Starting Carinderia Essay

August 5, 2017 General Studies

Capital: You need about P15. 000 to open a little carinderia or nutrient booth. The money will travel to two weeks’ worth of stock list of nutrient and ingredients. equipment and utensils. infinite leases. and barangay license fees. You may necessitate a lower sum if you will make concern in your ain backyard or front pace ( deduct P1. 500 to P2. 000 from the original estimation if this is the instance ) and if you will utilize your ain bing kitchen utensils ( subtract their bran-new cost ) . Assuming an income of P600 day-to-day six yearss a hebdomad. you can anticipate to retrieve your investing by the 2nd month. Materials: You will necessitate a infinite to suit your kitchen equipment and one to two little tabular arraies for your clients ; a range with an LPG armored combat vehicle ( or charcoal supply if you prefer to utilize a wood coal range ) ; and cooking utensil. home bases. spoons and forks. and other utensils. Work force: You need non engage staff to acquire started in this concern. However. when you feel it’s clip to spread out or offer a wider assortment of dishes. you will probably necessitate one or two staff to function clients. wash dishes. and clean up the topographic point.

Procedure: To make this concern. you must hold finding and a existent involvement in cooking. Harmonizing to Rene Jose Macatangay. a carinderia owner-operator for 11 old ages now. he would wake up every bit early as 2:00 or 3:00 a. m. to acquire the freshest green goods when he does his selling for nutrient ingredients. Promptly at 4:00 a. m. . he would be back at his nutrient booth to make the cookery. Location: Finding a good location for your nutrient booth is highly of import. A topographic point really near or easy accessible to your mark clients. say cab or trike drivers. would be ideal. It’s besides advisable to look into with your barangay council if a license is needed for a little carinderia. Menu: Decide how many repasts you will function for the twenty-four hours and fix a bill of fare program for at least a hebdomad. Some carinderia proprietors stick to a fixed bill of fare program peculiarly if they have already established best-selling dishes. In the instance of Macatangay. nevertheless. he merely serves merienda ( bites ) and tiffin.

He opens at 10:00 a. m. and stopping points by 4:00 or 5:00 p. m. He on a regular basis serves goto and lugaw ( both rice porridge bites ) and tokwa ( soybean bar ) . Although he changes his tiffin bill of fare every twenty-four hours. he has standard menu for peculiar yearss. like ginisang munggo ( stewed mung beans ) every Friday. Monetary value: Make your pricing sensible and within the range of your mark market. Macatangay says he keeps his monetary values low to keep the trueness of his regular clients. Selling: Viva-voce advertisement is your best promotional tool for this type of concern. Satisfied clients will speak about your carinderia and urge it to their friends who happen to be in the locality. And for Macatangay. it is a beginning of great satisfaction to see his loyal clients come back every twenty-four hours for his nutrient menu. With tasty. clean and low-cost nutrient with assortment ; and good selling and location. you’re carinderia concern will certainly be successful.

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