Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Is A Global Provider Marketing Essay

By August 16, 2017 Marketing

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is a planetary supplier of nomadic multimedia devices including feature-rich phones, accoutrements and Personal computer cards.


50:50 joint ventures of Sony Corporation and Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, was established in October 2001.

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Their purpose is to make advanced, sophisticated and inspirational phones and accoutrements, designed with each person ‘s merriment and amusement in head. They seek to assist each user see things otherwise, to be at the Centre of infinite mundane minutes and do them extraordinary, and to make an inspiring friend for everyone so that they can happen beauty in the unexpected.


Their current planetary phone portfolio consists of 76-different theoretical accounts of phones. Asia Pacific market has three phones: W980, C905 and Xperia X1 in South Korean market. They besides make and sell accoutrements categorised under:



Cases, screens and styli

Connectivity and power

Handss free


Trade names:

Their stigmatization includes:

Older Ericsson manner phones

Cyber-shot-Camera-focused phones

T-Mobile-network sole phones

Vodafone-network sole phones, bet oning focused phones

Cyber-shot ( partial ) ,3G ( partial ) -All around phones

Walkman-Music focused phones

XPERIA-Convergence and human dynamo devices

Ze Bobber-Design oriented phones/clamshells

Does this new offering set company in new way?

In Mobile World Congress 2008 Sony Ericsson presented XPERIA X1 as the latest smart phone and the first 1 that runs on Windows Mobile 6.1.XPERIA X1 is a measure in a new way for the company, forcing a big, haptic QWERTY keyboard ( hidden under a curving “ arc-slider ” ) every bit good as Windows Mobile 6.


This merchandise is a premium, converged nomadic experience turn toing web communicating and multimedia amusement.

Its debut trade name represents Sony Ericsson ‘s vision for a premium, energized communicating experience at the head of nomadic convergence.


The merchandise is adopted due to its Compatibility, Treat ability and Visibility. The adoptive parent class consists of the pioneers and early adoptive parents.


Demographic: 25-35 old

Adoption: Early Adoptive parents

Occupation: Officials and concern people tendency compositors who are susceptive to plan

Social category: Upper centers, lower uppers

Psychographic life style: Technical-oriented, business-oriented, design-oriented

User position: Regular users


Unmet demands of Sony Ericsson consist of the followers ;

The pilotage controls are hard to utilize.

Touch screen keyboard little even for touch pen.

The phone is slippery, easy to drop.

The Web browse experience was n’t fulfilling.

Touch screen is non that antiphonal compared to other touch phones.

Internet pilotage is dawdling and decelerate.

The high monetary value public presentation makes sulky purchase.

PRODUCT Barriers:

First of all the merchandise barrier for Sony Ericsson is the Government ‘s policy about enabling phone to hold local WIPI ( wireless cyberspace platform for interoperability. Second the Telephone market in Korea is dominated by two elephantine phone shapers in the universe ( Samsung and LG ) . Third the Korean users are turn outing to be rough Judgess on nomadic merchandises. Youn-hee Han, Head of Sony Ericsson Korea thinks that:

“ We have done a good occupation of marketing the phones, but we need to set in more attempt to educate Korean users on the wide scope of informations and multimedia characteristics they can bask. XPERIA is much more than a manner point. It ‘s non a phone you use for a short clip before exchanging to a new one, but one you can go on to utilize by downloading new package, like you would make with a laptop. ”


Custom panels integrated with Daum portal and SK Telecom web services

3- inch WVGA resistive touch screen

3.2-megapixel camera

QWERTY keyboard

Global positioning system

Wireless local area network

4G informations

Panel UI


Weak responses

Slow information rates

Boot clip is slow

Poor picture support

Low battery power

Mistake in keyboard design

Screen passage is far from smooth

Slow reaction is the common ailment among users


The first 1,000 clients will acquire their names engraved on their X1 and epicurean leather phone instance for free, doing it genuinely personalized. Sony

Ericsson, through Sony Korea ‘s bing web, is offering more than 69 service centres for XPERIA users around the state. They made the merchandise localisation on application panels. They partnered with one of the biggest telecom in Korea ( SK telecom ) .

SWOT Analysis of Sony Ericsson:


They have diverseness among their merchandises. This is the chief strength of Sony Ericsson and the Sony is celebrated trade name name.


They have lack in understanding Customer Preferences and hold less engineering promotion. They have deficiency of user centered designs and Lack of Brand consciousness globally.


The nomadic phones market is developing and there is high per centum of immature market. There is strong Customer demand for advanced merchandises. There is high Disposable income in emerging markets. There are web capablenesss and low duty of service suppliers.


Main menace for Sony Ericsson is Landline incursion and debut of Sky phones for rural countries. The Intense competition is another menace for Sony Ericsson. Bargaining power of consumers is besides a menace for them.


The menace of new entrants – relation low

A barrier to entry is by Economic of graduated table, Product distinctions ( Sony characteristics ) , Capital demand, Knowledge demand ( R & A ; D ) , Cost advantage e.g. fabrication in China, the labour cost is low and stigmatization.

The menace from replacement merchandises – medium

Peoples talk on cyberspace and the Mobile phone has more characteristics like game, camera, cyberspace, Google map etc.

The bargaining power of clients

The bargaining power of nomadic phone operators is high as

They provide the signal for nomadic phones

The figure is low ( Orange, O2, Vodafone, 3 )

The sum they buy is high

Excessively many nomadic phone industries.

Whereas the bargaining power of the terminal user, for single clients is low.

The bargaining power of providers

Software provider like Google has high dickering power as the importance of providers ‘ merchandises to Sony Ericsson. The Material and labour providers have low bargaining power as they have low shift cost.

The competition amongst current rivals in the industry – ( high )

The Mobile phone is at maturing phase and their Switch cost is low. The Market growing is low and Exit barriers are high.


The international nomadic market competition was really tough and there were certain demands for the houses to accomplish the coveted marks. These included the proper market research, demand calculating inventory direction the procedure enhancing and the value concatenation leveraging. The history of Sony Ericsson tells that sometimes it achieved these marks and sometimes it could non. The periods when it could non accomplish these marks, was a tough clip on the company.


The major intent of any corporation is to accomplish the maximal net income and to fulfill its clients in order to derive the highest possible market portion. It should non merely rely on acquiring gross revenues on the same theoretical accounts introduced by the company, instead it should travel for increasing the merchandise portfolio of its trade names to increase the client bank and besides the trade name trueness along with client keeping.


Question 1

What motivated the two companies to hammer the confederation?


1: fiscal purchase:

The purpose of strong fiscal purchase was actuating Sony Ericsson for the joint venture, that is the possible usage fixed fiscal costs to amplify the effects of stockholders net incomes and value. In 2004, Company sold 42 million nomadic units but in 2010, the scope went on to 57.1 million units sold due to strong investing by the stockholders.

2: Payback period:

The effectual payback period was a cause for the joint venture that is the sum of clip taken to retrieve initial investing for the better hard currency influxs. The provider works of Ericsson burned out at Phillips so it needed a strong and immediate payback period, thereby naming Sony for venture and investment in so that to retrieve its hard currency flows.

3: Points of difference and the points of para

The international market was tough and competitory, and Nokia, LG and Samsung were deriving market portion. In this state of affairs, the points of difference were introduced by Sony Ericsson in the signifier of cyber shooting xenon flash engineering, greenheart, user friendly Mobiles and dad were high quality Walkman and headsets introduced along with better and longer guarantee.

4: Brand revival:

Ericsson was the universe ‘s 3rd largest nomadic maker and Sony was the universes taking electronic company, holding strong international trade name worth. So the joint venture was aimed at really strong trade name revival by the combination of these two company names, presenting trade name positioning through effectual Mobiles and supplying good telecommunication engineering.

5: Bilateral gauze:

The transactional exchange and the fiscal aid through cost film editing plan are believed netting and this was the purpose of the joint venture.

6: Reducing trade stoppage:

For accomplishing the leading in the international market, the trade stoppage decrease was going a necessity to guarantee cross boundary line trade with the least or no trade and duty barriers. Both companies were already international participants in their ain market. So they thought that the joint venture would take to be cutting through effectual international supply concatenation and value direction taking to gain maximization.

7: Flexible mechanization:

The most of import concern was flexibleness and invention at fabrication and processing workss of Sony and Ericsson. This flexible mechanization was besides a demand by the international market for a diverse merchandise portfolio. Therefore joint venture was aimed at flexible mechanization to set and accommodate the technological and dynamic international market.

8: Capacity spreads

The research and development divisions were non working good at Sony. So the demand prognosiss and hence the stock list direction and its capacity direction were going inaccurate. The constrictions were originating in the procedure and the value concatenation was affected, bing the company much. So the joint venture was aimed at the accurate prognosiss and stock list direction.

9: Knowledge, accomplishments, and abilities

The deficiency of cognition, accomplishments and abilities as per the international market demand was a major job at companies because thy cut batch of occupations to evoke the measure of the less productive human capital bing them excessively much. But the loss of occupations meant the loss of advanced thoughts whatever the conditions were. So the joint venture was aimed at engaging productive and a adept work force.

Question 2:

Wes there any alternate ways better than organizing Joint Venture to accomplish some motive?


The undermentioned alternate ways of joint venture are described here:

1 strategic confederation for research:

We see that the Sony Ericsson ‘s research and development workss at the Atlantic trigon were non productive. So the company was bound to shut it, along with lying off more than 30 % of its work force. So why did non Sony go for doing particular research based confederation with any other company holding a good division and made cognition. This confederation would besides be good for cost film editing that was primary concern to the company.

2: Alliance with the rivals to construct an industry:

Sony Ericsson could besides set up an confederation with its rivals like Nokia, LG and Samsung. This could be good two ways. First it could hold comparatively more entree to the information privateness and the rival moves secondly, it could enforce its determination on rivals when company became in strength in industry.

3: Alliance for fabrication and building:

Both Sony and Ericsson were in sashay of cost cutting but they should believe of set uping the confederation with specific fabrication and building companies to accomplish the economic systems of graduated table and the efficient production.

4: Alliance with the distributers:

Sony Ericsson should besides construct confederation with the distributers. This would give them the advantage of international market coverage and besides the market information sing their selling operations and the stigmatization schemes.

Question 3:

What jobs the Joint Venture has encountered since formation?


1: Less efficient economic activity centres:

After joint venture, Sony Ericsson was postulating to shut the production and R and D workss at Netherlands, UK, USA and Chadwick. The ground was that these economic activity centres were non working expeditiously.

2: The cultural clang:

The Nipponese civilization is fundamentally male dominated ; on the other manus, Ericsson had a civilization of the gender nondixvrimination. Therefore when the joint venture occurred between the two companies, one belonging to the Asian and male dominant civilization along with the taking electronic company and the other

belonging to the entire European and gender non favoritism civilization, proved to be less productive due to collide in the cultural and corporate Torahs norms values moralss.

Question 4:

What strategies Sony Ericsson has used to turn to the Joint Venture jobs and can these schemes lead to long term success of confederation?


1: Market and merchandise development:

Sony Ericsson was bound to follow the market and merchandise development scheme to get the better of the worsening net incomes in an effort to heighten the trade name worth and the client satisfaction. For this, the company penetrated into many new Areas of merchandise invention and technological up step for capturing the better market portion and the higher gross revenues.

2: Avoiding the costs:

The costs at research and development centres were cut down by shuting them and opening new installations in the revenue enhancement heavens. This would supply them the Mobiles theoretical accounts with cheaper monetary values and a diversified merchandise portfolio.


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