Spiritual Needs Assessment Essay

September 4, 2017 Nursing

Nursing promotes a holistic position of attention. one that incorporates the patient’s head. organic structure. and spirit. Many surveies have found that patients see physical and religious wellness every bit of import. and that patient results are positively correlated with spiritualty ( Oakley. Katz. Sauer. Dent. & A ; Millar. 2010 ) . While the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ( JACHO ) requires an initial religious showing for patients. it does non supply procedure particulars ( Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations [ JACHO ] . 2005 ) . This paper uses an appraisal questionnaire to carry on a spiritual-needs appraisal and provides drumhead analysis of the assessment’s strengths every bit good as turn toing barriers or challenges to real-life application. Religious Assessment Procedure

This writer developed a questionnaire of six inquiries to be used as a religious appraisal tool. A neighbour. B. G. . a married fifty-year old adult females with two kids in college consented to the appraisal but preferred to be orally interviewed for the appraisal. Below are the list the inquiries read to her and responses are represented in her ain words. Questionnaire/Interview

1. Make you see yourself spiritual or religious? What things provide intending for you? Answer: Oh yes. I put God at the centre of my life. I consider it my occupation to acquire up mundane and seek to be a better individual. making whatever God calls me to make. I try to be sort and non hold judgements. 2. Make you belong to a certain religion of denomination?

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Answer: I am Catholic. I go to St. Mary Magdalene up on the hill every Sunday. Sometimes I go on Friday for Adoration and I go to my women’s bible survey every Wednesday. 3. Would you wish support from your church and/or the infirmary chaplain if you were hospitalized? Answer: Yes. I would trust for supplications and visits from my church household and would love to hold a chaplain semen to see me. 4. How do you show your religion?

Answer: I pray mundane. sometimes several times a twenty-four hours. It truly helps me.
It gives me strength and peace. I besides read devotional books every forenoon and before I go to bed. I get a batch of joy and peace from that. 5. How does your religion aid you cope with unwellness?

Of class. I don’t want to be ill or have bad things happen but I know that everything is God’s will and that some things I don’t understand but he does. I am non afraid of decease or agony because I know it is portion of his program and in the terminal will be heaven. 6. How would you like your wellness attention provide to back up to you spiritually? Would you desire them to pray with you? Answer: I think it would be nice to cognize that my physician or nurse believes in God but I don’t ask because I think it is excessively personal. I would wish to be certain that my church was contacted if I was in the infirmary. I would wish to hold a bible and my books. I would desire to pray but I think I would instead pray by myself than with my physician or nurse. I was in the infirmary one time and they had forenoon and eventide supplications over the speaker unit everyday. I truly enjoyed that. It was truly soothing. I hope they still do it. ( B. G. personal communicating. July 3rd. 2014 ) . Assessment Summary

The interview and conversation was a really pleasant experience. B. G. appeared comfy with the subject and relaxed. The conversation ran about 30 proceedingss and some of B. G’s responses were instead drawn-out and extrapolated to other subjects. For the intent of this paper. B. G’s remarks were edited down to her specific responses to the inquiries presented. Strengths/Discoveries

Griffen and Yancy ( 2009 ) province that. “caregivers frequently envision intense. time-consuming intercessions as necessary for provided religious care” ( Griffen & A ; Yancy. 2009. p. 879 ) . A great strength of this assessment tool is that it provides a short. targeted questionnaire that can be filled out by the patient and so reviewed with the patient by the nurse. The tool can assist find patient strengths in get bying. avenues of support. and guide religious supportive attention. In this instance it allowed for the find of supplication. devotional readings. church and chaplain support as really meaningful header supports for B. G. This tool besides allows for a conversation that is less clinical in nature between the patient and practician. which may heighten the interpersonal relationship. Griffen and Yancy ( 2009 ) maintain “small. even elusive exchanges provide powerful religious benefits for patients” ( Griffen & A ; Yancy. 2009. p. 879 ) . In this instance. little Acts of the Apostless such as supplying the patient with a bible or her books. reaching her church. set uping a chaplain visit. and giving privateness for supplication could supply enormous religious attention.

The sum of clip it took to finish the appraisal would be a great challenge in a wellness attention puting where clip is really limited. The length could hold been influenced by the informality of the out of infirmary scene. the unwritten scene. and the subject’s comfort with the capable country. I believe a better procedure would be to hold the patient fill out the questionnaire and so reexamine it with the patient. This may let for a more targeted conversation. This challenge alludes to another barrier. which is the accomplishment and comfort degree of the practician in preforming this sort of appraisal. Health attention professionals have had old ages of preparation in physical appraisal but really small instruction in how to preform religious appraisals. Health attention workers may experience uncomfortable speaking about spiritualty with patients due to miss of experience and instruction ( Oakley et al. . 2010 ) . Decision

Performing a religious needs appraisal provides wellness attention workers with information that can assist to break run into the demands of their patients and can heighten the patient-professional relationship. Using an assessment tool provides the nurse with the agencies to initiate a hard topic every bit good as an chance to look into resources that may heighten patient comfort and healing. Use of a targeted appraisal tool. supplying instruction and preparation for staff would better the appraisal procedure and aid to steer more holistic patient attention.


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