Sonnys Blues Plot Analysis Film Studies Essay

August 11, 2017 Film Studies

The contrasting lives of two brothers contribute to the subject of being safe while being hazard takers. In this narrative, Baldwin writes about two brothers who grew up together. As each of the male childs grew older, their friendly relationship diminished and they ended up holding two wholly different lives. The storyteller, who is the older brother seemed to be more cautious and had a more determined mode to develop a good hereafter. Sonny, the younger brother, was more free and adventuresome as he lived in the minute. Sonny did non even cognize what his programs were for the following hr, allow entirely the remainder of his life. The storyteller ‘s greatest beginning of dissatisfaction was his selfish desire to larn and populate a respectable life safely as a instructor of high school algebra. When Sonny learns the effects about drugs and the jurisprudence, he feels threatened. Sonny ‘s brother lives in a safe environment while Sonny ‘s environment is really insecure and that is why Baldwin carefully set the brothers as antonyms. The storyteller is a conservative, respectable household adult male who is a professor of mathematics and is proud of its professional position. In the narrative, Sonny interprets of the storyteller, who worked for Sonny as defender, father figure, and a brother-peer. The storyteller describes Sonny as a “ barbarian, but non brainsick. He says Sonny had ever been a good male child, he ne’er healed or evil or disrespectful, and how kids can so rapidly ” ( Baldwin 85 ) . He compared pupils Sonny: a dreamy, disillusioned and obedient, but is coping with the despair of his live in a hapless promise.

The writer used the name of the narrative Sonny ‘s Blues, to give readers a hint to the subject of history. Noun “ the blues ” is defined in the temper unhappiness and depression. This subject is present throughout the narrative. “ Blues ” is a manner of music that reflects a sad temper. “ Bluess ” every bit good as being in the music, the basic construction of the narrative, and as the storyteller and his brother, Sonny has played a function in depression.

Sonny ‘s brother is a shared position on this narrative, because he feels responsible for maintaining his brother safe. His Brother learns to listen to all this history to understand the life of Sonny. The storyteller as he fought for his life and how he is now watching his younger brother, Sonny fought through the same state of affairs. He worried about the life of Sonny that might non be able to get away the convulsion that life brings, above all, a instrumentalist who has no household ties and occupation security. Sonny tries to go a wind instrumentalist, the storyteller tickers and listens as Sonny goes through many hardships in life. He does non desire Sonny to be a wind instrumentalist, because there is no hereafter at that place. At the terminal of the narrative, Sonny ‘s brother was invited into a nightclub to watch and listen to his brother. During his visit, he learns and listens to understand Sonny and how he uses his music to last, and how the music gives intending to their lives.

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In the cardinal scene of “ Sonny ‘s Blues ” , is when the storyteller agrees to travel with Sonny to the dark wind nine. The storyteller ‘s realisation that he must accept Sonny for who he is happened at the dark nine. This is the first clip that Sonny ‘s brother feels content with Sonny as he plays the piano and listens to his blues music. There he meets Sonny ‘s musician friends who appreciate the manner in which the storyteller accepted his brother. The following scene, the storyteller begins to understand the linguistic communication of wind and how it has changed the lives of Sonny for the best. Director, Creole, who was the bassist of the set, did the brother of mighty deed learning Sonny how to play the piano. The benefit of the blues helped Sonny to stop his drug dependence. During this scene, the brother of Sonny reflected in Creole and Sonny saw him with regard, to allow him run the set that made his brother see that Sonny had endowment and pursued his endowment.

Populating in a lodging undertaking in Harlem, Sonny ‘s brother determined to protect themselves from the hazards that surrounded them. You will detect that the storyteller and Sonny ‘s vicinity were largely inkinesss and hapless people in Harlem. Their on the job category embittered father, whose pride and optimism is diminished fought to back up the household to openly racism. Sonny, nevertheless, is a romantic creative person, who is non afraid to take hazards to prosecute what he wants. His passion for music makes him impatient. He stayed away from school, but non off from danger. Sonny wants to populate a respectful life but it is really difficult for him. He did different things to seek to get away this corruptness, he tries to get away by fall ining the ground forces, but fails. And he tries to get away by usage of illegal drugs. When life feels like a toll on Sonny, he takes for his music. He realizes that his jobs are existent and that he can truly get away them. Music is played in his life which changes his hurting and agony. Possibly non so that you can decidedly remain off from danger, as the male parent of Sonny said, “ there is no safe topographic point at all ” ( Baldwin 95 ) . Sonny music provides a channel to show the darkness within him, while his sense of life slowly recovers.

The narrative of “ Sonny ‘s Blues ” illustrated how life was turning up in an African American household during 1930 -1960 ‘s. Black Americans struggled to do their imprint on society. The life of the astonishing blind musician Ray Charles comes to my head as I struggle to understand how the African American civilization learned to last during this clip. Sonny and Ray Charles had many of the same life experiences, in peculiar relying on drugs to bury their yesteryear and life in a society where the black adult male struggled to do a life. Both work forces used their music of beat and blues to derive regard from household and friends.


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