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April 25, 2018 Sociology

Taylor Swift’s song “Red” is very joyful even though her words are sometimes gloomy because she misses what she use to have. She is speaking about someone who she can not forget because of all the good memories they have with each other. Taylor Swift ‘s use of similes, imagery and alliteration in her song “Red” helps portray the good and bad about loving someone that is not around any more. Taylor Swifts uses similes through out her writing to make you feel her happiness and struggles. “Loving him is like driving a new maserati down a dead end street,” tells you that happiness was damaging her relationship.

It be great to have a maserati just to have it, with no where to go but, it is hurting our earth. Loving him was unnecessary so it ended up hurting her. When Swift says, “Memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favorite song,” she shows how much she misses having this person around. When a song stops playing for a while but, then it comes on again and the mind still remembers all the words its like an old friend popping back into the mind. When the mind remembers someone they loved all of the good and bad memories with that person can be stuck in the head.

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Taylor Swift’s similes are very meaningful and can make you feel mixed emotions. Imagery is used many different times through out the song and gives a dark but still happy mood. “Missing him was dark grey all alone,” is very depressing because this person is gone. Now she is lonely because she feels like she is stuck in the dark all lone. Taylor Swift also says, “Losing him was blue like I never known. ” This is very gloomy because it is the saddest she has ever been. She did not even know she could feel this terrible. When she says, “Loving him was Red,” it make the song much happier.

It gives off this bright, cheerful mood saying even though she felt terrible after the relationship the time she had loving him was worth it. The way Taylor Swift uses imagery makes the reader feel her pain. Taylor Swift also used alliteration in her writing to emphasize certain words. When Swift says,” Cause love was like driving a new maserati down a dead and street,” lots of focus is drawn to the words “driving,” “down,” and “dead. ” She felt like this relationship was dyeing and was going down hill. In the quote “Once you’re already flying through the free fall,” the words flying,” “free,” and “fall,” stand out. She feels like she has fallen head over heels and could not stop loving this person even if she wanted to. Swift wanted those words to stand out so the reader felt her passion. Taylor Swfit’s use of alliteration helps the reader understands how strong her feelings are for this person. Taylor Swift used so many poetic elements to help the reader feel many different emotions. She used a variety of similes, imagery, and alliteration through out her writing. Taylor Swift’s writing lets the reader into her head and rollercoaster of emotions.


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