Stand your ground speech

May 12, 2018 Law

?My final point: The stand your ground law lowers crime rates all across the world. John Lott; the president of the Crime Prevention of Research Center, stated that states that have adopted this law have reduced murder rates by 9 percent and overall violent crime rates by 11 percent. Not only is this law helping us protect ourselves, but making our state as a whole, a less violent place to live. The stand your ground law also reduces rape from occurring. In states that have passed this law, rapes have declined by 5. 9 per 100,000 residents between 2000 and 2010.

Here’s something to think about: because this law was made, criminals might back down knowing that the victim has the right to potentially kill them. Why would a criminal cause harm to someone with the slight chance of getting them self killed. Just let that sink in for a little bit. So what makes it different between a criminal and an innocent human being? I’ll tell you; criminals are armed and “stand their ground”. While the innocent human being can’t even use a deadly force to defend them? No, criminals stand their ground, so should we.

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All states should develop having this law so that crime rates will decrease more. My second point: The stand your ground law helps people gain confidence. The task force on Citizen Safety and Protection report states that, “All people, regardless of citizenship status, have a right to feel safe and secure in every state. They have the right to have confidence in standing up for themselves. ” Ladies and Gentlemen, this law has been put into writing for a reason. It allows innocent humans to stand their ground when feeling threatened.

This law was meant to give people confidence in self-defense, telling them that it is 100% okay to defend yourself. Matt Gaetz, a Florida state representative states that “The point of the stand your ground law is to create an additional protection for someone who is utilizing their rights of self -defense. ” For example, imagine yourself out taking a nice walk in a public park, surrounded by a bunch of people. As your walking, you suddenly see a very strange man coming at you quickly with a hand gun in his hand.

Your thinking to yourself “What am I gonna do? Why is this man charging at me with a gun? ” You feel so threatened that you pull out your pocket knife and stab the man before he has a chance to pull the trigger. You kill the man for your own safety and for others that are around you as well. Not any human being could have that amount of confidence to defend themselves. The stand your ground law allows people to not only stand up for themselves but to stand up for others. Now that my points have been made, let me conclude by saying it’s all in your hands.

You can make the decision whether or not to defend yourself. You make the decision whether or not to use deadly force. States are turning to these measures to show that our laws must protect the innocent over the criminals, the peace loving over the violent, and the law-keeper over the law-breaker. So let me return to what I first said, its 6 o clock on a Saturday night, you decided to go for a night run, you’ve been attacked and now it’s all in your hands. Ladies and Gentlemen, stand your ground and defend yourself for your own safety. Thank you.


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