Sophocle’s Antigone Essay

August 6, 2017 General Studies

In the Sophocle’s drama. Antigone. there are a many tragic characters in which some face decease. and others watch as their loves 1s die all around them. There is nil more tragic than to be surrounded by the dead. particularly when it may be one’s ain mistake. Therefore. Creon is the most tragic character of this drama. Aristotle would hold that Creon is the chief tragic character. as he makes many determinations which could hold led him either towards his calamity or off from it. but finally he led himself to his calamity. This keeps the audience guesswork and heightens katharsis. while Antigone’s destiny was rather obvious from the beginning where she says. “As for me. I will bury him ; And if I die for that. I am content” ( 60-61 ) . Creon’s fatal defect is his obstinacy and reluctance to see anyone else’s position. He begins. like Opideus. as a character that is easy admired and portrayed as an unfastened. caring male monarch. “Zeus. who sees all things. be my informant that I will non be soundless when danger threatens the people ; nor will I of all time name my country’s foe my friend” ( 147-149 ) .

This shows that Creon is willing to travel far and beyond for his state. However. these words besides foreshadow his calamity since he puts the State excessively far before his household. and as a consequence. he loses his married woman and boy. Creon is left alive to watch the decease of many: the decease of Antigone. of his married woman. and of his boy. He wanted to look after the province instead than his household and so the effects came toppling down and turned his once happy and fantastic life into that of a helter-skelter 1. Creon did non recognize the importance of his household until they vanished into the darkness of decease all because he was a sap. “nor have I any respect for him who puts friendly relationship above the common welfare” ( 145-146 ) . Therefore. Aristotle would hold that because it is Creons mistake that all these events took drama it makes him a greater tragic character.

Antigone is dead. his boy falls on his ain blade before his eyes and the find of his wife’s decease is reported by a courier. All this shows that Creon is a greater tragic character than the remainder for most have taking the easy manner out while he lived to see it all go on before his eyes. Creon signifier Sophocle’s drama. Antigone. is by far the greatest tragic character. and Aristotle would hold to hold. Creon is left alive to watch the decease of many: the decease of Antigone. of his married woman. and of his boy. All these decease happened because he cared far more about his state than his household. He overlooked their value. and hence. it led to their deceases. This farther shows that he is the most tragic character than the remainder since he had to digest the deceases of hello loved 1s.

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