Space Life Imagine all the things that could happen to the Earth

By April 15, 2019 General Studies

Space Life
Imagine all the things that could happen to the Earth. Now imagine if we had another planet to go. A planet suitable for mankind to thrive and grow. Mars is the best choice and closet option. Mars atmosphere is filled mostly with carbon dioxide with the average temperature around -81 Fahrenheit. The gravity on Mars is 62.5 percent less than Earths Gravity so if you weighed 100 lbs on Mars you would be 38 lbs. Mar Size is approximately 52 % smaller than Earth with Mars days being an hour and some mins longer than Earth. Mar should colonize because it similar features to Earth, scientific advancement, and extending mankind. The process to accomplishes this is expensive indeed but is worth it. The tools need to help Colonize Mars consist of reasonable housing and living, food supply and a deep understand of Mar’s environment.
The housing space required is essential to prevent psychological problems such as lethargy and insomnia. Being unproductive would cause some of the same issues here on Earth and also prevent the progress of colonizing the Mars. Reasonable housing space would require it to be sent in large loads of transportation so it could be built by crews and robots. The Martian surface depending on how and where they land can be difficult. Once Landed on Mars and Housing spaces is built the next step is to heat up Mars. The way of heating up Mars would be global warming which would release large quantities of chlorofluorocarbons, methane, and carbon dioxide, which would then trap solar radiation and help build a thicker Martian atmosphere. Scientist have a theory that the global warming process will make the ice from the ground seep up into the atmosphere and raise the planet’s temperature. The effects of that should remove the red dust that on the surface of Mars. So, by that chain of events we could start to have a second planet and a second chance. The chance to right our wrongs and preserve Mars so we have a backup and reach further into space.
If we could genetic modify ourselves or Food to survived in harsh condition, we will have achieved an even greater scientific knowledge. The Mankind will be able to travel farther into space and make new discoveries. Finding out the genetic codes so that food can be produced on Mars we be a stepping stone. Taking the genes from certain animals or plants and move them into other plants so they are more durable and able to thrive in new environments. Genetic Modification Organism will be a key part in the survival and progress of colonizing.
Mars atmospher


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