SQ3R Worksheet Essay

August 19, 2017 Construction

Survey| How did you study? I skimmed the pages required. the chief subjects. and picked up the footing of what was required reading. What inquiries did you inquire? The inquiry I asked myself is what information was the most of import for me to retain while reading. What are the chief subjects of the reading stuff.

What cognition of this stuff should take precedence.

Read| How did you read? I focused on the inquiry I asked myself. what the chief thought of what my reading is and I took notes on what I was reading. I made certain I understood what I was reading. | Recite| What did you declaim? The ability to larn SQ3R and how to use it to my reading techniques was the most of import for me to obtain while reading. The chief subjects were the dislocation of what SQ3R was and how to use each technique. The precedence cognition was how to successfully use SQ3R into my educational experience. | Review| How did you reexamine? I went over my notes and made sure that I had summarized the chief points so that I could retain what I had read. I besides skimmed back through the reading stuff and took more notes of what I originally missed.

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Wrap-Up Questions: How successful was the SQ3R procedure in assisting you grasp the constructs in the subdivision you selected? Will you use SQ3R in the hereafter as a manner to get the hang the content in academic readings?

I had learned this procedure in high school and I really use it in my educational experiences. It helps me to retain what I have or am reading and allows me to ability to make better on tests and besides on essays necessitating text book research.

I will go on to utilize SQ3R in the hereafter because as I said. it helps me to construction my reading and retain what I have read.


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