St. Augustine’s Confessions Essay

September 8, 2017 General Studies

There was nil in Augustine’s Confessions that will assist uncover his background particularly refering his socio-economic position. One has to confer with other beginnings for that. But cognizing to the full good that instruction in ancient times is prized by the rich and the elite it is easy to infer from the good written Latin chef-d’oeuvre that so Augustine belong to the creme de la creme of society. This is a important penetration because non merely is Augustine portion of the extremely educated and comfortable crowd he besides is a adult male who longs for God.

A close survey of the Confessions will take one to understand how Augustine positions Christianity. Based on the papers. Augustine believed that Christianity is about endeavoring to be intimate with God and at the same clip a day-to-day battle to do the flesh obedient to the call of a reverent life in Christ Jesus. Familiarity with God One of the most extremist constructs about Christianity is the impression that mere persons can be intimate with God. In order to appreciate this thought one has to first understand that Christianity like Judaism believes in one Almighty God who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

They are non merely idolizing person that is swayer of a peculiar venue. like a God that is in-charge of a truly old Oak tree or some ancient hill. This God is the 1 and merely. Aside from that the God of St. Augustine is a great Deity whose power is apparent in the Old Testament part of the Bible. The God of Augustine is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. And yet Augustine wanted to be near to Him. This is apparent in Book I: The Early Old ages. In the first few paragraphs Augustine’s deep yearnings was apparent by showing near terror non cognizing what to make foremost.

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Is it to name Him or to praise Him? Having the ultimate end in head Augustine said that. “You stir adult male to take pleasance in praising you. because you have made us for yourself. and our bosom is ungratified until it rests in you” ( Book I: Early Old ages ) . This desire for familiarity is really extremist. One merely has to take a insouciant reappraisal of ancient faiths. Grecian and Roman mythology to recognize that for 1000s of old ages before Augustine’s Confessions God or the Gods were considered to be average and cruel. The ultimate end of the worshipper is non to be intimate with the Gods but to pacify them.

God harmonizing to other faith is so mighty but He is unapproachable. As one continues to read. one will happen that Augustine was merely warming up. He is non simply content with the acquiring to cognize you phase and his desire to cognize God goes deeper non willing to accept a superficial relationship. Augustine did non compose the Confessions because he merely wanted to gain the favour of God. He went one measure further and in the first few sentence of Book II. Augustine declared that he desires to love God ( see Book II: Adolescence ) .

The Flesh The words coming from his pen were profound and those who may misidentify Augustine’s hankering for familiarity with the Almighty as desirous thought. Augustine as agreed in beginning of this survey was a adult male born to favor and extremely educated. If what he is stating is truth so it will be either as a jeer to God or as an honest desire to truly cognize and be known by Him. One has to go on delving deeper into the Confessions in order to understand that Augustine was non deluded into believing that this pursuit will be an easy one.

It is at the point of realisation that cognizing God will non be an easy undertaking Augustine begins to pour out his defeat that he is a evildoer and has no semblance that he will be able to walk like the great and reverent work forces of old like Moses and Elijah. In Book VIII: The Birthpangs of Conversion. Augustine mentioned his yesteryear. the desire for adult females and being enamored with the universe and its intoxicating enticements. In Book VIII Augustine began to supply the declaration to a really complicated proposition that was made in the beginning of this survey.

It is possible to be intimate with God but its non traveling to be easy. The first measure in order for a adult male to cognize God and be known by him. before a loving relationship between kid and God can get down there is a demand to first abandon worldly desires. In short a conversation from darkness to visible radiation must first occur and Augustine promises that there is nil like it and that every forfeit is deserving every good thing that one can have from Christ Jesus. Decision

Aside from the fact that Augustine a extremely educated. intelligent and really gifted adult male to give up all the pleasances of this universe to encompass the cross of Christ. there are other aspects to the Confessions that are really extremist. As mentioned earlier the construct that God is accessible and that one can construct a relationship with him is an thought that is so advanced it is impossible to happen any case in point other than the New Testament of the Christian Bible. But Augustine emphasized that he is non simply content to cognize God he is in the pursuit to larn how to love God. This is raising the saloon so high it is about impossible to make it.

It is a good thing to cognize that Augustine took clip to explicate that his end of being intimate with God will non be a walk in the park. In fact. harmonizing to his ain “confessions” there are many obstructions that must be overcome in order to accomplish that end. And it begins with transition from darkness to visible radiation. At the terminal St. Augustine set an illustration and encourages many to endeavor for the impossible because it is merely through God that one can happen significance. satisfaction and remainder in this life. Mentions Saint Augustine. ( 1998 ) . Confessions. H. Chadwick ( Trans. ) . New York: Oxford University Press.


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