Source of Motivation Paper

December 16, 2017 General Studies

All though everyone has motive not everyone has the same motives in life some have good motive other have bad motive and some Just have motive to survive. I know that on source of motivation for myself would have to be my daughter she is my reason for everything that I do now. She is what drives me throughout the day to go to work and school. It isn’t easy being a single mother who has to do everything but she make everything I do worth it when she tell me she loves me it makes it all seem like it isn’t as hard.

I think have her as a motivator in my life has really changed everything in my life compared to how I was prior to having her. My daughter as a motivating factor has increased my want, desire and need to be a successful and happy human being. I think back to before I had my daughter and realize I wasn’t as motivated as am now that I have her. Prior to having my daughter my motivation was myself and my desire to be happy and have a good time. I never really planed out a future or better life it was Just get through the day and have fun.

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Which now when I think about it was a sad life I lived to go out party and hang out with friends and really do nothing with my life. I worked a horrible dead end Job with no chance of really going anywhere. It was not a career I was stuck living day to day not really trying to better myself but to go out and party and have fun. All things that really don’t matter anymore to me if feel like I was hopeless and lost at the time. My motivation factor weren’t really driving me to become something better. I’m grateful for the new titivating factor I have in my life she caused me to do a complete three sixty in life.

I am the opposite of who I once was which I think is for the better because I now have real goals and dreams. Motivation comes from internal and external sources. An internal source of motivation may be a need to accomplish a task to personal satisfaction, while an external motive might be the offer of a promotion for a Job well done. Motivation is a move to action with the goal of fulfilling a goal or desire. According to, “motivation is the impetus or reason for owing the behavior; it initiates the action.

A move to action may require a person to believe they possess the knowledge and competence to achieve a task. Conversely, if motivation is not present to begin with, no amount of knowledge or competency will make a difference. Motivation can be drawn from numerous sources. The motivation to eat is generally a biological need for food, although psychological motivation may be the desire to meet a friend for dinner and be satisfied not Just by act of eating, but also by fulfilling the need for association. Unfortunately, eating when depressed usually occurs alone.

Obesity is a common secondary problem associated with depression, and eating disorders can easily begin with binge eating when a person has isolated themselves from friends and family. The need for association is a strong motivator in many different situations, and personality traits can also play a role in motivation. For example, extravert’s may be happier to work out in a gym. Some people trying to lose weight might prefer to exercise alone, while others re more likely to go walking, Jogging, or to the gym, if they do so in the company of a workout buddy.

The article on extrinsic and intrinsic motivation further states that, intrinsic motivation is seen in fully self-determined individuals: their motivation for particular behaviors is a fully integrated part of their sense of self and they take part in exercise because they find it inherently enjoyable. Extrinsic motivation is more instrumental; the activities are engaged in because of some desired end result rather than for the satisfaction of the activity itself.


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