St. Francis-College of Commerce Essay

August 18, 2017 Commerce

Is the proposed of departmental reorganisation for the college of commercialism should be push thru or non? Areas of Considerations
The Organization- A medium sized private University. It is one of the better private Universities in the City and chiefly known for its technology and scientific discipline grade classs. The College of Commerce Department – a major unit of the university but was a far 2nd in registration with 3. 000 pupils. – distributed among four major Fieldss: Banking and Finance. Accounting. Marketing. Business Management. – had 55 full clip module and over 100 lectors.

The full clip module members taught every bit many as 5 classs per semester while the lectors taught from one to three classs. – The section caputs were normally senior module members who were considered academically/professionally the well-prepared in the section. – Headed by Dean and Vice Dean. The Vive Dean is in charge for the administrative facets. The six section caputs straight describing to the Dean.

Proposed Departmental Reorganization- Dean Santos proposed to the Rector a reorganisation of College which would cut down the bing figure of sections from 6 to 3. -Santos considered the cost addition in running the college and trouble in raising the tuition fee. -The fiscal benefits would be the footing of the nest eggs of the declared cost. Professionals and Cons- The section caputs are against proposal.

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-The section caputs believe that the meeting would make a loss of academic individuality in the sections. They want an homogeneous section. – Dean statements that many section caputs are merely seeking to protect their places and privileges. -According to Santos one of the advantage of the proposal they can fertilise to each other. Hence. the three sections are compromised. Alternate Courses of Action

Alternate 1
To force thru with the proposal for departmental reorganisation for the college of commerce… . [ continues ]


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