Sri Pingali Venkayya

October 22, 2017 General Studies

Sri Pingali Venkayya was an illustration of a individual who sought to develop his cognition at every chance. What lesson can you larn from his life?

Learning is a uninterrupted procedure and it ever gives us an chance to develop consciousness about assorted facets of life. Cipher should believe that everything is known to us which is nil but self-destructive inclination. Great people ever stressed that what we know is non even a bead of the ocean. Hence, we should develop an attitude of modestness and seek to larn new things in a uninterrupted mode. In this way of acquisition, one should take inspiration from our ascendants and national freedom combatants. Shri Pingali venkaiah is one of the national freedom combatants who has dedicated his whole life to the value system and for the service of the state. He is instrumental in planing the National Flag of India and has become biggest inspiration for us in our lives. Most significantly, he stands as an outstanding illustration for larning at every possible chance. Let us critically analyze this here.

Shri Pingali Venkaiah was born in the twelvemonth 1876 in Bhatla Penumarru small town in Krishna territory of Andhra Pradesh and he led a simple life since his childhood. His parents have taught him good imposts and attitude through their existent lives. Hence, Venkaiah ne’er forgot the basic values and ever implemented in his every portion of the life. He realized that larning should ne’er discontinue, it is an ceaseless activity. He had his primary instruction in a small town near Machilipatnam and his instructors recognized the fire of larning in him during this stage. Subsequently, he had his high school instruction in Hindu college in Machilipatnam where he farther refined his acquisition procedure and he used to assist other pupils to develop consciousness about different topics and helped in elucidation of their uncertainties. In this manner, he stands as an illustration of a individual who sought cognition at every chance even during his childhood.

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Several incidents in Pingali Venkaiah ‘s life clearly reflect his avidity and pursuit to get more cognition at every chance. For illustration, he traveled to Colombo, Sri Lanka for completion of Secondary Cambridge and at that place he developed high degree of acclimatisation to the new socio-political environment. He mingled good with his co-students of different states and civilizations and continued his ceaseless journey of instruction. It was learnt that he taught all the facets of his instruction to hapless pupils in India. This shows his esteem for the state and fellow Indians. In other words, he has shown dedication non merely in larning cognition and instruction but besides in service to the humanity which is notable. This quality of him besides reminds us of basic kernel of instruction as propounded by Swami Vivekananda that instruction is non mere occupation making machine, but is should go instrument of adult male devising and character edifice with human face.

Shri Pingali Venkaiah besides learned several practical things during his public presentation of responsibility as railroad guard at Bangalore and Chennai. He understood the predicament of hapless people around him during this phase. He besides steadfastly believed that it was chiefly due to the British regulation in India and therefore he strongly determined to lend his function in national freedom battle. He besides continued his learning procedure during his interaction with national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. During Indian national Congress meeting held at Vijayawada, Pingali Venkaiah took the chance to expose the national flag designed by him to Gandhiji which has sown the seeds of concluding version of national flag. He researched intensively about national flags of about 30 states before finalising out National Flag. This shows the deepness of his dedication and larning which should go a learning lesson for all of us. Initially, he has come up with merely two colorss i.e. Crocus sativus and viridity, nevertheless, Gandhiji suggested to include white colous which was instantly implemented by Venkaiah. One should non bury the fact that Venkaiah kept in head assorted basic subjects and rules behind the word picture of three colorss. For illustration, saffron coloring material represents bravery and strength, white coloring material represents peace and truth, green coloring material for birthrate, growing and propitiousness for the fatherland. At the same clip, Dharma chakra represents Sarnath Lion capital made by great emperor Ashoka which represents that there is life in motion and decease in stagnancy. Pingali conveys the message of withdrawal of national freedom combatants for stuff wealth through Dharma chakra which besides shows the highest degree of adulthood in him. This correctly represents the forfeits made by people like Bhagat Singh and Chandrasekhar Azad. This is made possible merely because of his broad scope of larning during his life.

Pingali did n’t halt his larning at any phase of life. He faced several obstructions through out his journey and he continues his acquisition procedure through out which is clearly reflected in highest degree of pureness and excellence in design of our national flag. This is the quality which we should larn from his life to do non merely successful calling but besides in state edifice. Another of import property of him is that he ne’er shown the marks of satisfaction of larning at any phase. For illustration, after he returned from Sri Lanka, he went to Lahore to fall in Anglo Vedic college to larn Urdu and Japanese linguistic communications. This will clearly give us a feeling that one should hold diverseness in larning irrespective of the profession one holds.

Venkaiah served as a plague officer in Bellary of Karnataka and he acquired cognition about human jobs associated with poorness during this stage. This has ignited his feeling towards freedom battle against the British regulation because he understood that the poorness obliteration steps were non implemented by the British unfeignedly and wholeheartedly. He worked with assorted other national freedom combatants and took the freedom battle motion with a large spring. He contributed vastly for the benefit of hapless people of India by his dedicated service to harvest betterment programme in general and cotton betterment in peculiar. It is truly surprising to observe that Shri Pingali Venkaiah contributed vastly for the field of agribusiness seeing his original background. But he proved all others incorrect by stand outing in this country as he developed the art of faultless acquisition and cognition at every phase of his life. He was instrumental in development of new cotton assortments because of which several husbandmans of India got benefited enormously and he was given the rubric of “ Patti Venkaiah ” . For this outstanding part, he was recognized by the British authorities with the rank of Royal Society. This lone illustrates that Bharat Ratna Shri Pingali Venkaiah has shown the universe that larning and cognition has no bounds and one can stand out in any field if has attitude and dedication. It is truly unfortunate to observe that he died of poorness and we should pay testimonial to him by taking him as an ideal individual or illustration to instill the wont of uninterrupted larning in our lives.

Hence, I conclude that Sri Pingali Venkaiah was an outstanding illustration of a individual who sought to develop his cognition at every chance and we should truly larn the attitude of dedication towards fatherland and uninterrupted larning from his life.

Jai Hind.


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