STATEMENT a broad international outlook. The world’s

By March 28, 2019 Commerce

In the age of globalization and interconnected world of international business, global management is increasingly important and it is crucial to have a broad international outlook. The world’s economy is increasing globally. As a result, demand continues to grow for individuals who understand the global context of business: from the logistics of international trade and cross-border investments to the cultural and ethical issues that are imbued in the practice of business around the world.I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the University of Calcutta and attained first class honours. After the completion of my bachelor’s degree, I was recruited at Santoshi Transport Pvt Ltd as an Assistant Accounts Officer where my responsibilities were to checking internal controls of accounts, vouching of books, processing of payment and expenditure and managing other office activities such as drafting notices, preparing tax-related documents, etc. These were incredibly valuable opportunities to learn accounting work practically. As a result, I gained considerable experience of Books of Accounts. In the final year of graduation, I completed an individual project on E-COMMERCE. In that project, I came to know that how business can be done at online platform across the world. Additionally, through questionnaires, I came to know that people wants digital business which are internationally connected. As a consequence, Electronic business for international trade created a kind of new market environment; the customs business process and therefore had a great change. I soon realized my interest in International business. It is against this atmosphere that I have realized the need to pursue further education in International Business at the Grenoble School of Management (GSM) in order to fulfil my career objectives.

My Short term Goals are- first, – to acquire degree of Master in International Business(MIB) from your school in the next two years while also mastering English and French language. Second – after completing MIB, I would like to work to take managerial experience in a company who have cross-boarders connections on entry-level managerial position such as an assistant manager or project manager or business analyst for the next five to seven years. In those years, I will equip myself with managerial experience and necessary skills. Furthermore, my long-run vision is to achieve a senior managerial position in a large multinational corporation. To achieve my long-term career goals, I need international practical exposure to all aspects of business disciplines, such as finance, marketing and most importantly, international strategy that will complement my experiences in building and leading a big and successful team.

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I decided to pursue masters in international business to achieve the above goals in my life and to take management experience internationally. By studying international business, I will learn about world cultures and societies, and be challenged to approach issues from different perspectives. These skills are increasingly valuable to employers faced with the challenge of opening and integrating multiple markets and achieving cohesion and collegiality in increasingly diverse workforces. Studying international business will provide me with insights into the global economic, business climates and also allows me to see how globalisation has brought about an increasing ‘connectedness’ of businesses, markets, people and information across countries.

I choose Grenoble school of management for my career due to very important reasons. First, your school’s MIB program stands out for me because of its strong focus on course structure and curriculum. It focus on international aspects of business and management. Second- Final management project throughout the second year along with internship will give me handful experience to consider the latest emerging issues in international business, formulate my own international and strategic business plans. Third- I will study and work in a truly multicultural environment. Finally, graduating from triple accredited institution and internationally recognized program makes me relevant and valuable to potential employers worldwide.

To Summarize, MIB course from Grenoble School of Management is the right place to achieve my targets. The wide range of network with companies and career support services of your school will be a stepping-stone in my job search post-MIM. Therefore, it’s easy to see why Grenoble’s MIB offers an advantage on so many important points for me and I look forward towards leveraging all of the advantages to help me achieve my future goals.

Thanking you…
With warm regards
Gaurav Sharma
(Prospective Graduate Applicant)


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