Song Analysis Essay

August 30, 2017 Communication

What is the overall “message” or subject of the vocal? In a paragraph. sum up in your ain words what the vocal is stating. The wordss of the vocal “Hall of Fame” ( by Script Ft. Will. I. Am ) have an overall message to ne’er give up and to carry through your ends. The vocal is really motivational to the hearer and lets you know that you can accomplish anything if you put the attempt to seek. This vocal creates feeling of strength. assurance and will-power. It gives me the desire to stand up and purpose for the impossible. It encourages me to do my dreams into world because one twenty-four hours I will be acknowledged for all the difficult work. Everything will be deserving it in the terminal. As written in stanza two “You can travel a mountain” is an hyperbole. You can’t really travel a mountain but it’s an illustration screening that if you stay focused. you can carry through the undertaking! Find a Figure of Speech from your vocal.

Transcript it here. and place what type of figure of address it is. An illustration of nonliteral linguistic communication in this vocal is a metaphor. As written in stanza eight “Cause you burn with the brightest flame” is stating the hearer that they can be bold. weather and brave like a ferocious visible radiation in destructive darkness. A fire represents energy. pureness and strength. Identify any Imagery in the vocal. Write the line ( s ) here. What image is being created in the listener’s head? “Standing in the hall of celebrity ( yeah. yeah. yeah ) And the world’s gon na cognize your name ( yeah. yeah. yeah ) ‘Cause you burn with the brightest fire ( yeah. yeah. yeah )

And the world’s gon na cognize your name ( yeah. yeah. yeah ) And you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame” When listening to the chorus the hearer imagines standing entirely in the hall of celebrity under a limelight of glorification. with the feelings of achievement while the universe chants his/her name. The hearer has reached triumph and is all-mighty! What 3 Symbols will you utilize to stand for “big ideas” from your vocal? Identify the 3 symbols here. and depict what they mean. The three chief symbols I have chosen to stand for the large thoughts from my vocal are a king of beasts. a stairway and a palace. The king of beasts is a symbol of a swayer that has possible and courage.

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A king of beasts is skilled. fearless and unstoppable. A stairway represents traveling frontward one measure at a clip to achieve personal ends. It displays get downing from absolute stone underside. easy come oning all the manner up to high success. The stairway leads the manner to a positive hereafter. Last the palace represents royalty. power. high-class and celebrity which are all subjects that this vocal chiefly discusses. What colors and boundary line are you utilizing for your undertaking. and why? What ideas or emotions do these colorss and forms represent?

I have chosen purple as the chief background coloring material to make a feeling of passion and forbearance. Purple is a mix of both ruddy and bluish which concludes that it has all the traits of those two colorss. such as energy. leading and repose. Purple represents imaginativeness and creativeness. It likes to be alone and independent. Purple specifically represents royalty and power.

The 2nd colour I chose was gold to stand for success. accomplishment and value. Gold is really attention-getting and is a winning coloring material. That is why I chose it. because when you win your end in life you want to pull attending to yourself and demo off. Most decorations are gilded or Ag to demo triumph. Gold represents wealth and royalty every bit good.


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