Sony China Market Segmentation Essay

Sony VAIO is the best computing machine that serves the demands of every client and is non comparable at all.
From the conducted 760 studies. 18 per centum are grouped in the section of amusement lovers.

Then 88 per centum of all the amusement lovers plan to by a laptop within the following 12 months. harmonizing to Exhibit 8. Therefore. there are about 120 amusement lovers likely to buy a laptop within a twelvemonth. of who about 8 would purchase a Sony. In the Clues study there is an every bit distribution across sections. although the job is that the sample size is non sufficiently big and the spread between the last column of each section is non obvious plenty. which may do comparing more hard to carry on. For the Compass study. the advantage is that the sample size is good and diverseness of respondents is taken into history. There are clear spreads between the concluding consequences of each section. However. the disadvantage is the edge for cleavage is ill-defined. which can do confusion in choosing mark section.

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Mr. Lopez. as your market scheme is focused on the current trueness and involvement in Sony. the mark of cleavage is to retain bing clients while at the same clip turn the portion of clients Sony’s merchandises. Therefore. we believe that Sony should section the market from a planetary position.

Consequently. the Compass study. which segmented the market by purchase motives. would be a better foundation under this selling scheme because it involved a much larger base of respondents from assorted states and parts of the universe. It took much more diversified factors into the probe of motives behind purchasing determinations. which offered a important facilitation to the company to spread out its foreign markets.

With mention to the Compass survey informations in China shown in table 2. the best sections to be targeted are Techonosocializers. public presentation searchers and position focused clients. as the chance of buying a Sony computing machine within the following 12 months by these sections are comparatively high than the staying three sections. The motives of purchasing determinations made by the three sections are to capture information from multimedia entree. to ease on-line societal networking and to reflect the societal position of an person. These motives can be best served by Sony trade name.



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