Special Needs Rule Criminal Evidence Essay

August 13, 2017 General Studies

This hebdomad we were giving the following scenario and inquire to make up one’s mind if this incident follows in the “special needs” regulation and if it justify the officer’s hunt of the parked car’s bole without likely cause? In this essay I will be discoursing the particular demands regulation and my ideas on the scenario.

First of all allow me get down by giving the scenario we were given to work on this hebdomad that manner you have a better thought of what’s traveling on. A police officer was look intoing a burglary during which a pistol had been stolen. The constabulary officer was at the clip besides moving as the constabulary adviser to a high school. School functionaries called the officer and told him that the gun might be in the bole of a student’s auto parked in the school parking batch.

Following allow me explicate the particular demands regulation that manner you have a clear apprehension of what it means. This is when an officer feels that he or person else is in danger and must fulfill a authorities involvement beyond ordinary condemnable incorrect making. Just so you understand what it means here an illustration. A officer goes to a call for domestic difference and other people in house start moving wisdom and he spots a gun near one of the resident’s so he may seek house and retained everyone till the house is cleared for his safety and other.

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In the above scenario I believe the officer has full rights to seek the said vehicle do to the facts as listed. The first cause would be guns are non permitted on school evidences and I believe it his responsibility to see to it that it non goanna be used to perpetrate a offense against pupils on campus. Last of all I believe no pupil should hold a gun in a vehicle without being legal age and holding proper passenger car licences. I believe that the officer has wholly right to believe that there is a offense is being committed if said school functionaries have proof that there is cause to believe pupil has gun.

My personal ideas if this officer was made cognizant and didn’t look into it out as a parent I would be upset. For several ground but largely due to fact that he could hold put mine and other kids in harm’s manner. I believe it ever better to be safe than regretful due to how bad the school shots have got. I feel if we could acquire guns out of our childs custodies so we should and authorise should assist.

Well now that this is said I hope you find my points and thought to be helpful and honest. I have truly enjoyed larning about this particular demand regulation and believe that officer have become so afraid of being incorrect that they don’t exercising this regulation plenty. As a officer married woman I know I would instead my hubby be safe and maintain his curse to protect than to hold a guilty conscience’s.

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