Spring vs Fall

By April 15, 2018 Sports

Spring is the season between winter and summer. Fall is the season between summer and winter. Both seasons are beautiful; they are often both wet and muggy. Although there is different beauty in the seasons of fall and spring, there are also some differences there such as, weather and activities. I like both seasons, but I prefer the spring season, because it’s right in the middle of winter and summer, not to cold or not to hot. In spring, the air begins to warm; temperatures slowly rise as the days get darken later. Spring is showery and flowery.

Leaves on trees start developing and being to turn green again, flowers and grass start growing and blowing, due to the temperatures getting warmer. Color flowers with nice smell announces the spring to everybody; and those are the beginning days of when you start seeing people out more and longer, and we also start to smell the first cut of grass on a warm spring day. Now fall, is like a whole different creation; temperatures quickly begin to fall as the days get darker much faster. Leaves on trees being to change with much darker colors, and are soon floating on to the ground.

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The grass no longer shines with green might because, the temperatures getting cooler. No longer will you see the same action of people, or smell that warm air of fresh cut grass. Not only me, every body loves to feel free and light, with a muscle shirt and short pants in spring. People ride their bikes and if it were a windy day, it would be fun to watch clouds float away. Spring is the time for sports, parents and children out on the park playing ball, running, swimming, and sweating for their enjoyment. I start to see the love bugs, surround around me, landing on me for good luck.

As for fall, it’s time for preparation, once again for the arrival or winter. Soon I’ll will have to put away all of my tank tops and shorts, and bring out the big bulky sweaters and jackets. You can no longer walk out to the park with out hearing the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet. Even though there are lots of differences between these two seasons, there are a couple of similarities too. First, the length of day and night are the same. Second, spring proceeds to summer and fall proceeds to winter. And, in both seasons people like to travel. Both seasons are great in many ways. However, I love the attractive colors of spring.


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