Srudent Online Information System

June 10, 2018 General Studies

The growth of online system becomes an integral part of people’s daily living. Almost every institution adopted the latest trend of technologies. As the years goes by the number of the users of these ever changing technologies become larger as you could consider as phenomenon. The discovery of online system was a great help from computerized LAN based to WEB-based. It has brought a new level of technology that made every transaction fast, easy, accessible, and reliable. It engaged in a high level knowledge of expertise in term of using technologies.

It provides the dissemination of information. Almost every institution adopted online system most especially universities. Online Information system is one of the much needed online systems. It is must in every institution especially in a company and universities. It is the most convenient way of storing, retrieving and viewing information that provides faster inquiry of data. Online student information system is a good example of online information system. This can manage student’s record without exerting much effort in searching and generating student’s data.

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As a result, student as well as administrative staff will benefit as a whole. Online student information is very essential most especially in a university. The Capiz State University, Dayao Campus, Dayao, Roxas City (CapSU) has a well established set of rules and procedures in disseminating student’s information and retrieving data. It is currently process manually. The administration assigned a staff in every transaction. The cashier’s office, guidance office and the registrar’s office are the offices which the student makes a transaction.

The student manually inquires according to the transaction. The cahiers office is responsible for receiving student payment, assessment retrieval and releasing billing statement. The guidance office is for admission test. They gather dmission result and student’s high school data. The registrar’s office is responsible for student’s enrollment records, grades, schedule, personal information etc. As the population grows conflicts also grow. The school faces difficulties in handling such information. To solve this problem it is about time to convert the manual system into online system.

I decided to propose a study of online student information system of Capiz State University (Dayao Campus), in order to provide accurate, fast and more convenient way of storing, retrieving, searching and generating of records for the staff and inquiring, requesting and viewing of records for the student. Objectives of the study The general objective of this study is to design and create a Web- based system of student Information of Capiz State University (Dayao Campus). Specifically this study aims to: 1. Designed to integrate with the current and future system. 2.

Create a system that could handle the student’s information such as personal background, Id Number, grades, schedule and student accountabilities. 3. Developed a system that a student cannot manipulate rather can request, inquire and view records though online. 4. Designed a system that the assigned staff can manipulate, update managed and process student’s records. 5. Create a system that only an authorized staff and students or parents of the students of the said universities can access the website. Significance of the Study The proposed system will bring benefit to the following: School.

The school will benefit in this system because it is a proof that the school is in progress that all transaction is now online. It will help the school to managed student information. Provide accurate data needed and serve student at its best. Registrars Staff. The staff of the registrars will benefit a lot in the system because of the objective of the system is transaction made in registrars such as grades inquiry, schedule, and personal information. It will lessen their workload and over-crowding of the student outside the office. It will lessen the pressure and noise made during transaction. Cashiers Staff.

The staff of the cashier’s area will also benefit because it also include in the objective of the study. It will help to optimize the work load. It will help to avoid error in processing assessment and will make the transaction fast. Students. The student’s of the university will also benefit in this system. They can make their transaction fast and easy. They can view their accountabilities through online without falling inline outside the cashier’s area. They can also view their grades and request for printed grades. They can also view their schedule and have knowledge if whatever requirements are still they need to ubmit. Parents. All parents with a student In the said university will also benefit because they can monitor their child through online. They can view the status and accountabilities. They have knowledge of the happenings of their children inside the campus. Researchers. This study can provide information to future researchers and develop their programming proficiency which can be used in developing other relevant computer programs. Scope and Limitations The main goal of the system is to put up a web based system at Capiz State University (Dayao Campus) preferably an Online Student Information System.

The coverage of the said system is that it will be designed using the web technologies for fast, accessible, inquiry and requesting of information. The programming language to be used is Asp. net for web based and SQL server for the databased. The system will concentrate only on the student’s accountabilities records, grades, schedules and list of student’s requirements that need to comply. The study also includes the requesting of grades through online and the staff could automatically generate a printed report card after the student request.

The student will be informed about the requirements need to comply and that update students schedule. The registrar and the clerk will serve as the end user of the system and all official students of Capiz State University (Dayao Campus) as well as their parents will serve as the client of the system. Each of the clerk and registrar will have one computer connecting to an internet. The system will not cover the handling of admission process. Handling of records of examination and accessing records of absence and attendance.


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