State V. Steele. Police administration Essay

August 19, 2017 General Studies

Julian Steele worked as a constabulary officer. In 2009. a robbery took topographic point and the constabulary were involved in the affair. After hebdomads of probe. the constabulary traced the vehicle involved in the robbery to one Miss Alice Maxton. Julian. being a constabulary officer got involved in the instance. Julian arrested Maxton’s kids. taking them off from school. Julian so interrogated one of the three childs. obliging the child to acknowledge to being involved in the robbery. Julian threatened the child by stating the child that if he did non squeal to the robbery. his Dendranthema grandifloruom would be put to gaol. Scared. the child confessed to the offense and was put to gaol. Steele managed to convert Alice to hold sex with him. so that he could anticipate the release of his boy. Certain prosecuting officers learned of Steele’s misconduct and accused him on evidences of bullying and kidnap ( Gaines. 2012. ) .

Judging by Steele’s behaviour. it is right to state that Steele was involved in constabulary misconduct. Harmonizing to the jurisprudence. officers are free to collar people. This fact discredits the charges of abduction. However. the jurisprudence does non let constabulary officers to utilize false confessions to set people to prison. Steele knew that the child could non hold perchance committed the offense. yet he went in front to incarcerate the minor utilizing the minor’s confession as prove.

Bullying is portion of a constabulary officer’s work. This fact discredits the claims of bullying against Steele. However. constabulary officers are non allowed to do menaces during oppugning. Steele made menaces. He threatened the child that his Dendranthema grandifloruom would be put to prison. and that he ( the child ) would be separated from his siblings. These menaces compelled the child to acknowledge to a offense he had non committed. This was against the constabulary codification of behavior ( Worrall. 2012. ) .

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Steele is an officer that went against the constabulary codification of behavior. As a consequence. Steele should non be given a 2nd opportunity. Alternatively. he should be asked to manus in a surrender missive. before his transportation to prison. This would in bend serve as a warning to other officers.


Gaines. L. K. . & A ; Worrall. J. L. ( 2012 ) . Police disposal. Clifton Park. New york: Delmar/Cengage.

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