes such as choler, green-eyed monster, hatred, lecherousness and to surge above and achieve even higher terminals of human being. It is a non-sectarian and non-profit doing organisation run by a group of devoted voluntaries and has among its members and disciples, people of different faiths and communities every bit good as assorted societal and professional backgrounds.A Hence in this NGO every bit good, we can see Socrates ‘ thought of ego development, friendly relationship and a sense of community.

Restriction of Socrates to apprehension of station modern society in relation to self development and friendly relationship.

However, on the other manus, in Iran for case, the atomic test/weapon is affair of contemplation. Iran ‘s atomic plan is one of the most polarizing issues in one of the universe ‘s most volatile parts. Is this an action which demonstrates Socrates thought of friendly relationship or is it non a more individualistic attack instead? Iran ‘s leading says that its end in developing a atomic plan is to bring forth electricity without dunking into the oil supply and to supply fuel for medical reactors. Besides, it is purportedly argued that the atomic power would be used for place ingestion instead than assailing possible menace. However, the existent purpose is as many state leaders believe is to rule the universe alternatively! As a effect, Iran ‘s usage of the atomic arm was more an individualistic attack, a egoistic plan, a personal addition, which is in arrant contradiction to Socrates ‘ thought of friendly relationship and a sense of community. Therefore it is graphic to see that throughout the universe, there are some like the two NGOs who will believe and admit Socrates positions on ego development and friendly relationship while there are yet some others who will non every bit is the instance for Iran.

Contribution of Socrates to apprehension of station modern society in relation to philosophers as leaders.

Furthermore, it is frequently argued that Socrates believed “ ideals belong in a universe merely the wise adult male can understand ” , doing the philosopher the lone type of individual suited to regulate others. This thought can be applied in the private sector whereby philosophers can be selected to be at the top of managerial degree, suited to regulate others. This can besides be applied in dictatorship state like China which adopts more or less a Communist attack. That is there is one party system and the best 1 who is wiser is elected to regulate others. Now let ‘s hope that the best 1 is a philosopher!

Restriction of Socrates to apprehension of station modern society in relation to philosophers as leaders.

However, Socrates ‘ belief on doing the philosopher the lone type of individual to regulate others does non use in Mauritius for illustration. In Mauritius the members of the parliament are non philosophers. They have non been trained how to go philosophers. For illustration Vonmally has as making merely his CPE certification every bit good as for Herve Aime to advert a few. There is besides Chairmen of Parastatal Bodies who have really small making and nevertheless are busying large station. Such an sarcasm! Therefore, the position of Socrates that philosophers should be leaders does non lend towards understanding of station modern societies if the above facts are considered.

Contribution of Saint Simon to apprehension of station modern society in relation to gender equity.

Furthermore, harmonizing to the other great mind Saint Simon, gender equity is an of import issue nowadays in this modern epoch. We can see that his impression of gender equity and gender equality is ever in the front floor of today ‘s actuality. For him, the “ societal person ” is adult male and adult female. Indeed today many states are ordaining the Equal Opportunity Act and since 2008, Mauritius has besides late adopted the Equal Opportunities Act. Section 16 of the Constitution of Mauritius warrants gender equality for all citizens. That is, we can non know apart anybody on the footing of gender, therefore propagating Saint Simon thought of gender equity.

Saint Simon besides insists on the emancipation of adult female. In line with this, we have the International Women ‘s Day originally calledA International Working Women ‘s Day, which is celebrated onA 8 March every twelvemonth. International Women ‘s Day is an juncture marked by adult females ‘s groups around the universe. In different parts, the focal point of the jubilations ranges from regard, grasp and love towards adult females for their economic, political and societal accomplishments. This day of the month is besides commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many states like in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine as a national vacation. International Women ‘s Day is the narrative of ordinary adult females as shapers of history ; it is rooted in the centuries, old battle of adult females to take part in society on an equal terms with work forces. To be more exemplifying about adult females being equal now, the SADC aim 50 % of adult females should be in parliament by 2015. The cogent evidence of it is with South Africa being the highest with 45 % , followed by Mozambique at 39.2 % , Angola with 38.6 % and the United Republic of Tanzania holding 36 % . This is besides coming into Mauritius when for case Rama Sithanen has recommended no more than 2 campaigners of the same sex in any constituency. Although he does non spell it out, he is seeking to coerce parties to set frontward at least one adult female campaigner. In so making, he is doing determinations on behalf of political parties in their choice of campaigners. So, all these betterments for adult females, and the impression of gender equality are all guided by Saint Simon ‘s Hagiographas.

Restriction of Saint Simon to apprehension of station modern society in relation to gender equity.

However, on the other extreme, though we are in the modern clip, populating ‘supposedly ‘in an equal universe as conceived by Saint Simon, what about the hapless states that are still sing gender inequality? Is gender equity a mere semblance so? Is it a myth? In fact hapless states like India, China, and Africa are still populating in the universe of “ Mayan ” whereby gender inequality is prevailing. As an illustration, India has witnessed gender inequality from its early history due to its socio-economic and spiritual patterns that resulted in a broad spread between the place of work forces and adult females in the society. “ May you be the female parent of a 100 boies ” is a common Hindu nuptials approval. As a consequence, this hampers the overall good being because barricading adult females from engagement in societal, political and economic activities can adversely impact the whole society. Likewise many developing states including India have displayed gender inequality in instruction, employment and wellness. It is common to happen misss and adult females enduring from high mortality rates. Besides there are huge differences in the degree of instruction of the two sexes. While China has experienced unexcelled economic development in recent decennaries, this advancement has non been even in accomplishing gender equality. The state, like its Asia-Pacific opposite numbers, remains hindered by the presence of a terrible gender spread. Women across the part continue to miss power, voice and rights ; hence this nothingness can hinder a state ‘s farther economic growing. Hence, non conforming to Saint Simon ‘s position of gender equity.

Furthermore the glass ceiling image whereby adult females are still tucked at being at top of work arrangement is still present in this industrial society. Womans are deprived of the top managerial degree. It can barely be seen adult females as members of parliament, adult females as Judgess, adult females as personal helper secretary. These stations are instead occupied by work forces. So the inquiry that trigger our head: where is the rule of gender equity in those hapless states? It is apparent that they are still missing behind. Therefore, non all states and societies have advocated Saint Simon ‘s thought of gender equity.

Contribution of Saint Simon to apprehension of station modern society in relation to societal mobility and meritocracy.

Additionally, Saint Simon negotiations on the construct of societal mobility. There is a societal ladder of lower category, in-between category and upper category which will judge a individual harmonizing to his ain capacity and attempt. For case in Mauritius, kids of laborers have been able to mount the societal hierarchy on the footing of their instruction and ain attempts, thereby showing the being of meritocracy which Saint Simon strongly claims on. A concrete illustration is the first Prime Minister of Mauritius, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. His male parent was a mere Indian immigrant laborer and his female parent was a homemaker ; nevertheless he had been able to mount the societal ladder on his ain attempts and capacity and became Prime Minister. Another illustration is Rama Sithanen former Minister of finance. He excessively came from the working category background, but he has been able through his virtues to travel up the societal hierarchy. Therefore Saint Simon ‘s thought of societal mobility is highlighted here.

Restriction of Saint Simon to apprehension of station modern society in relation to societal mobility and meritocracy.

However, on the other side of the coin, in states like India for illustration, the impression of societal mobility and meritocracy are to a big extent absent. Certain people are excluded wholly, non accepted by all other castes and treated as ”Shudras ” and Harijans. Those who are called the untouchable remain so for their life-time because the rule of societal mobility does non be at that place. As a effect India is confronting the brain- drain job whereby a big group of persons withA proficient accomplishments or cognition are traveling to other states to emigrate and happen work. Therefore, all the best 1s are go forthing the shore of their states seeking safety someplace else. Furthermore, in the populace sector for case, we can clearly see that publicity is to a big extent based on political association instead than meritocracy. So backing, payoffs do be despite a society adopts a meritocratic attack! Hence, these patterns do non lend to an apprehension of station modern society as propounded by Saint Simon.


In my personal sentiment, the Hagiographas of Socrates and Saint Simon do lend towards an apprehension of the operation of station modern society. Their parts in footings of understanding are: –

1 ) Self development and friendly relationship

2 ) Philosophers as leaders

3 ) Gender equity and emancipation of adult females

4 ) Social mobility and meritocracy

But as discussed above, there are certain things which are go oning in today ‘s station modern society and if these theoreticians ‘ positions are considered, it is non making adequate apprehension and consciousness to the existent state of affairs. Therefore, this leaves room for others to come frontward with new research work to develop new theories and accounts about how the present universe is runing and therefore make more understanding of the station modern society.


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