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Space exploration has always been a gimmick. The USA was doing it only to look better than the USSR and vice versa; it has never really been about the science. There are far more valuable scientific endeavours to fund, such as the exploration of our own planet.

The seabed, especially around volcanic regions, is relatively unexplored, as is Antarctica. One recent news story about a ‘lost tribe’ also highlighted the fact that we are not in contact with all indigenous peoples across the planet. The scientific knowledge obtainable from our own planet, particularly organisms that inhabit locations with extreme conditions, offers far more value than that of space. No because

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Potential organisms to be found in space (such as on Mars) offer exactly the same value to the scientific community, and perhaps more, as the conditions would be far more extreme than those found on the Earth. Also, though it is true that much of earth, including the ocean and Antarctica, are unexplored, it’s not as though we’re exploring space instead of our own planet. The effort being made to explore the ocean is just a great as that of Space Travel.

Besides, learning about the ocean floor, while that is important, is no more important than space. What is there that we absolutely have to know about the sea floor? Basically, I think that the only reason that we are so interested in exploring our own planet is because it is “our” planet, and we are under the absurd impression that we must know our own environment before branching out into others, when truthfully, doing both at the same time is an ideal opportunity that we seem to be taking for granted. A commercial space industry is taking over

Yes because
Even if space exploration was a good target of funding in the past, it is now a growing target of venture capital and private ingenuity. For example, SpaceX’s reusable rocket that is expected to reduce launch costs for commercial satellites, Bigelow Aerospace’s investment in space tourism, and Virgin Galactic’s expected space-faring plane, among others. Now that private companies are intending to supply space access on the cheap, it is useless to spend all that money on expensive platforms such as the space shuttle. No because

the corporations will move in whenever they see opportunity for solid profit, but it is always science, and often government funded research, that finds those opportunities in the first place. for example you mention satellites which are an integral part of the global communications industry, which in itself would not exist without first having the invention of telephone wires, radio waves, etc., all which have led up to space satellites.

As for the prospects of space tourism again that is simply a result of the fact that governments have funded space research for all these years and finally it is getting to a point where it’s cheap enough and safe enough to send paying citizens up there.

Corporations will not do anything that doesn’t guarantee profit so will they investigate whether there is water on the moon? Whether it is possible in the future to colonize it? no. it’s too much of a risk so the government has to pay for it. Money is better used to help human lives in their own country Yes

Imagine you own a house that you have ruined over the years and never bothered to fix any of the integral parts of it, like the hole in the roof, the foundation, running water, garden, and it has become unsanitary, you need 1 Million dollars to fix it up.

Instead you plan to abandon this house since you don’t like the neighbourhood anyways, and you want to buy yourself a new one. You’re really picky and won’t settle for anything less then a perfect new home, no matter the cost. You hire a Real-estate agent, his fee to search for your dream home is $1 Billion Dollars, and the potential new home you’re looking in that perfect neighbourhood will cost you more then 100 Trillion dollars.

You’re conviced to go with the latter option, cause you’re under the impression that some really interesting girls live there, but you’re agent has yet to confirm anything of this information. His search still continues…. We know that we humans exist but we don’t know if “space creaters” exist so why bother. If there are things out there they don’t hurt us. We people in your country we are like family and you have to help family. No

Really? This is actually your analogy? Well, to begin there’s usually more than one person living in a country. Secondly I’m assuming the “1 million dollars to fix it up” means government spending on education, healthcare, policing not to mention military (which is considerably more than scientific space exploration if you live in the US). So your suggesting that governments spend doubly-doubly-doubly-triply-quadruply the amount they spend on those areas on space travel. Needless to say, this simply isn’t the case anywhere.

Thirdly, “some really interesting girls” is by far the best analogy based metaphor for scientific knowledge I have ever heard. Not joking, thank you for that. However flawed your analogy is the title “money is better used to help human lives in their own country” is interesting. But here’s the problem with that argument, the by-product of space exploration is scientific knowledge that has helped an unquantifiable number of humans since the beginning of space explorations.

How do you propose to purchase MRI machines without the digital image processing NASA developed[]]? And how are you going to stop your troops from being blown to pieces by land mines without using a NASA Reusable Solid Rocket Motor (RSRM) scrap propellant[]] based device? There are numerous more examples that you can Google for yourself. The knowledge that space exploration provides is crucial for developing areas from medicine to the military.

Without it development would stall. To attack space exploration in this manner is to attack the purpose of scientific research in general. Science may be done for science’s sake occasionally, but the knowledge generated always benefits humanity.


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