Stardust: Movie Analysis Essay

September 21, 2017 General Studies

The manager uses shootings and angle to do the film more divert. It makes the film have emotion and bang. In the film Stardust Matthew Vaughn uses shootings and angles to demo emotion. exhilaration and power in his scenes. He uses a batch of low-angle shootings to do the character expression powerful. he besides uses a batch of medium close-ups to demo the look of the character’s face but at the same clip you can besides see a spot of their upper shoulders. and he besides uses a batch more of extreme long shooting to demo the different scenes from Stormhold to the metropolis of Wall.

An illustration of when the manager uses a low-angle shooting to do the character expression less powerful is when Tristan is standing outside Victoria’s house throwing a stones at her window waiting for her to come out while Humphrey comes and throws him on the land and points his blade at him. when Tristan is on the land and Humphrey is seting on pes on top of him the manager does a low-angle shooting and makes Humphrey look powerful and makes Tristan expression less powerful.

An illustration of a medium close-up shooting that the manager uses to demo the look of the the character’s face including the upper shoulders that gives you a spot of an thought of what the character is making. In this film the manager decided to utilize a medium close-up shooting when Yvaine comes out of the shower and Tristan asks her if everything she said when he was turned into a rat was true so they kiss and the manager does a medium-close up shooting to demo emotion and perceptual experience in this scene. the medium close-up shooting is needed in this scene to do it hold some appeal.

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An illustration of a utmost long-shot is when the star ( Yvaine ) is going in the sky right before she is about to fall into the ditch. we as the audience feel like we are going with her during this scene. The manager uses the utmost long-shot to demo us where she is traveling. the scene of the topographic point and where she is about to set down. Matthew Vaughn uses this to stress the scene and it makes you feel like you are in the scene every bit good.

The manager uses a assortment of shootings and angles in this film to do it an absorbing feeling. that makes the film more amusive and sometimes even more cliff-hanging. Without sound. shootings and angles a film wouldn’t be a good hit or it wouldn’t even be considered a film because without these things you can hardly state the subject and the feeling of the narrative. The different types of angles and shootings are the utmost long-shot. the full-shot. the medium shooting. the medium close-up shooting. the utmost close-up shooting. the low-angle shooting and the high-angle shooting. Matthew Vaughn uses all these shootings in his film to add some sort of feeling to the film. and do us as the audience feel like we are in the scene.


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