SRIWANA Presentation done by: Umi Akilah 28

April 13, 2019 Marketing

Introduction to Arts Management Assessment 1
Presentation done by: Umi Akilah
28 August 2018

Content Page
1. Background information 1
2. Background information 2
3. Background information 3
4. Four Functions of Management
5. Function 1(P)
6. Function 2 (O)
7. Function 3 (L)
8. Function 4 (C)
9. References

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Background information on SRIWANA
? SRIWANA budaya nilai bangsa
? 90 Goodman Road , Goodman Arts Centre
? Non profit society
? Essentially a cultural, traditional Malay Arts

Background information on SRIWANA
? Established 1950 – making it one of the
oldest surviving groups of its kind
? Currently led by Mdm Fauziah Hanom
Yusof and assisted by Mr Fauzi Anwar
? Sriwana has travelled to various dance
and cultural dance festivals to countries
such as Indonesia, Malaysia, inner
Mongolia and China, to name a few.

Background information on SRIWANA
What do they do?
? Presently, Sriwana is made up of two sections.
? Holds annual recruitment drives for youth to audition to be
apart of their company
? Hold 6 months workshops for public to learn the four basic
Malay dances
Dance group Kompang group
Asli Inang Joget Zapin

Some of the Sriwana
performers who
represented Singapore
in the Adelaide Arts
Festival in 1972.
Source of picture: Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

Moving on to the Four Functions of
Planning Organising Leading Controlling

? Planning is a process of developing the mission and
objectives of a business and determining how will these be

PLANNING and Sriwana
? Planning includes creating ideas for events months
or even a year ahead.
? Factors that go into the long -term planning:
? When
? Where
? Theme
? Budget
? How to start initiating

? Organising is the crucial process of converting plans
into actions
? Primarily it includes the deployment of duties after
the planning process is confirmed

ORGANISING and Sriwana
? For Sriwana , the first deployment of roles will surely
be for the performers
? Following that, the managers will have to confirm
the details of the event with the venue holder.
? Upon confirmation, recruitment for volunteers will
open, marketing to the audience will begin.

? Leading is the act of directing all the personnel to
accomplish the organisation’s mission and overall
goals .

LEADING and Sriwana
? Leading is an important function of management to
Sriwana as it is a company made up of approximately
60~70 people including it’s performers and staff.

LEADING and Sriwana
? With the amount of people, the manager must be
steadfast in order to be able to bond the company well
so that everyone will want to work efficiently together
to want to achieve a shared goal of Sriwana’s mission
and vision.

Leading and Sriwana
Sriwana’s Mission
We shall promote, enrich and
enhance the traditional Malay
Performing Arts through
educating the public and
value -adding the cultural
heritage landscape.
Sriwana’s Vision
To be the leading Malay
Performing Arts Group that
embodies her core traditional
values, remains relevant and
commits to achieving
international standards.

? Controlling is the function of monitoring work to check the
progress of the company against their goals and taking
corrective action when required.
? Controlling may include activities like providing updated
financial reports, studying attendance figures and doing
follow -up surveys by the audience on their event.

? As an event date draws nearer, the company manager
should oversee the preparation of the event’s performance
and its stage set -up .
? The manager should also keep track of its ticket sales or if it
is a free show, check to see if the audience are satisfied
with the event.

Source of picture: Sriwana Facebook Page

Source of picture: Sriwana Facebook Page

? Sriwana Facebook page
? Singapore Press Holdings (1972)

your kind attention.
Instagram: @sriwana1995
Facebook: sriwana


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