Spoiling Car Owner and Traffic Jam, Whose Fault? Essay

Jakarta is capital town of Indonesia. the cardinal part that good known by traffic jams job. Traffic jam job in Jakarta has ever been a awful job that still hard to work out. Jakarta is included in “The World’s 20 Cities with The Worst Traffic Jams” and Jakarta is on the 14th rank. Every individual twenty-four hours. particularly around 5. 00 am – 2. 00 am. merely says that the traffic start from the beginning until the terminal of the twenty-four hours.

The most important factor that may do the traffic jam ballad on some factors. The measure of vehicles is one of the causes of traffic jam. There are excessively many vehicles. get down from public transit and besides private transit.

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The figure of vehicles in Jakarta that recorded in 2010 reached 6. 7 million units. with a composing of bike reached 4. 3 million units and four Wheelers reach 2. 4 million units. Motorcycle growing rate reached 0. 7 % – 0. 8 % per month or 11 % per twelvemonth. Every twenty-four hours Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya issued an norm of 138 new vehicle enrollments ( Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan ) . This means. there is an extra 138 vehicles per twenty-four hours on the streets of Jakarta. Imagine the distance of one vehicle with another vehicle. it suppose to be each half a metre from forepart into back. so the needed infinite six metres per unit. Presently. the entire length of the route and the entire country of Jakarta merely 4 % . while ideally around 10 % – 15 % . Since the entire length of the route is still far from ideal. so Jakarta is necessary to widen and add new roads. Is the new route can work out the job?

Based on study that conducted by the research workers team at some point ( topographic point ) in Jakarta. more than 90 % of Jakarta occupants say congestion as the chief job of transit in Jakarta. Public perceptual experience is supported by the statement Forums Urban Transportation Indonesia ( DTKJ ) . which occurs yearly in Jakarta lessening vehicle velocity by 1 kilometers / h. So. in 2012 estimated the mean velocity of vehicles will be reduced to 16 kilometers / H from 2008 recorded 20km/jam.

Within the last 5 old ages. particularly Jakarta vehicle or transit jobs more complicated when covering with informations that the ratio or the figure of private vehicles over public conveyance was 98 % versus 2 % . where 98 % of the private vehicles and public conveyance merely about 2 % . The Numberss of private vehicles that about reach 100 % carry around 49. 7 % people per twenty-four hours. non different from public conveyance capacity that carry 50. 3 % people per twenty-four hours. Inequality effectivity of this service shows how the general status of the vehicle is really hapless and from twelvemonth to twelvemonth the figure of public conveyance even more decreased. In contrast. the increasing of private vehicles grows more quickly. The informations that we get. the growing of bike is so high. the mean velocity of traffic in Jakarta is merely 20 kilometers /hour.

The status is exacerbated by the presence of go throughing about 600. 000 units of vehicles that transporting approximately 1. 2 million people from Bogor. Depok. Tangerang. Bekasi into Jakarta. The figure of people from outside continues to turn twelvemonth by twelvemonth.

The consequences of our probe show that about 90 % of route users prefer to utilize privet or personal vehicle caused by the pleasance of public conveyance. Deni. 20 old ages old. worked as an employee in a private company in Jakarta is one of the users of public conveyance in Jakarta. that is Trans Jakarta. On one juncture we interview him and inquire him about his feeling of public conveyance services.

“Actually it’s non bad feeling. I think it’s merely less of direction. particularly about adult female riders. Even though they already have one particular infinite but the adult male riders frequently sit in adult female country. We know that it’s truly unsafe for adult female. Because sometimes they can acquire some offenses. ” Deni said while he waiting for Trans Jakarta. Beside the pleasance ground Deni besides revealed that one of the most job that he experienced was late reaching. particularly the Trans Jakarta coach. Attracted by Deni statement we tried to take into count the clip of reaching.

The consequences we get are the spread between the first going to another going is about half hr to an hr. long plenty for public transits. Furthermore. the probe moved to the other manners of transit. We interview a user of Kopaja. named Arifin. a adult male 23 old ages old who worked as private employees in the country of Mampang. Every twenty-four hours Arifin utilizing Kopaja as a agency of transit that helped him to work. We had asked about his feeling and grounds for taking Kopaja as his transit.

”I chose Kopaja for clocking grounds and surely cheaper. Alternatively if i use the Trans Jakarta. of class the continuance can non be estimated. Although sometimes less comfy utilizing Kopaja. as no uncertainty frequently foolhardy drivers on the route. “Arifin said.

Public conveyance incommodiousness. whose mistake?

The probe showed that the inclination to do people take a personal or private vehicle is a affair of safety and convenience. Almost 90 % of public conveyance users express unsated with the public conveyance services particularly for Kopaja. Metromini. Mikrolet and Trans Jakarta.

“Jakarta’s transit demands equal and convenient transit. if the authorities wants to exchange the Jakarta society utilizing public conveyance instead than private conveyance. Permit the backdown of public transit non helped but do the job more complicated. we are already see the lack of public conveyance. the authorities should increase the sum of public conveyance non cut down it. “said Dr. Najid from DTKJ ( Jakarta Transportation Directorate ) . The authorities should be house on the issue of public conveyance. The authorities should back up the development of public conveyance to do it better. In add-on to assisting the authorities should check down on public theodolite that act reckless.

Tertarik dengan wacana pemerintah untuk mencabut izin jalan kami melakukan investigasi langsung ke daerah Terminal Kampung rambotan. Kami menulusuri beberapa armada Kopaja yang sedang parkir dan menunggu penumpang. Kami memutuskan untuk bertanya pada salat satu supir kopaja yang sedang beristirahat.

Interested in the statement of the authorities to revoke the license of some public transit. we decide to do direct probe to the Kampung Rambutan Terminal. We browse through some Kopaja fleet was parked and waiting riders. We decided to inquire one of the drivers who were resting in Kopaja.

Mr. Jamal. a Kopaja driver who has served for the last 7 old ages. Jamal said. every units of public transit ( Metromini. Kopaja and Mikrolet ) have one association normally called a community. Uniquely association is supported by the constabulary. Brimob and Satpol pp. They called the community as Paguyuban.

Each unit had aid from rogue elements of the authorities. Help can be a alleviation and money. Beside Jamal. a minibus ( mikrolet ) conveyance drivers besides said the same thing. This shows that the government’s deficiency of earnestness in term of development and enforcement of public conveyance.

Jakarta Need Proper Public Transportation

We frequently hear some thoughts made by the authorities to cut down congestion. such as the Trans Jakarta and the 3 in 1 system. This method is used to cut down private vehicle that go throughing on the street. The inquiry is whether to cut down the figure of private vehicles that transport jobs will be finished?

“Reducing without any replacements non even complete. it makes a new complexness. The Government wants to cut down private auto usage but do non supply equal transit. suffice and comfy. “r said Dr. Najid from DTKJ.

We besides conduct the probes on the land. We decided to utilize some public conveyance to make the trial. The first public transit that we use is Trans Jakarta. The probe showed that there is a heap of rider that we meet at Trans Jakarta stops ( terminal ) . non merely passengers that waiting at that place. non merely rider fate but the hold of public transit going can we seen at that place. We note that in any individual going. riders had to wait half until an hr to catch the following fleet.

The alone sight is besides seen in the Trans Jakarta coach stop country. West Pancoran. The first going from the Pancoran. we saw so crowded conditions inside the coach Trasn Jakarta. On the first reaching. the first coach merely able to transport 2 riders that waiting at the halt coach. While the estimated figure of riders waiting more than 20 people. The 2nd reaching was recorded precisely one hr after the first going. Conditionss are non much different from the first coach. The heap of rider still can be seen. Finally after the following reaching we can come in the coach. The state of affairs in the coach is so crowded.

We arrived at the finish. Cililitan. We decided to go on the journey by utilizing Kopaja. We chose the path Kopaja from Kampung Rambutan to Blok M. We found this vehicle reckless on the route. Crowded conditions make riders must keep on tight to maintain from falling. The consequences of this probe showed that the deficiency of transit unit. These findings show that cut downing the usage of private vehicles without readying is non good and inappropriate manner. Without any decrease in private vehicle we already face the deficit of public conveyance. how if we subtract it. so what happens with Jakarta?

Better Jakarta

The Government needs to do a conjunct attempt to cut down the congestion degree steadfastly in Jakarta. Overcome bottlenecks instead than merely adding new alternate transit such as roads and Trans Jakarta without any decrease of other transit. Just expression at the coach. metromini. bajaj. and public transit that non executable but still run in Jakarta. In add-on it can do traffic jam. transit is non executable to utilize can besides take down the image of Jakarta that in fact. Jakarta is the big Capital metropolis with worse conveyance services nad non worth used still in operation. It was the first thing that should be fixed from conveyance by and large. The public transit such as public theodolite. bajaj. metromini coach conveyance is comfort and can make public country. may be many people will believe to utilize public conveyance.



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