Speech+Crime and Punishment

June 27, 2017 General Studies

Good morning everybody! Before I start my presentation, I would like to ask you a few questions. You need not answer me, you just think about them in your mind. First, have you made any mistakes or broken the school regulation before? Have you been punished by teachers or parents? If yes, do you think they gave suitable and proper punishment to you? Can you guess what topic I am to present? Ok, today I would like to talk about the crime and punishment in Hong Kong. Whenever you read newspaper or watch the news on TV, you can notice that the increasing number of crime but behind the fact of the crime.

Do you think the punishment given to the offenders is appropriate? To me, I discovered that some of the offenders are too heavily punishment while some of them are not effectively deterred by the punishment. Just give you a few examples, I read news about an illegal immigrant who stole a $25 duck from a pregnant woman, he was sentenced to 5 years/months. I think it is unfair to have such a punishment. It is too heavy to the offenders. Also, another news about a teenager who stole something from a CDS shop and he hit the shop manager in order to escape from the police.

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Ironically, he has just fined $5000 and no other punishment. What a big difference cases and punishment! Do you think the judge is fair enough? They are not the only cases existed in Hong Kong. There are numerous cases like the two cases I have mentioned. Needless to say, you must agree that the judgment for above case is totally inappropriate. Someone may argue that all the judgments are after deliberate consideration and the judges are all sophisticated and have ample experience of making judgment on various cases. But one of the important points what the readers see is oppose to the judgment.

It is easier for you to understand if you read some case and try to valuate the seriousness of crime and punishment. You many understand that why I hold the view is like that. In fact, I do know that being a judge should be objective and have an analytical mind to judge right from wrong. But sometimes they cannot reach the above requirement. They look at a matter on bias sometime or the number of judge is not enough to make a sensible decision. If a jury made up of three people, the decision they made is not presentable and objective.

That’s why I urge the judges should be made up of people from different walks of life. As different people have different viewpoints. Therefore, more opinion, more sensible decision can be made. Then no more unfair crime, no more unfair punishment, rights? Lastly, I have already put my points forward and we should look into the matter seriously and try to prevent those unfair punishments on crimes from happening. All of us join hands together to build our wonderful Hong Kong. That’s all I want to say today, Thank you all of you. (Crime and punishment)


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