Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose for Masters of Education I had a challenging youth, my father was a heroin addict who struggled to provide for the family needs; I can still visualize my mother as she tossed all of his clothing out of the window ultimately disbanding the family when I was five. I always thought that that had something to do with me. After my mom and dad divorced when I was young (mainly due to my dad’s addiction to heroin), I was brutally raped at age Seven. After that I was molested on a regular basis and I just became lost inside of myself.

I started misbehaving in school. At age 11 I started using drugs (THC mostly) and then I started practicing all types of unsafe behaviors. This destructiveness went on throughout most of my young adult life and as a result I later ended up in prison. I ended up going to prison three times. While fighting my drug cases I went to school and received my GED (in jail)! This move made me feel more confident as a person. I began to learn how to speak positive messages instead of negative messages and my life began to change. I contribute my redemption to education.

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Education in my opinion is the true vehicle to learning to connect to other people’s experience. I realized as a result of education that I could change for the better. When I was released, I continued to work on myself and I was completely transformed. I decided to use my negative experiences for the good of others. I became an addictions counselor. In my career in Mental Health and Addictions I was able to provide education and referrals to adjunct community services in order to provide relief to men and women who suffered from addiction.

As a result many families have been able to reunite, including my own. I realized after seven years that if prevention was provided at an early age, it is possible to reduce the large population that we see in mental health, addictions and criminal offending combined. I view education as a ministry in which to advocate for appropriate academic services for children and provide them with behavioral modification strategies for both home and school.

I am especially interested in fostering collaborative efforts that build strategic alliances between parents, church, school, and community in order to help at risk youth reach their fullest potential. My goal now at APUS is to complete my 2nd Masters in Ed and continue to use it to make a positive impact on humanity. This is my greatest use of positive energy. I want to make a lasting impression on the world which will cause a chain reaction of all people to do the same. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.



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