Specific Heat and Atomic Weight Essay

September 10, 2017 General Studies

The intent of this experiment was to happen the relationship between a substance’s specific heat and its atomic weight. In the lab. the substances with the higher atomic weights had less specific heat. From this. we can reason that specific heat and atomic weight have an opposite relationship. significance as one decreases the other additions. The ground for this is because if atoms are little. or light. they have the ability to pack tightly together. go forthing about no infinite between them. Because they are packed so tightly their bonds are strong. To interrupt these bonds it requires a batch of energy.

This leads to a high specific heat. Large. or heavy. atoms don’t require a big sum of heat because these atoms have more distance between one another and therefore their bonds aren’t as strong. Possible beginnings of mistake could be that heat was lost to the environment during the warming procedure. doing the metal with the H2O in the calorimeter non the right temperature. This would skew the particular heat value. Another beginning of mistake would be human mistake in reading the temperature degree because it was difficult to acquire the exact right value with the instruments we were utilizing.

When weighing the metal. if there were any substances on it or the weight home base. this could hold given the incorrect mass value. If I were to remake this experiment. the ways I would forestall these mistakes from happening would be to obtaining higher value equipment that will guarantee exact values. To forestall heat being lost. I would put the system in a vacuity to guarantee no heat is lost to the exterior. And to guarantee no human mistakes. I would thoroughly clean all stuffs and if possible substances to guarantee all values are right.

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